Thursday, August 17, 2017

Playing Mustard...........


Since I haven't been doing a good job at playing ketchup/catsup/catch up...... get it?????

I might as well play mustard!

I apologize to you all for not tuning the old blog and playing it the past week or two.......

As my faithful readers know...........August is family time around these parts!

And not only has it been family time, it has also been a time to visit with and host friends
while enjoying a wonderful summertime harvest!

Come along while I share some photos of what has been going on around
The Quilt Cave lately!

August is ALWAYS family time!
Sis brings my niece and nephew along with Mom and Dad 
to my house to celebrate Dad's birthday.
And everyone goes "back to school" shopping!

This year was unbelievable yet awesome!
If it is true that a dog lives 7 years to 1 human year.....
My little Sophia Annabella AND my Dad both
turned 77!
We had a great time celebrating both of their birthdays!

Sophia got a bone ALL her own!
Ummm....she was a little bit eager to take that first bite!

Of course her birthday bone was shared with this little booger!
Lilly Mae!!!!
Wow!  She is growing so quickly!
Look at those bat ears!!!!!!

While everyone was here, my niece suggested we visit the
If you are ever in St. Louis......don't miss this
beautiful attraction!

I love when my family comes for a visit!

I also love it when my quilting friends come to visit!

The Cave Quilters gathered at the Quilt Cave
and completed the blocks for our QOV Snake Charming quilt!
My quilting friends
Cherie of Quilted Jonquil,
Darlene and
Jan of The Colorful Fabriholic all came together
to create this stunning quilt.
Jan shared with us how to make this block and recently
shared how to make your OWN Snake Quilt
This is a wonderful tutorial!
Way to go Jan and the Cave Quilters!

This handsome boy even made an appearance after all
of the blocks were completed!
Obviously, he is as thrilled as we are about it!

My friend Alycia's
A6 Big Star Country mystery quilt was a 
smashing success!

Here is my scrappy version of this mystery!
What a quick and stunning quilt to make for a
wonderful cause!

I was thrilled to be able to visit and host
Alycia of Alycia Quilts here at the 
Quilt Cave for a couple of days 
as she drove cross country!

It was fun being able to share with her some of the sites
in and around Metro St. Louis.
A few quilt shops were visited as well!
You can read all about her Missouri visit

We were finally able to have our photo made
with our collaboration QOV quilt,
"Flying Salute."
This quilt was made after seeing an antique quilt found 
by one of our favorites, Bonnie Hunter of
Alycia's quilting is absolutely stunning on this quilt!
You can see more about Alycia's quilting of this quilt

Speaking of Bonnie Hunter.......
Meet............. Bonnie Hunter!
My niece named this hen in honor of
my admiration for my quilting rock star!
I hope to do an update of all of the chickens here
at the Quilt Cave soon!

I have been pleasantly surprised by the tomatoes I have been
blessed with this summer.
Especially since the soil had not been properly amended.

I have also been blessed with several zucchini from the garden.
I LOVE making zucchini bread at this time of the year.
My favorite recipe for it can be found

Speaking of harvesting.......
it was time for these turkeys to provide
some good wholesome food for me and my family.
This was my first experience growing turkeys for food.
They were given a wonderful life here on this earth.
I was pleased with all aspects of raising them.  I am
looking forward to  
being able to share a home grown turkey for my
family's Thanksgiving dinner this year.
The turkeys ranged in weight from 14 lbs to  20 lbs.

And, in  closing.........
I have noticed a lot of a color theme going on lately......

Like here...........

And, take a look at those stained glass windows......

That color pallet looks awfully familiar to me?????
Does it you????

seeing all of the LOVE for

by all of you who are participating!

Thanks Heather!!!!!!!!

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social media posts so everyone can go
to one place and see everyone's progress shall we?

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Be looking next week for clue #3 of our mystery!

