Tuesday, October 31, 2017

2017 Scrap Club Summer Reveals

 Greetings Quilters!
Welcome to the
2017 Summer Scrap Club
Final Reveal
October 26, 2017
St. Paul Old KC Hall, St. Paul, Missouri.

For those of you who may not be going to the
International Quilt Festival in Houston this week,
here is an opportunity for you to see some wonderful
works of art.

Scrap Club hosted by Kevin the Quilter
had it's final reveal of our Summer Session
projects, and what a reveal it was!
The participation level was enormous as you will 
soon see.  I can't express how humbled and
overwhelmed with joy I am with this group
of area artists.
To think they want to come spend time
with Lil' ole me where we all learn and grow
together, all while working on some scrappy quilting
projects makes my heart literally sing!

I will provide some commentary throughout the
following photos.  For fear of misspelling or mixing up names
I am going to leave them out this time.

Go get your favorite beverage and a snack and 
enjoy the show!
(Disclaimer:  My long time photography
friend, Mike, agreed to photograph
this event for me gratis.  I think he did a great job.
Although not all of each quilt is displayed in some of the
photos, I am so thankful to have a friend willing to
help me out like this.) 

 A beautiful Fall display was arranged by our 
hostess with the mostest, Roxann.
Thanks to Sue who arranged for us to use
this wonderful facility in order to gather and show our work!
Thanks to all of the quilters who provided
a delicious array of cookies.

 Quilting friends (and former neighbors) reunite!

  Visiting before the reveal starts.

The "Grim RIPPER"
made an appearance!
Very clever costume Jeanne!

 To start our evening off,
I had to thank those who helped throughout this session
of Scrap Club for their time and efforts.
Dar, Linda, Sue, and Roxann received little
tokens of my appreciation in the form of 
tiny little 16 patch quilts.
OK, OK, OK, they can be used as a potholder too! LOL

 Voting on our next Scrap Club projects.

 And then it was time to show our works.
For this session of Scrap Club, along side the
Sapphire Stars Mystery Quilt,
we made 16 patch "make-a-long" projects
to help us use up those scraps!
Since we were in a time crunch to get
the mystery complete, no quilting was
mandatory on any of the projects,
but, completed tops were.

Here are the
These were projects smaller than a crib quilt.
In order to qualify for the prize drawing
you had to have your completed 16 patch top
project present at this reveal,
then your name was placed in the drawing
for the prize.
I love seeing how creative these quilters are!

 My wall hanging is a true testament to
working with leaders and enders.
All blocks made for this project were constructed
while piecing my mystery quilt.
I was excluded from the prize drawing of course.
I want to lead by example!

 This is thinking outside the "bag!"
 Tiny 16 patches in the 3 flower centers!
 Rectangle 16 patches!
So cool!

 I am holding up for a Scrap Club member not present.

And the winner for the drawing of a 
small prize bundle courtesy of

Congrats Sue!

Next are the
These were projects larger
than a crib quilt.
In order to qualify for the prize drawing
you had to have your completed 16 patch top
large project present at this reveal,
then your name was placed in the drawing
for the prize.
Get ready to be inspired!

And the winner for the drawing of a 
large prize bundle courtesy of
our very own Scrap Club participant
Pam was.....

 The Grim Ripper.......aka Jeanne!
Here are Pam and I with the happy winner.
Thanks so much Pam for your generosity in
donating this prize package!

And now, here are the 
Sapphire Stars Mystery Quilts!
I was simply blown away by
all of the variations made by
these talented people!
Each quilter that participated in this
mystery should be so proud of their work!
I know I am proud of them! 
In order to qualify for the prize
drawing for this category, quilters
had to bring their completed quilt top
that was constructed as designed.
Color variations were welcome, however,
the top had to be made per the instructions.
Again, these drawings were for those
quilters in the O'Fallon, Missouri
Scrap Club hosted by Kevin the Quilter.
(Disclaimer:  Not all of the following quilts
qualified for the prize drawing.)

 And the winner for the drawing of 
the Sapphire Stars Mystery Quilt top,
 winning a Moda prize package
courtesy of me was.....

Many congrats to you Lillie! 
I hope you enjoy your goodies!

Everyone wanted to see what was in the
Moda bundle, so I opened up
the bag and spread it out on the floor.
Look at Lillie going through her winnings! LOL
Layer cakes, jelly rolls, fat quarter bundles and more!

What a fun time was had by all!
If you are in or around the O'fallon, MO area
and would like to join us for 
Scrap Club, Hosted by Kevin the Quilter
please contact me via email in the top
corner of my blog.
We will begin again on the 4th Thursday
in January.

Thank you to all of these wonderful individuals whom
I count an honor to know and call friends.
And, thanks to all of you out there in blog land
who have joined in the making of this 
mystery quilt with us.
I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

Remember, if you are in Houston at the 
International Quilt Festival, be looking for me!
I am VERY hard to miss!
I would love to meet you in person!

Until next time,
Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Keep on Quilting!
Kevin the Quilter


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