Friday, August 10, 2018

Out of the box........

Many boxes have been coming my way as of late.
GOODIE BOXES from many of you!

And before I go any further......
Thanks to all of you who continue to comment on the blog posts.
You all know Uncle Kevin the Quilter is  NOT tech savvy!
I must be doing something wrong in order to enable messages to come
to my email or something?

Red Cross Block
This was Scrap Club's July Block Lotto.
Look at all of the beautiful blocks that came in
during our meetings!
The winner was Lillie, and she was beyond thrilled!
I would be too!
Here is the pattern if you are interested?
To make this simple block you will need the following:
- 20(qty) 2" squares of reds
- 4(qty) 3.5” squares of neutrals
Construct 5: 4 patch units from the red 2" squares.  Units should measure 3.5" square.
Design block placing 3.5” red 4 patch units in a cross formation, adding 3.5” neutral squares to corners.
Piece block together in 9 patch fashion.
Unfinished block should measure 9.5" square.

Remember this quilt?
The happy couple were appreciative of their wedding gift from me.
I have known Christa (the bride) since she was knee high to a grasshopper.
This is Bonnie Hunter's 
free pattern.
Hey, the bride said MODERN, I tried something different! LOL

Dear old Dad's birthday rolled around and he turned 78! is that possible?
I am so proud of my family!
Look at the interesting version of 78 my sis
put on his birthday cake! LOLOLOL Hilarious!
It looks like 7-11 to me! LOLOL
And, of course, my little Sophia Annabella
celebrated her 12th birthday along with PaPa!

My pretty little Sophia!

Try getting a photo in focus of 2 Boston Terriers
playing with a new toy!
There is a challenge for you......and ME! LOLOL

We are both turning a little gray!
Sophia had a check up at the vet, and she 
got a good report!
Thank you Jesus!
She was beyond ready to leave the vet in this photo!
She doesn't care for going there, bless her heart!

Here is another little cover girl!
I recently celebrated with my friend's Matt and Samantha.
Their second daughter, Charlotte, turned 1 year old!
Here she is modeling for her 1 year photos on top of 
the baby quilt I made for her.
I love seeing these quilts used!

This is my new normal.
How do you all like my bionic arm?
Tendonitis is evil!
My job as a flight attendant is solely responsible for this!
Many chiropractic treatments and sports wrapping like this
does help some.

Hmmm.........what came while I was flying????

Thanks goes out to Priscilla in Connecticut 
for the beautiful patriotic star blocks
for Quilts of Valor, Eastern Missouri!
These will be made into a lovely QOV!

Thanks so much for the beautiful scraps in these boxes!
You have been so kind and generous with sharing your
scraps with me!

And, what have we here?
Janet of
sent me these lovely chicken fabrics
along with one of her signature pin cushions!
I now have a JanetO original!
She also sent me some of her soap....and
it was used immediately...therefore not in the photo.

You quilters out there are just amazingly generous and kind!

Huh???? There's more?????

Unbeknownst to me.......
I was nominated as a
Quirky Quilting Angel on the
website for my work with
Quilts of Valor, Eastern Missouri
and Scrap Club hosted by Kevin the Quilter.
I found out my friend Linda had nominated me......
thanks so much for your friendship Linda!

I received this wonderful prize package!
Skinny rulers, sqare templates, and a holding rack for the templates!

These are going to come in so handy!
Thanks again for the nomination Linda,
and to Martelli Notions for helping quilters
recognize other quilters!

I was able to spend the day with my friends Linda and Vernie!
We have so much fun going to this Mennonite store in Iowa.
A piece or two of fabric came home with me......
along with a lot of bulk spices and food!

Speaking of friends.......

Have you all seen the great Designer's Spotlight
in the most recent American Patchwork and Quilting magazine?
My friend Lori of
is featured!

This is what my studio table is looking like here lately.....

Why, you may ask?

I am in the midst of creating this wall hanging for my
parent's pastors.
They have been so kind to my family, and to me.....
and I have wanted to dabble with the colorwash idea
thanks to my friend Wanda of 
I KNOW this is nothing like Wanda can create...
but, it's been fun!

From the garden......

Okra is coming in strong from the garden now.
I realize okra is not as popular in some states as it is others.
I grew up with it, and I love to mix it with home grown tomatoes.


I also like it fried!
I love having a garden of plenty to 
eat from during the summer

And I will leave you with this funny.........

Ever hear about the quilter that had too much fabric?
Me neither!
My friend Mike found this t-shirt on the web and thought
it would be perfect for me...........

Thanks for all of your encouragement!
Thanks for all of the goodies!
Keep on Quilting!
Kevin the Quilter


  1. Great shirt! I love fried okra, but, you don't find okra around here (it's Southern, not northern). OUCH! Hubby had to tape my elbow last year, when it was so bad. Thank goodness my tendinitis isn't bad enough to have to use the tape. It's hard to find the tan tape (colors and patterns everywhere, but, I didn't want it to show). Look for my email about how to fix the comments.

  2. Gotta love Mike....that's a great one!!! I'm loving your dabble in color scrap quilters have the stash for it, don't we? (A twist on the reference in one of the Jason Bourne movies "You're in a big puddle of #$&@, Pamela, and you don't have the shoes for it.) Too far a stretch?? LOL :)

  3. Jeepers, Kevin, it must feel like Christmas at your house! How nice! Ooh, that dang tendinitis. Hope the taping helps it feel better soon. Do you yell "Kelly Clarkson!" when it gets ripped off? (I hope you get that movie reference, LOL.) I wish we could grow okra here. You can find it frozen sometimes, but it's not the same.