Thanks for being a friend!
Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Keep on Quilting!
Kevin the Quilter


  1. Happy Birthday, Dad!! LOVE your scrappy A6 Mystery! Can't WAIT for Clue #3 of Sapphire Stars Mystery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. That is incredible that your Dad and your dog turn 77 together!! What are the odds?
    You sure do know how to have fun, Kevin. It seems you attract people to you because you exude happiness.
    Nice collaboration quilt!
    A chicken named Bonnie Hunter?!? That is too funny--have you told her? :)
    Your tomato harvest looks like my cucumber harvest. Wish we could swap.
    Yum--zucchini bread sounds good right now. I even have some shredded and bagged in the freezer. Hmmm. Gotta go!

  3. Good gravy, but you've been busy! Happy belated birthday to your sweet Sophia Annabella and your handsome Dad! Janet's right - you just exude joy and happiness! There's not much that tops making memories with family and friends.
    I love your scrappy version of Alycia's mystery...those stars are wonderful against the scrappy blue sky.

  4. My question exactly! Have you told Bonnie that there's a HEN named in her honor??? ;-))
    Great post. Love all your family pictures and get-=togethers!!

  5. I knew it was your family time and so glad you all enjoyed so many special times. Ha, a 'scrap patchy' hen named after Bonnie! Looking forward to the next step in the Mystery.

  6. What marvelous family time!! Lily Mae is certainly growing, cutie pie.

  7. Looks like you have been having a very fun time! that chocolate cake looks amazing. I LOVE the snake quilt. I've always thought about making one. very fun!
    How is Lily Mae's training going? get it? going? lol

  8. Beautiful family, including the furry ones. I have a Boston (Sami, the Wonder Dog)also and I know how sweet and loving they are. Our blog is

  9. Finished clue 1 and clue 2. Thanks for the pdf files. Looks like you are wringing all the fun you can get out of summer. Great blog today!

  10. THanks for allowing me in on family time!! it was a blast - and I so appreciated the hospitality!! But seriously - Lily should have just jumped in my car! She is so adorable!!

  11. GREAT mustard post -- really (!!) enjoyed reading it. SO many happy faces -- what a day brightener!

  12. Wonderful post, Kevin! Lilly Mae sure is growing quickly - already she looks more mature than when I saw her last month. Looking forward to getting back together to finish the snake quilt. Thanks for the shout-out.

  13. Oh what wonderful family fun! I can't believe how that little rascal, Lilly Mae is growing! I love A6 Big Star Country quilt. I will ask Alicia if I could copy it for our veteran's project. I just love your version!! I also love the Flying Salute quilt. Now that is a lot of geese! It is funny how you are seeing the "Sapphire Stars" color scheme everywhere. I'm looking forward to clue #3! Enjoy the rest of your summer harvest time!

  14. I've never made zucchini bread before (yes, I've eaten it). I still need to get to clue #2. I've been busy trying to get 'due date' projects done. Remind me NOT to sign up for so many exchanges next year.

  15. This was a great Ketchup (or Mustard) post. You have been packing in so many things in August and it still has a almost 2 weeks to go!

  16. Dear Kevin. I am so glad I found you. You are a doll.
    I envy your happy snappy life in Missouri
    I live in Northern Virginia and between the stupid protests and anger, and the stench in congress, it is just annoying. Thank God for sewing, and internets.
    Your family looks like a blast. I have a nice bunch of relatives too. My sister lives about 30 minutes away and my daughters live just a few miles away and my dad, 4 miles away, and hubbs... he is always around playing with his computers and computer parts and phones. He is retired and now he just loves to buy and sell electronics on the internets. He is very good at fixing them and performs surgeries regularly, right on my kitchen table.
    I REALLY enjoyed this post. I love this part of reading blogs. Real peeps doing fun stuff with loved ones.

  17. The scrappy A6 is fabulous! So is all the August family.

  18. Happy belated birthday to your Dad and Sophia. You've been really busy, but with very fun stuff.

  19. Happy belated August! Looks like a fun month with so much going on!

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