Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Here We Go September.......

Hey Quilting Peeps!

First, let me say how much I appreciate all of the kind comments received on all forms of social media, email, and this blog about the #SSSSQ!  I hope you all had as much fun as I did in the making of this quilt?

Sharing the final reveal with
Scrap Club hosted by
Kevin the Quilter
was so much fun!
The quilt design was well received!
That's always a plus!

The original quilt from which the design
was based upon was fun to inspect as well.
Thanks again to all who played along!
I can't wait to see your versions!
Be looking for photos from
Scrap Club's final reveal where
I will post all of the participants versions
of this quilt!

I have something to confess......
I have been bitten.....

Bonnie Hunter's
Visit the link above for the free pattern.
I am working with the smaller version.


Because I can pull most everything from my strings!
These are so easy to cut from....
and the variety???? YAHOOOOO!!
You all know I am crazy about variety
in my quilts.

These are so easy to keep right next to the sewing machine
to feed through as leaders and enders.

And, I am loving the results!
Are you playing along with this unit too???

In other news.....

My little Momma is learning how to
have fun with her phone thanks to her
grand kids! LOLOLOLOL

Mom and Dad are camping more now that
the weather is getting cooler, and the holidays
have passed.
We LOVE going camping as a family.

My niece sent me these fun photos
before I was able to go visit camp myself.

I was finally able to take a day off and visit.
I ran into a long time friend who had just pulled
in with her family.
I have known Michelle most of my life, and she was
my favorite manager at a fast food
restaurant I worked in during high school.
We have remained friends ever since.
Thanks for being a friend Michelle!

Why does food taste so good while camped out?
Fried taters, camping beans (AKA pork and beans)
and hot dogs.
Sorry if you think this food is gross, or unpalatable.
I think it is delicious!
Especially when my Momma cooks it!

Lilly Mae loves to ride and made
the drive and visit with me.
her PawPaw!
I think he kind of likes her too! LOL

September is a huge month of
quilty visits for me!

I hope to meet you at one of these upcoming events!

Saturday, September 7, 2019
String Star Workshop
Prairie Pine Quilt Guild Retreat
Sew Sweet Quilt Shop Retreat Center
207 Broadway
Brunswick, MO  65236

September 10, 2019
Colonial Quilters Guild
Lecture/Trunk Show
Holy Cross Church
2700 Jacksonville Road
Bethlehem, PA  18017

September 11, 2019
String Star Workshop
Colonial Quilters Quild
Holy Cross Church
2700 Jacksonville Road
Bethlehem, PA  18017

September 14, 2019
String Star Workshop
Dixie Lee Quilt Guild
Calvary Church
1725 MO-72
Fredericktown, MO  63645
(This is in my hometown!)

Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Keep on Quilting!
Kevin the Quilter


  1. I didn’t get to sew along with you this time but I love how your quilt turned out! I am not a camper but love the camping foods! Yummy! Love to see pictures of your beautiful family! You are blessed Kevin!

  2. I for one, had a ball with this mystery sew-a-long (although I am not quite done!). I would really like to make a scrappy version like the original one day too. And, I wholeheartedly agree, everything tastes better when camping! I've had to cut way back on meat since my stroke, but man do I love a good hot dog. Heck I love a bad hot dog!!!

  3. OMG! I live about 1 1/2 hours from Bethlehem....I am going to try to get to the lecture/meeting next week. Cool!

  4. It is a great quilt, Kevin!
    If a Shoo-fly bites me I just use a little Caladryl lotion and the feeling passes. LOL I love how you are making alternating light and dark neutral backgrounds. It really gives it personality--that is one thing that is never lacking at the quilt cave!!
    Your Momma and her phone are a hoot!
    Our family isn't as smart as yours--we go camping in the very hottest part of summer.
    I pretty much only eat a hot dog that I have roasted over the embers of a fire. I always think they taste good, but I am a bit concerned about what I am doing to my body, so I limit them to camping--along with potato chips. I'm all kinds of fun, I know.

  5. Way to keep your Mom young with a zany phone! Lol! You truly have a lot of fun with both your families -- biological and quilty ones! Looking forward to when you return to Hearts 'n' Hands!

  6. My quilt is slowly coming along, and I'm liking it so far (even my color combination, which worried me a little). I'd eat that food, especially while camping. How can you leave all those little pieces by your sewing machine with Sylvester around? Wilbur, my cat, has to inspect everything, give it the shove-it-off-the-table test, and more. He thinks my sewing machine feet are incredibly fun; they rattle so nicely. Haha.

  7. Do you ever come to Florida in the winter? Would love to have you do a trunk show at our quilt guild in Flagler Beach Florida.

  8. Love, love, LOVE what you've got going on with your Shoo Fly Leader/Ender Challenge, Kevin!! Have fun on your Official (Quilt) Visits. I'm looking forward to seeing you in North Carolina next April. Can't WAIT to work on my own version of your Goodnight, Darlene! quilt in class!!!

  9. I've got the mystery quilt in the list, just need to fit it in the rotation! I'm also doing the shoofly blocks but my blocks are more subdued than yours. I'm using all blues and a cream, going to add an alternating snowball blocks. But we'll all be happy with our own quilts when we're finished. Enjoy your travels, hopefully this will turn into a full time occupation like Bonnie Hunter. Happy Stitching!

  10. I am quilting right along with you. I have not been doing BH's L/E this time around, but I do love yours. Adorable.Great to see that you have taken some valuable family camping time. Keep on quilting!!

  11. Your Shoo Fly blocks are beautiful! I'm finishing up my Emerald City sewing 2" squares for L/E ...and now I'm swatting 'shoo flies' ....I may have to give in! ;-)

  12. The Shoo Fly blocks are a definite winner - so perfect for the scrappy look.

  13. Love your mystery quilt. One of these days my quilting mojo will return and I'll play with all the fabrics I have curated!!!

  14. Your quilt turned out beautifical.
    I love a family picnic. I have never had one.... but my hubbs family has them in Michigan. I love hot dogs. and beans and potatoes too.
    I love LilyMae, she is so sweet
    Your parents are so young, they might be younger than me!!?
    I do not see any events near me in Northern Virginia. I wish I lived closer.
    Happy September, Kevin!!

  15. I love the Shoo Fly blocks as well. So cute in the smaller size. I didn't jump in this year because I still have two Leader/Ender projects unfinished. One from years ago - Cheddar Bowties, and a more recent one of broken dishes blocks. I will get back to both of them at some point, as well as a host of other UFOs, but life has gotten in the way, so for now I am doing handwork if anything at all. I love yours, Kevin, and comfort food that we enjoyed as youngsters is never yucky. Especially when it is made by Mom and holds such lovely memories.

  16. Love the photo of you and your mum bunny chatting!! So cute!! The shoofly's are darling!!
    Have fun at your guilds- I know you will!!

  17. Momma is too funny and camping food is always the best!!!! Especially if Smores follow it!! haha! I love the mystery quilt!! Its a beauty!!

  18. I love that camping food, too... once in a while at home and especially good while camping!

  19. Camping was my all-time favorite thing to do!! S'mores???
    You are going to be a very busy guy... hope you're not going to be flying too much!!!

  20. Camping is such a fun activity... great memories are made around the campfire!
    I'm loving the Shoo Fly blocks too... they are as addictive as chips!

  21. OMGosh! Few things are better than fried taters and pork and beans mixed together on your plate. YUM Glad you got to go to camp with your family. Love the quilt. I just might have to delve into this myself. pam

  22. I hope all of your classes were fun! I have a vintage machine demo the last weekend of September. It us usually fun.