  4. Oh, my--always so much to catch up on at the Quilt Cave. Do I start with the great modern wedding quilt you made, or the cute little cover girl lying on another of your creations? Or how about the fun mail, or the cute four-legged friends?
    Maybe I could address the fact the I am jealous you can even use that tape on your arm. My therapist tells me it would really help my shoulder if I could use it, but after two attempts (both of which ended with chunks of skin coming off with the tape) she has given me up as hopeless.
    I had a college roommate from Oklahoma that searched high and low in the small Idaho college town for okra in any form. I believe someone finally managed to get in some frozen okra for her, and she was thrilled to have it in any form.
    That is the best quilter's T-shirt!!

  5. Your garden bounty looks tasty and your quilt projects are lovely as always! Fried okra and pickled okra are the only ways I’ve tasted it in many years. Yum! Hope that arm gets better soon.

  6. Take care of that arm Kevin! It looks painful! Happy birthday to your beloved dad! He looks great! It looks like Christmas at your house! Enjoy your quilting goodies and your garden bounty!!!!

  7. Funny shirt! LOVE me some fried okra. Yum! Scrap Club blocks and that wedding quilt turned out great and what an AWESOME setting for those Scrappy Mountain Majesty blocks!! Oh, and Mr. Kevin the Quilter... YOU aren't the only one with a JanetO original tiny pieced pin cushion. I just didn't get any soap with mine!!

  8. We flew Southwest from Nashville to Charleston, SC to Baltimore, to Portland, ME on Thursday. Thought about you on every leg. The solution to the comments is to delete an old profile and establish a new one, but I don't remember how I did it so I'm not much help.

  9. I've never tasted okra in any form, so now I'm curious. And I have a chicken quilt top I should send you . . .

  10. You are blessed as you bless others, dear friend!! Happy birthday to dad and Sophia Annabella! I hope your tendinitis heals quickly, definitely no fun to hurt. How are your two-legged girls doing? I enjoy seeing pictures of your adventures, both at home and around the country. Any pictures of your garden?

  11. Oh Kevin you deserve all the accolades heaped upon you, you are such a giving person. Love love love that t-shirt, would mike be a darl and give us the link to the site he got it. A big happy birthday to your Dad and Sophia Annabella. Hugs from down under xx

  12. Wow, you have been busy! I love fried okra, it is the ONLY way to eat it, LOL!! Take care of that elbow. Great block to burn up some scraps!

  13. So many great photo's and stories - where do I begin to pick a favourite :) I loved your colour version of Mountain Majesties; I winced at the thought of that tape being pulled off your arm!!! Your 'gifts' from so many friends show how much people love and care about you and what you do for your community, so congrats for your recent nomination - you well deserve it for all you do.
    Did you get my Pickering postcard sent in June? I'm off to London for 3 days Monday, visiting London Zoo and Camden Market. Enjoy the rest of this weekend :)

  14. Such a sweet photo of your Dad and Sophia. They are both smiling :-) Happy Birthday to the two of them!

  15. I just love that photo of you and Sophia, each with a touch of gray! You're the best dog daddy :)

  16. Kevin, your blog is always inspiring and you are loved by so many. I wish I could give you a hug.
    I am happy there is a lot of good news and happy events shared today. This makes me happy.
    I love the project you are working on for your parents pastors.
    Big smooches to your parents and your puppies and friends

  17. Kevin, you certainly are a busy and very interesting person. Love all the photos and writing. Never had okra. Thanks for all the updates!

  18. Holey Moley! What a lot of quilty goodness! So cool about your nomination and a box of goodies- you are so generous!

  19. I love your whole post, Kevin, except the okra part!! Blah!! LOL!! To each his/her own!! You look great in that very fun T-shirt, your modern wedding quilt is great and happy birthday to your Dad and Sophia!! I too am VERY lucky to have several JanetO creations and her wonderful soap!! Keep happy!!

  20. Oh, man, tendonitis. Bad bad bad for a quilter much less a flight attendant. Out of the box you say! Have you ever been in the box? One of your most enduring qualities. My mother cooked okra with stewed tomatoes and sometime a little corn and onion. I love okra in any form, too. When I lived in California I had room for a garden and grew it. I learned pretty quickly to pick it when the pods were still quite small. The flowers were surprisingly pretty too. I am envious of your supply.

  21. Wow loved your scrap mailboxes!!! You dont see okra much in Oz, but will have to look out for some, love cooked tomato recipes...

  22. Congrats on the award. Grateful for Praise Report on the pup (they are always puppies to me even if they are 16!).

  23. I tried Barb's (Fun With Barb) solution to the no-email responses on Blogger and after 3 tries it finally worked. Open Blogger
    Click Settings
    Click Email
    Add your email to the box and SAVE CHANGES.
    If your email is there, like mine was. REMOVE IT - SAVE
    Close all windows
    Re-open Blogger
    repeat above then "add" your email and SAVE CHANGES
    Your should get an email to subscribe to "emails" in your email inbox. Follow email instructions and you should be good to go.

    You are a lucky quilter because you are a caring quilter! Quilters love sharing with other quilters they know will put their scraps into good use! And you are lucky to get some of Janet's soap. I savor mine. Such wonderful stuff! I surely hope your tendonitis gets better soon. What a pain! Happy Belated Birthday to your Dad and Sophia Annabella!

  24. Lots going on. Congrats to your Dad on his birthday and to Sophia Annabelle too. Hope the tendinitis is getting better, that can't be fun to deal with while you are working. Hope you can find lots of time for stitching and spending some time with friends.

  25. Love your version of the cross quilt!