Sunday, June 2, 2013

This and that.........

It was a lot of fun to participate in my first Blogger's Quilt Festival.  Please visit  THE WINNERS!  I am so impressed by all of the work presented this Spring.  Thanks Amy's Creative Side for hosting such a fun event!  And, THANK YOU to everyone who supported me and voted for my entry!

Here is my month of May in photos!

Mother's Day with my Momma and Sister!
(Sister on left, Momma on right! LOL)

My Sister and Niece's Pop Concert!
Here is my niece's friend (left), and my niece (right) singing a duet!
They sang "Changed" by Rascal Flatts.
They did a really great job, and sis' Pop Concert is always a hit!
(Sorry for the blurry photo!)

Niece's ballet recital.  "Blue Danube"
I can't believe her Freshman year of high school is over!
She also just got her driver's permit!

In sewing news, I received this awesome mini quilt by Victoria Findlay Wolfe:

 "Playing With William Tell"
I loved being able to swap quilts with her, and couldn't be happier with this quilt she made me!

And, of course, here is the quilt I made her:
"She's Puttin' On Her Big Girl Panties"
Thank you ALL so much for your kind words regarding her!
I'd also like to thank all of you who voted for her in the Blogger's Quilt Festival!
I'd also like to thank my niece for thinking this was a fancy pot holder!  SHEEEESH!

I completed the "Taking Names" quilt top.

I was also able to complete 3 quilt tops for Quilts of Valor of Eastern Missouri.  I always love donating to QOV, or any other patriotic service organization.  When I was introduced to Dar of:

(please visit her blog)

and realized the organization was in the middle of a quilt drive, I put the gears in motion!  Dar is a lovely gal who does so much good work for Quilts of Valor of Eastern Missouri.  An interesting tid-bit about this particular group is, most of their quilts are hand quilted!  Dar shared with me their need for 100 quilts for a troop that is returning home from Afghanistan this summer.  Come to find out, the troop originates from a town very close to where I grew up.  I was able to put this and that together and came up with these:

3 patriotic pillow cases to hold QOV's

  A wonky log cabin with star borders.  
The background fabric blends right in with my concrete floors  DESIGN WALL!

A patriotic tumbler with star borders.
My quilting friend Bev donated the center of this quilt.

Remember this post?

Here is what became of Lynn's fabrics she donated to me:
A quarter log cabin design that turned out very well if I do say so myself!
I will have enough of this fabric left over to do at least one more QOV.
I was also able to show it to her in person as she had requested.

These photos were taken inside due to the thunderstorms and wet weather we have been experiencing in my neck of the woods.  We have had some pretty bad flooding along the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers.  On a side note, I was working during the horrific tornado in Moore, OK, and actually was flying over it as it happened.  We were diverted thankfully. More recently we had a tornado in the greater St. Louis area.  I am praying for all of the families that lost so much during these monstrous acts of nature. Hopefully, the worst is over.

Genesis 9:11
And I will establish my covenant with you; neither shall all flesh be cut off any more by the waters of a flood;
neither shall there any more be a flood to destroy the earth.

I am so thankful to be on vacation the entire month of June!  YIPPPEEEEEEEEEE!  And, no, I am not going anywhere! LOL  This flight attendant is staying as far away from an airport or airplane as he can for the next few weeks!

As always,
Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Have a safe summer!
Kevin the Quilter


  1. A whole month of holiday freedom! Wow! We'll all be hoping to see lots of new sewing in June then. Enjoy!

  2. wow a whole month off enjoy!
    I have to tell you how much I love the little quilt you made for Victoria WOW am I ever impressed.
    so creative on many levels and very well executed.
    I am sure she will treasure it.

  3. Kevin your QOV projects look fantastic. Did you follow a pattern or design them yourself? And how on earth did you get to swap quilts with Victoria Findlay Wolfe? That is so cool!I must say, the quilt you made for her looks great. (A very fancy pot holder indeed. LOL.) So glad you were able to manoeuvre safely around that terrible tornado. There has been a lot of news coverage in Australia showing the terrible tornado season unfolding in the U.S. Our thoughts have also been with the families that have been devastated by these terrible acts of nature.
    Enjoy your holidays, hope you get lots of sewing done.

  4. You've made some great quilts! They all look fantastic. I can't imagine being in a plane during that tornado. I have enough trouble with run of the mill everyday turbulance when flying. And a whole month off! Enjoy every minute of it.

  5. Wow - you've been busy my friend!!! So glad you met Dar - she's such a sweetie, and her efforts toward QOV are amazing!!! Your QOV quilts are perfect and will be treasured by someone for sure. Love the little quilt Victoria sent you - wow!!! Of course, I think the one you made her is even better :*) Enjoy your month of vacation - I expect to see lots of quilts being churned out!!!

  6. Just Awesome Kevin. Thank you for sharing. Can't see what you come up with in June.

  7. Oh goodness I am glad they diverted you!! LOVE LOVE LOVE those quilt tops!!! You are a star!! Thank you for jumping in where help is needed - you rock!

  8. Kevin, I absolutely LOVE your QOV's, especially the Wonky Log Cabin. Looks like you've had a busy May! I had to chuckle when I saw that your floor is your design wall. I don't have a "design wall" either- just a white sheet over the guest bed or on the floor.

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  9. First....ENJOY your June!!!!!!! of family are always enjoyable.
    Third....Holy moly! 1-2-3-4 quilt tops. BAM! And, of course, they all look amazing.

  10. Oh, wow! Fabulous May at your house. :D Soooo in love with your Wonder Woman mini and the log cabin with star borders. KUDOS for an awesome month.

  11. Kevin, Thanks for the kind words and THANK YOU SO MUCH for the wonderful QOVs you delivered to me. You were given special recognition at the meeting this week when your tops were paraded around the room. The compliments you got were overwhelming. They are all anxious now to meet this "wonderful male quilt maker". Be ready to sign autographs when you come to visit. You are already a star! When you come, be sure to bring Wonder Woman with you too. She will knock their socks off!

  12. Love the wonder womanesque "potholder" it rocks! You are putting some of us to shame with those quilts of valor..I need to get going on another one!

  13. You've been very productive. Love the Wonder Woman "potholder", it's perfect. The QOV's turned out great. