Sunday, December 4, 2016

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh Christmas Tree.........

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh Christmas Tree,

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh Christmas Tree................


Yep........the first two lines are the only words I know to this song,
yet, I have been humming it a lot here lately.


Of course you all know.......

My first Christmas at the Quilt Cave!
After being "homeless" last Christmas season,
it was wonderful being able to go
through all of my Christmas decorations again!

My fireplace provides the perfect place to
display all of my nativity scenes.

After all, the Nativity is what Christmas is all about
in my opinion.

I love this welcome sign I found at an antique mall recently.

Ummm, Dad.........shouldn't you be decorating the tree
instead of ME!
Gracie Lu!!!!!

I love being able to have a table to decorate again!

I am just so full of joy right now!
I have a home I love.....
It has a studio I love to create in.....

I want to share some of that creativity with you all......

"Oh, Christmas Tree"
Mini Quilt

I am going to share the pattern I came up with
for these great little holiday presents.
I hope you enjoy it, and make some for your
friends this Christmas season.
They are quick, easy, AND.....
they use up the smallest of bits in your scraps!

You can create a mini quilt like I have here 
(always thinking of my blogging friend Janet,
the master of mini quilts when I make a mini now!)
You could insert some insulbright to make them into potholders.
Perhaps you could make a potholder style quilt like
my blogging friend Wendy does?
There are a ton of different ways to embellish
or display them.

I hope you enjoy this mini tutorial
and whip some up for your quilty friends this

You all KNOW I am NOT high tech!
Fortunately, this little project isn't either.
I haven't a clue how to make a pdf
so you can just jot down the measurements.

For each "Oh, Christmas Tree"
mini quilt
you will need the following.....
working from your smallest bits of scraps......

For the Christmas tree.....
1: 1.5" square of yellow (star)
1:  1.5" square of brown (trunk)
14: 1.5" squares of green (branches)

For the background.....
I used neutrals, but, you can use any color...
(I probably wouldn't use green though! LOL)
2: 1.5" x 8.5" strips
4:  1.5" x 4" strips
2:  1.5" x 3.5" strips
2:  1.5" x 3" strips
2:  1.5" x 2.5" strips
2:  1.5" x 2" strips

Each tree block will be roughly 
8.5" wide x 8.25" height
before quilting.
Lay out block before assembling. 


These are your top and bottom rows.

2nd row from top.....the star

3rd row

4th row......isn't this fun?

5th row

6th row using up all those bits of green

7th row.....the trunk

You can strip piece 1.5" strips if you would like.
I just enjoyed working from the very
bottom of the scrap chain using 
little bits.
Do what works best for you, but, 
use variety!

Sew strips together in the proper order.
Here I sewed two strips together at a time.....

And before long.......

A cute litte Christmas tree block you can have fun with.

To finish mine, I cut a 10" square of backing fabric,
and a 10" square of batting
then I stitched in the ditch on each of them.

Squared them up, and then
I used 1: 2.25" strip width of fabric to 
bind each little quilt.

These will be great little gifts for 
some of my quilting friends.
I hope you make some for your friends too!
Merry Christmas!
Let me know if you make some!

In other news...........

was posted on Friday.

You may find everything pertaining to Bonnie's mystery quilt

We worked with the Tri Recs rulers for this clue.

Neutral triangles cut.......

Corner pieces cut from red constant......
(Bonnie's magenta)

And before I knew it, I had 100 of these babies made!
All ready to be trimmed this week.

Patriotic mystery quilt version link up with

Linking up with Bonnie's

Ready for clue 3 now!
Thanks again Bonnie for ALL you do for
your friends, and followers.

I hope you ALL enjoy
this blessed time of year!

Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Keep on quilting!
From the Quilt Cave,
Kevin the Quilter


  1. Ohhhhhhh, Kevin's tree, ohhhhhhh Kevin's tree!
    How lovely is your mini! ...

    Seriously, that is the PERFECT little mini! Been looking for something to make quickly for a couple friends this coming week and here it is! Thank you!

    Love your real decorations as well. Your house is looking mighty festive. Me, I've taken the plastic bag off the 4-foot prelighted jobber and put it on the stand and am calling it good, LOL!

