Monday, March 4, 2019

Here we SNOW again...........

For the first time in a while,
we have had a definite WINTER
around these parts!

 Here we SNOW again!

I am not complaining in the least.
If you know me well, you know:
#1 I don't complain about things I can't control, like weather.
#2 I LOVE cooler weather over warmer, more humid weather.
#3 Snowy, wintry weather is QUILT weather!

Hop on your sled and join me for a trek through my February!

How on earth did my Lil Sugar Doll 
turn 21 years old?????
Happy birthday to my beautiful niece!

While visiting home for my niece's birthday celebration,
she and Lil' Bubs went antiquing with me!
I about fell over in the floor when my nephew
asked me if he could make a quilt
like the one he had found in one of the booths!
He had found this old rail fence quilt!
He has a very exact vision and wants to do 
the work himself!
Stay tuned!

Delays, reroutes, extended duty days......
OK, maybe I don't care so much for the weather
when it comes to these things?
Work is ALWAYS better when you are flying with
a great crew especially under such conditions.
Oh....and coffee helps too!

Hold on folks.....there's more!
This photo was taken by my little
buddy that comes with his mom to 
Scrap Club hosted by Kevin the Quilter.
This pic is not bad for a little guy!

Regrettably, due to health reasons,
was unable to join us for our February meeting.
You can read about her
unfortunate ailment
We all were bummed, including her.....
and I hope you are feeling much better now!

I am so fortunate to have met MANY
wonderful quilters via this blog.
One of which is my friend
Heather of
She was gracious enough to step in last minute
and provided Scrap Club with a WONDERFUL
trunk show of her beautiful, scrappy quilts.
Thank you Heather!
Thank you SOOOOOOOO much!

How many quilts will fit into the back of a SUV?

Apparently, 46!
Quilt after beautiful quilt 
was shared by Heather.

In between Trunk shows, some of us quilters
had a late lunch.
Thanks to Nancy and Tere in the back who drove 
all the way from Centralia, IL to enjoy
Heather's presentation and fellowship with us.
Dar......what on earth are you doing 
while I took this pic?

"Tree Inspired"
is the project for this session
of Scrap Club hosted by Kevin the Quilter.
Here is part of my project thus far.
I love 2 color quilts!
You can literally use every hue of each color when you
limit it down to 2 contrasting colors.

We are also organizing our scraps and stashes
this session of Scrap Club.
Here are some of the quilters taking advantage
of the freebie table.
One quilter's trash, is another
quilter's treasure!

My friend, Sue,  and I went on a 
trek to 
We had so much fun chatting it up on the drive.
We also came back with a few treasures of our own!

Anyone remember this project from about 2 years ago???
My friend Cherie of Quilted Jonquil
shared several recycled shirts with me!

They finally turned into this!
But, I need a good name for it?
Any suggestions?
What do you see when you look at it?

It's a super easy sew....and who doesn't love
a log cabin?
Thanks to my friend Linda A. for sharing her
larger red shirtings and homespuns for 
me to create those setting triangles!

What is your favorite thing about 
a Log Cabin quilt?

This whole blogging, speaking, and teaching
gig is really fun.  Especially when I see
other quilters enjoying the processes in which
I work.

Looky here at this!
This is Jan of
version of my
"Goodnight, Darlene!" pattern.
(Patterns will be available soon!)
Jan, your version is truly wonderful!
Thanks so much for your enthusiasm of
this project and pattern!
I appreciate you!

And, remember my
I had with the St. Louis Star Quilt Guild?
Several of those quilters have sent in the
following beauties!

I am so proud of all of you!
These versions and colors are just fabulous!
I apologize for not listing names, but, I don't want to 
confuse anyone, and I also apologize if you sent in 
a photo, and it wasn't listed here.

Here's your chicken pic!
Nope....not for that much money.

I hope to meet YOU at one of these....

March 16, 2019
Quincy Quilt Guild
Lecture/Trunk Show
String Star Workshop
Vermont Street United Methodist Church
818 Vermont Street
Quincy, IL  62301

March 20, 2019
Calico Needlers
Lecture/Trunk Show
Spencer Road Branch Library
427 Spencer Road
St. Peters, MO  63376

March 30, 2019
Friends in Stitches Quilt Guild
Waterloo, IL
String Star Workshop

April 2, 2019
Dixie Lee Quilters
7 PM Lecture/Trunk Show
Fredericktown Senior Center
107 Spruce Street
Fredericktown, MO 63645

Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Keep on Quilting!
Kevin the Quilter


  1. So much goodness here, I can't comment on it all, but how cool Lil Bubs wants to make a rail fence quilt and has his own vision for it!! That log cabin quilt is fabulous. They seem to be floating (the light/dark division looks like waves, even). Floating log cabins? Sorry, that's all I've got for ideas today.

  2. That is so exciting that your nephew wants to make a quilt! He couldn't have a better teacher! I was sorry to hear that Julie couldn't make it. She has had a tough few weeks. Heather stepped right in for a great showing of quilts! I think I would call your log cabin quilt, "Lumberjack" as it has so many wonderful plaids in those logs! Not to mention that you have the beard for it!!

  3. When I see the log cabins set this way I think of the homesteaders. I see all the different homesteaders with their house, a barn, the chicken coop , garden, pastures. All laid out in precise lines so I think 'Homestead' would be a good name. You have had a busy busy month. Thanks for sharing!

