Friday, June 1, 2018

Hodge Podge......


My oh the weeks fly by......
literally for me since I am a flight attendant!

Please accept my apologies for not posting, and enjoy this
hodge podge of things that have been taking
place as of late.

Upcoming Events!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2018 10AM-4PM
String Star Workshop
Stitch-N-Time Quilt Guild
Warrenton, MO  63383

Wednesday, June 20, 2018 9AM
Lecture / Trunk Show
Piecemaker's Quilt Club
204 S. Commercial Avenue
St. Clair, Missouri  63077

Tuesday, July 17, 2018 7PM
Lecture / Trunk Show
Pieceable Friends Quilt Guild
Evans Recreation Center
1100 37th Street
Evans, CO  80620

Wednesday, July 18, 2018 
String Star Workshop
Pieceable Friends Quilt Guild
Eaton Recreation Center
1675 3rd Street
Eaton, CO  80615

In the works..........

Annie correctly guessed from my last blog post
which Bonnie Hunter quilt I was working on!

"Narragansett Blues" in browns!
This will be for my guest bedroom
here at the Quilt Cave.

My brown scraps were burgeoning,
so it was time to use some of them up!
Since this pattern uses some larger scraps,
it helped tame the brown bin down.

I love my new ironing board my dad made for me.
I still don't have the top covered, as I haven't found the
fabric I want it covered in.  Old towels are working
nicely for now.....and I can press borders, and lengths
so much easier using this larger surface!  

Huffman's Hotties made an appearance at the
Flower Valley Quilt Guild when I visited them!
My friend Tea of Tea Quilts helped out.
These quilters were a blast to be around!
Thanks for the invite!

The Circle in the Square Quilt Guild Auction
was so much fun!
I LOVE auctions.......especially when it is a quilt auction!
If your guild is in need of an auctioneer,
feel free to contact me!

Two friends recently donated quilts to 
Quilts of Valor, Eastern Missouri
through me.

This beautiful Log Cabin QOV is courtesy of 
my blogging friend
Thanks for this gorgeous QOV Randy!

This unique top is courtesy of Debbie who
brought it to me at the Flower Valley Quilt Guild meeting.
She utilized the ombre print in such a wonderful way!
I HAD to share!
I just love this idea!

A garden view!
Things are starting to pop up around here!

I would call this a complete success!
The chickens are enjoying this along with me!

There is nothing I love more than a 
beautiful Caprese Salad during warm weather!
Purple Basil..........delicious AND pretty!


You all met Lex in an earlier post......
here is his main squeeze.......Marsha!
Marsha is an Amberlink hen.
The Amberlink is a hybrid chicken bred for
egg production.  Marsha is cream with 
hints of brown......and looks like a
toasted marshmallow.....thus her name!
She is a large breed hen and
lays a darker brown egg.
She has been a prolific layer.  
She is very friendly, and
if I am not greeted by her and Lex when I walk
up to the coop, I know something is wrong!

Cousins Phyllis and Jerry came for a visit to my parents house!
It was wonderful spending some time with them.
My mom and dad love having company!
I was happy to help Cousin Phyllis out with 
a chicken problem in one of her cross stitch projects!

The 2018 Spring Session of 
Scrap Club hosted by Kevin the Quilter
final reveal was held last week!
Wait until you see what these amazingly
talented quilters created!
(Photos are currently being edited.....
look for our final reveal quilt show in an upcoming post.)

2018 Summer Session begins June 28th!

Our make along project for Spring was
Fidget Quilts.
These are used in dementia care facilities
to help patients retain their day to day activities
and to help stimulate their minds.  I made 2
Fidget Quilts to donate.......

This one focuses on the 4 seasons.
Zippers, bows to tie, things to move around.....
they all give a patient something to do....
and the seasons will help be a teaching tool
during therapy.

This one is more geared to a man.
Notice the fishing theme, and fishing lures.
Obviously, I took the hooks off of the lures.
There are buttons to fasten, as well as a zipper.
The Fidget Quilts were a lot of fun to create.

And I have been sewing a LOT during
my flying schedule.
Strings are so easy to take along for
hotel sewing.

Speaking of my job as a flight attendant........

Meet Shirley.........she is the reason I have my job!
18 years ago, I interviewed with this beautiful lady
in hopes of being hired as a flight attendant.
She left a lasting impression on me due to her
class, elegance, and her life experiences as a flight attendant.
Recently, I was able to be a fellow crewmember with her
on a 3 day trip all over the west coast.
I think it was really special working with the person
responsible for hiring me, and we had a wonderful
time catching up with one another.
Thanks for the memories Shirley!

And, this has become my life's mantra!

Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Keep on Quilting!
Kevin the Quilter


  1. Your posts are always so sweet and full of love.

  2. Good to catch up with you. Wish I lived closer to Missouri or Colorado so I could do a string class. Nice photos!

  3. Lots happening over at yours then! Love the 'brown' quilt, a great way to tame the scraps!

  4. Kevin, where to start??? I love all your projects. And of course the pictures of your family are my favorite!
    Love Lex and Marsha... TOO CUTE!!
    You're teaching in Colorado?? I guess you planned a trip there. I sure wish I could hang out at one of your classes.
    So glad you got to fly with your mentor!
    Great to hear from you!!

  5. Your life is certainly full of good things! I love your quilt - I too have an unruly brown bin that needs taming. I love that saying too - are you familiar with the song?

  6. Scrap Club?! I guess that means going virtual was too much work. :o((

  7. Good to hear you are keeping busy with quilt guilds between flights! If you are in Reno this year, give me a shout! Your Marsha and Lex are too cute. Beautiful quilts all around.

  8. Fun post as usual Kevin ! First, the top of Annie is awesome and I love you chose brown for your project ! Brown is my favourite color because I think it matches with all the colors ! (well...except purple !).
    I love the pictures of your family !
    And the pictures with all these fun ladies ! Ah ah !! you're a busy quilter !

  9. Kevin I love reading about your exciting life as a flight attendant, quilter and chicken owner! You are amazing! Today's post made me laugh when I saw your photo of your brown looked just like stacks of brownies to me! LOL And I loved meeting Marsha too! Keep on quilting!

  10. How you manage the flying and the stitching is just awe inspiring. Happy stitching and safe travels.

  11. I always mind my own biscuits. You have to, you know, or someone else will eat them

    I love reading your posts. Kevin you are such a great person, and a great friend to follow on your blog. Thank you for sharing your fun and your part of life. Surround yourself with good people and everything else will fall into place... I guess you do have to do your part and behave as well haha
    I love the Narraganset Blues quilt in brown. It looks beautiful.
    I love the fidget quilts. I agree they are fun to make. I have made a few for Maple Grove at Ashby Ponds. I love those sweet oldsters. They need a lot of love and attention.

  12. yay for chicken pics! are you growing things right out of the bag?? crazy - love it. tell us more.
    great to see a new post - looks like you are having a lot of fun.

  13. Your Narragansett Browns top looks terrific. Congrats on all your events - you rock! CSQ's auction was so much fun and it was great to see you again. Deets on summer scrap club???

  14. Wow! Love how Marsha got her name. Lex is handsome. Your Narragansett Browns is perfect for the extra room. Yummy things happening in the garden. Lots of good times here. So glad to catch up!

  15. How fun to work with your mentor! You both have been flying a long time!!
    Love the Valor quilts and especially nice for you to be known as the guy to give valor quilts to!!
    Your Narragansett Blues" in browns got pieced quickly! Weren't you just getting started on that 2 weeks ago!?
    Do all of your chickens have names?

  16. Hi Kevin
    Narragansett in brown is rich and colorful. You are an inspiration. Blessings to you and your sweet little baby dog.

  17. Kevin, I put Duck Cloth on my big board. It is lasting VERY nicely. Been there at least 10 years and showing no signs of wear.

    Love your Narragansett.

  18. Your so crazy busy!! can't wait to see you - and mind your biscuits - great motto!! ha ha

  19. Hi Kevin Wish I lived closer. The scrap club get togethers look like so much fun. I know you are busy with a lot of different things. Nice to see your update.

  20. I got ironing board fabric (specifically for that purpose) a JoAnn Fabrics. The table used to be like a church potluck table, but the previous owner put dowels in the bottom of the legs to make it taller, and covered it with a red cloth. After she gave it away I got it, and the red bled, so I recovered it. It is great for ironing yardage quilts ready for the machine quilter, or putting my large mat on to cut fabrics. Every quilter should have one!

  21. Love your take on the Narragansett Blues in Browns. This will look so great in a guest bedroom. It was nice to see the lady responsible for your current job. She looks like a person who like to have fun. How nice that you could work with her on a long weekend and catch up. Lex and his main squeeze are a "cute" couple. I love the inspiration for Marsha's name too. lol

  22. I'll be driving to Ava, MO on June 20th, for the Missouri TOGA. I'll wave! I'll bet those eggs are yummy. I've thought about making a fidget quilt, I just haven't gotten around to it.

  23. You always have so much fun stuff going on!

  24. Hey Kevin, this really is a hodge podge of quilty chicky life goodness. I am so happy that you have such a full life full of life's true, friends and time for yourself.