  2. Lovely tree and super decor! Thank you for sharing the tutorial for the mini.

  3. Hello Kevin, I am enjoying your blog so much and am grateful that you are settled in your quilt cave so you can share the joy with us! Thank you for the mini tutorial. I hope to get a few made in the next week. All the best! Liz (Airdrie, AB)

  4. Your decorations are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your mini quilt pattern too. Lovin' your patriotic colors for the mystery. Happy holidays, Kevin. Oh, those are the only words to Oh Christmas Tree that I know too.

  5. Wow. Decorating. Quilt tutorial. Mystery quilt. Writing a blog. All at once. You must have many elves on duty. Thanks for the mini pattern- I am going to try it out!

  6. Your home is lovely. Cute little tree quilts, too. We got the tree up, and the lights on, but, poor tree sits in the middle of the living room, and doesn't have a single ornament on it. I've been too busy sewing baby blankets and other gifts.

  7. Your decorating/decorations are excellent - and thank you for sharing the mini tutorial. We're decorated and lighted with white lights here and loving it. Merry Merry Christmas!

  8. Marvelous Welcome sign! Such cute trees, wonderful gift idea.

  9. Your decorating puts mine to, we are not too fancy here! Love the mini tree, may have to make that in my spare time! Yay for the mystery..SEW much fun!

  10. What a pretty display on the fireplace and your tree is gorgeous. You are way ahead of me. I love your new Welcome antique mall find. That is too cute. Your mini tree quilts are cute. They remind me, I've got to get my tree placemats out real soon. Thanks for the tutorial.

  11. That's one beautiful Christmas tree my friend! You certainly know how to decorate and enjoy the holiday. Love your little tree tutorial – you know I'll be making a few of these 😋 Thanks for posting your blocks so early this morning so I could see them and learn that mine were wrong LOL!!!

  12. And here I thought you cut and pasted a picture of the perfectly decorated living room from some decorator's blog!! Simply gorgeous!!! You are a very talented, creative man!! Adorable little trees...they would make a great wall hanging too!!

  13. Your tree is so glittery and gorgeous! What a wonderful collection of nativity sets. My MIL had one too - all sizes and styles.
    Thanks for the cute tree pattern tutorial! looks very cute.
    have fun with the new mystery

  14. Great post! Thanks for sharing a look at your awesome Christmas decorating. The room looks amazing! I especially love the mantle. You did a fantastic job! And thanks for sharing your pattern for the tree mini. A cute quick project that I am definitely going to try. Looks like you are on top of your BH mystery. I am afraid I am only copying the pattern again this year. Just too darn much going on in my quilty world.

  15. Your Christmas decoration is gorgeous and I loooove your tree ! OMG ! Fabulous !!
    Thank you for the pattern of the mini tree ! You're very kind...
    Enjoy your first Christmas at the Quilt Cave !

  16. Your house is beautiful! Enjoy your first Christmas there.

  17. OH my goodness Kevin, your home looks like it's out of a magazine... holy mackerel!
    I haven't even started with locating the Christmas stuff... must get on that this week.
    And THANK YOU so much for the great mini quilt project... I'm totally going to make a few of those!

  18. What a wonderful sharing post. Lovely decorated home makes my heart yearn from the days I used to decorate like a maniac. Nativity scenes all I can say is wow. I surely do love looking at yours, made my day. Your mini is great and surely will find time to get a couple of those made. Alway look forward to your post. Merry Christmas Kevin.

  19. I am enjoying your Christmas decorations. That is the way I get my Christmas fix. I don't bother with putting up a tree although sometimes I do put out my snow globe or international Santa collections. Not this year, though. However, we will have house lights as soon as my Star Shower (As Seen on TV!) Laser light thingie arrives from Amazon. My kind of decorating. Stab it into the front lawn, hook up the extension cord, and you are done. Even has a sensor to turn itself on and off at dusk and dawn.

  20. Wow, Kevin, I may have to hire you to come and decorate my house for Christmas!! Your tree is gorgeous and I love all the nativities!
    Thanks so much for the tutorial. I will have to make some as potholders to have ready for Christmas!!!
    Wishing you and your family a safe and happy holiday season. {{{{HUGS}}}}

  21. Oh, Kevin, with a gorgeous tree like that, you have GOT to learn the rest of the words to that song!!!
    The Cave looks so cozy and Christmasy! I am happy for you to have your own space. And I am with you all the way on the Nativity scenes. You have some beauties. Are there stories behind them? I have around 15 Nativities, but I don't always have a place to put them all out, though I think all but one are on display this year.
    Love the little mini tree quilts (and honored to be mentioned in the same paragraph with Wendy)! You know what I am thinking? If I made them a little smaller, they would make crazy good Christmas coasters! Things always shrink at my house! LOL
    Look at you go on Bonnie's mystery! I am impressed. : )
    A wonderful post, my friend!