  4. OMG, OMG, OMG, your log cabin quilt is FABULOUS!!!!!! I like Homestead as a name but how about Homestead in the Snow?

  5. Woohoo! You are getting to train another quilter for the family. Glad to see a photo of camera shy Dar. Great quilts everyone has been making.

  6. How exciting your nephew wants to make a quilt!

    So cool Heather was able to step in with a trunk show. Love the quilts in her car photo!!

  7. I'm so glad Heather was able to step up and be there for Scrap Club. And yes, I am feeling better each day - it was a very rough two weeks!

  8. Fabulous log cabin - I have a thing for plaids and homespuns. Looks like you had a super trunk show even with a quick change in plans. A new quilter! The rail fence is a perfect block to start with.

  9. Love your log cabin!! I like the Homestead theme...Snowy Homestead, perhaps? So cool you hooked your nephew on quilting!!! He has a great teacher and mentor in his uncle! Beautiful quilts all over this post! I love your tree blocks!

  10. Great log cabin quilt. I think a good name would be Cabins on the Mountain Top. The blocks being set onpointe look like mountain peaks.

  11. Fab post. How about 'Night and Day' as title for that lovely quilt. All good wishes, Sylvie

  12. Oh my... every time I read your posts, I laughed a lot ! So fun, sooo good mood !!
    You are very busy and your students have a very good teacher !
    So glad your niece wants to make a quilt ! woo hoo !
    The log with strips is awesome ! wow !
    Thank you for sharing Kevin !

  13. The first word to spring to my mind for your quilt was "Strata". Love it!

    Gina in Missouri

  14. We have snow here, way too much snow here! You want some? I'm giving it away free. Haha! We had 35 inches of snow in February. So, since I'm thinking and seeing and living in snow, the names for the log cabin that come to mind are Snowed In' or "Cabins in the Snow". Or maybe "It's Your Turn to Shovel"?? (Ok, sorry -- had to be a little weird; cabin fever & all) How fun that Lil Bubs has caught the quilt making fever. I hope he enjoys the process! And happy birthday to your niece!

  15. How fun for your nephew to ask you to help him make the quilt he wants!! And: WOW!- I sure love that green version of your Goodnight, Darlene.

  16. Looking at the log cabin quilt, my first impression was "Who is looking at me through the blinds?

  17. Yay Lil Bubs!!! Can't wait to see his version of the quilt!! and a name for your log cabin... how about *mine* ha ha ... ( as it know.... for me?? ) Love that tree block too!! enjoy!!

  18. What I love about log cabin quilts is all the variations that can be made, with coloration, position and setting. When I look at the quilt I saw planks or rail fencing (created by the light and dark colors) in front of the log cabins. I could only think of a corny name like, "There's no planks like home." LOL.

  19. How about...... Virginia? ❤️ I would love to come to one of your wingdings.
    Maybe one day hubbs and I will make a road trip to your corner of the country.
    You are so inspiring, and fun, and wonderful. I love all of the great adventures.
    Time does go so fast now.
    You are a great friend and dearly loved

  20. Happy Birthday, Lil' Sugar Doll!! Way to go, Lil' Bubs. I'll be looking forward to seeing your quilt come together!! And to Heather... You save the (Scrap Club) day!!!

  21. So so cute. Thanks for playing at Crafts Galore Challenge. I wish you the best of luck.
    clipping path

  22. What a radiant face on your beautiful niece! And your nephew wants to make a quilt?!? How cool is that!
    Your Log Cabin quilt is AMAZING! Love, love, love it, and I think Wendy had a great name suggestion.
    Attending an event of yours would be such a party--but you need to come West.

  23. Those are some gorgeous quilts! I wish I could come to one of your events; you always look like you are having fun. You also look like you are the kind of favorite uncle everyone wishes they had.

  24. I really like your 'tree inspired" quilt. The 2 colors you chose look so rich and classy. It goes without saying that the log cabin is fabulous too. I am not good at all in naming quilts (as you well know), but you did get several very good ones. I want to echo your thoughts about Heather's trunk show. She outdid herself in showing all her beautiful quilts with stories as to how they came to be. That was one of the very best trunk shows that I've been privileged to see. THANK YOU Heather for coming to our rescue. And what was I doing ..??? who knows. Probably hiding from the camera's eye.

  25. All these beautiful quilts! Wow and Wow! Thank you for sharing all. Good to see your smiling face. Blessings, Sue

  26. Love those quilts from your classes. I was going to say hopefully all the snowy stuff is just about gone, but now it's thunderstorm season, which is also miserable flying weather. Hope you get in lots of stitching this month. Safe travels.

  27. SO many great photos! Love the log cabin design!
    I thought of "Full cabins, half cabins and ghost cabins"!

  28. Hi Kevin, just getting caught up reading my favorite blogs. It's been a tough time since I lost my dear hubby and soul mate. Also my quilting partner and fabric horader. He bought more fabric for the stash than I did. LOL.

    Great quilts you shared. Will be watching for the pattern of Goodnight Irene. Great job! The log cabin quilt is fabulous. And all the others, just too much wonderful eye candy. Love it when the young ones get the quilting bug. Your nephew is about the age my kids were when they made their first quilts. My luttle grandson is showing an interest in fabric already and he's not even 2 years old!

    Love the chicken spool holder! At $14. it's a bargin, IMHO. It's very cute and most likely homemade. My dear parents used to make things aling that line. Wish it was close to where I live, I'd snatch it up! But NW Washington state is a little far away.

    Have a great day. Look forward to more of your quilts and blog posts!

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