Thursday, May 16, 2013

I'm Taking Names..............and you should too..........

If you are a faithful follower of my blog you may have heard me talking about some exciting things that were in the works?  Remember?  Huh? Huh?  Do ya????

Well, today I will be able to share something that has completely flattered and excited me!  A few weeks back, my blogging friend Kelli at Seriously..I Think It Needs Stitches was pattern testing and swapping blocks for her friend Beth at Quilting Hottie Haven for Eva Paige Quilt Designs.  I LOVED the design, and the blocks Kelli was making and receiving and told her how much I was drawn to the pattern.

Well, low and behold, I received this e-mail:

Hi Kevin,

Kelli told me this morning that you have been asking about the Taking Names pattern I have been working on. I am thrilled to let you know it is finally done and ready, but instead of selling it to you I have a proposition.

Would you be interested in making some blocks, making a whole quilt, setting them however you want, having fun with it, etc and blogging about it for me? Your blog is fun and I’d love to share this pattern with your readers.

Let me know if you are interested!





I did let Beth know I am a newbie blogger, and that I haven't been quilting all that long.  She had absolutely no qualms, and trusted I would make her proud!  I sure HOPE I did as I present to you my Taking Names quilt!  

I first must say, FOR SOME, I believe this pattern is best demonstrated with high contrast colors, but, I decided to experiment a bit in a different way...................

   The PDF pattern.

My YUMMY color scheme!

Lots of strips and triangles!

Triangles are coming together!

Hmmm........I see a hexagon!  

Allow me to interject at this point HOW IMPORTANT it is to FOLLOW the pattern and TRIM!!!!!!!!!!  It truly will save you a lot of frustration un-sewing!   

And, there WILL be lots'o'trimming!

Before long............

you will  have................

are you ready for it????????????

A cool Taking Names Quilt!
Due to time constraints, and work,  I was only able to get a crib quilt top completed.  This quilt will be finished and donated to a worthy cause ASAP! 

I think it turned out really cool and I loved making it!  It looks REALLY modern to me, and it's hard to distinguish a true pattern, which I personally love!  Is it a hexagon?  Are there a lot of diamonds?  Is it triangles?  The blocks (triangles) actually go together fairly quickly, and remember......YOU MUST TRIM! LOL  More photos?  Well.........alrighty then!  

Dizzy and Delicious!


Whatta fun quilt to make!

Beth, thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity!  I have loved getting to know you during this process and I hope we will be life-long friends!  I hope I made you proud?  Kelli, thank you so much for referring me to your sassy friend, and inspiring me with the eye candy on your blog!  Have fun at quilt market in Portland and kick some stash and take some names for me!

If you are interested in obtaining this pattern, please visit Beth for the Taking Names pattern!

Happy Mother's Day (week) to my beautiful mother and sister!

Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Kevin the Quilter


  1. Good golly----FUN geometric pattern! The fabrics you chose fit the design perfectly. Definitely a finish to be super duper proud of.
    A+ Kevin :)

  2. Another GREAT quilt! Love the splash of red!

  3. I'm so impressed! It really is a "COOL" quilt and so "COOL" too that you're able to donate it. I'm getting so moody from not stitching for over a week. Not stitching makes one a bit -itchy. ;-)

  4. Go Kevin!!!! That is a great quilt! Love the colors you chose!!

  5. Whoohoo Kevin!!!! You definitely did that pattern proud - I LOVE IT!!!! Like you, I love the many different shapes and looks to the quilt - wow! And of course, who doesn't love black, white & red - classic gorgeous combo in those yummy fabrics!!!! Way to go :*)

  6. Oh thank the Lord above I didn't get too cheeky in that first email; who knew you were going to repost it verbatim! I am thrilled to have had your help and I love the quilt. Fab job!

  7. Your quilt came out great! Fantastic choice of fabrics!

  8. You are truly the Scrap Master! Love it, hope I get to see it in real time.

  9. What a great quilt Kevin! I love your fabric choices, and I think I really need a piece of that wavy black and white fabric you used!

  10. Beautiful quilt Kevin, you really did a great job with it and love the fabrics!!

  11. Great use of color! Looks like you had fun. (Well maybe not with all the trimming!)