  22. I am new to your blog and I love it! Thanks for the Christmas décor photos and the mini quilt tutorial. If I start now, then I may be able to get some finished as gifts for the members of my small quilt group. Happy Holidays!

  23. Thank you so much for sharing that little pattern. I adore it! And funny you should be humming that tune. I believe the next line is "how lovely all your branches". Hmmm, I don't think it applies to your gorgeous tree as I don't see a single branch! How long did it take you to get all that loveliness on there? Your room looks like a page out of "Town and Country". Just beautiful!

  24. Your tree is beautiful, but I love all of your Nativity scenes. And how nice that you have such a great place to display them. Thank you for the mini quilt tutorial.

  25. I love your nativities! I have several and space them around the house. Never thought about putting them in one location. Hmmmmm. Thank you so much for the cute quilted tree. I have a ton of greens and it's going to be fun using them in this. I'm still working on my Part 1 with Part 2 of En Provence, but loving every stitch (including the ones I'm having to repeat, LOL).

  26. LOVE all your Christmas decorations! Isn't it just the best to have a home to call your own??!!!
    Congrats again!

  27. Stopped by to comment on your RED Tri Recs units and got a eyeful of beautiful decorations in the bargain! I love when people use different colors than Bonnie's (although I'm doing heres this year because they're MY colors!) Happy sewing!

  28. Your home looks Wonderful with its decorations of Merry. May you enjoy every Magic Moment of this Merry Christmas season.

  29. And, I forgot to mention how much I love your collection of creches. I used to buy one for my Mom every year, but since she moved into the smaller place, I just try to find her a "Nativity" card! They are beautiful.

  30. Your home looks so festive all decorated for Christmas! Love all your nativities. I so much enjoy your newsletters. Have a very Merry Christmas, Kevin!

  31. Things are looking beautifully festive at your house Keven. Happy Holidays!

  32. You have a gorgeous tree and beautiful nativities. To quote another favorite tune "It's starting to look a lot like Christmas" at your house. Very fun little gift trees for your buds. Thanks for sharing the tutorial. My sewing room is lonely at the moment, too much holiday stuff going on for me to get up there. Hope you find lots of time for stitching this holiday season.

  33. Your home looks Merry and Warm and Wonderful Kevin!
    The little trees are adorable and would make nice, quick projects. Thanks for sharing! And best wishes on the mystery quilt.

  34. So exciting to celebrate Christmas in a new home, isn't it?! Your house looks beautiful! I hope to make a few of your trees, maybe as mug rugs (my family will call them coasters.....). Hope you post again soon!!

  35. We did some decorating on the weekend too! I love your little trees...maybe I can find some time to make a few....

  36. I just found your blog. I love it! Your Christmas decorations are just gorgeous. Those trees are adorable. Thank you so much for sharing the tutorial. I'm just about to rummage through my green scraps. I can see a forest growing in my sewing room!

  37. I popped over here from Kathy's Quilts. I haven't been surfing the web as much as I usually do this month. Your house looks wonderful. I'm curious what is the garland in front of your creches on the bottom of the fireplace? At first I thought they were turkeys with glowing lights. But on closer scrutiny I decided they might be apples or ?? Thanks so much for the cute little Christmas Tree tutorial. I really want to run down to the studio to give one or three a try. But, breakfast first!

  38. can see lots of ways to use this thankyou for sharing and so good I clicked on a link to your blog so can now follow you

  39. Thanks for sharing the tutorial! I have linked to you with pictures on the blog of our Quiltgroup in Norway, Nordfjord Lappe og Quilteklubb.
    Visit us if you like! Merry Christmas to you!! Mariann

  40. Your house looks beautiful all decorated for Christmas! Thanks for the mini tree tutorial. I made a few of them. In fact, I made more than a few. They were totally addictive! I just couldn't stop making them. Merry Christmas.

  41. Nativities...can one ever have enough? Happy for your own area to decorate! Happy New Year!

  42. Very cute! Glad I followed the link to your blog. Thank You!


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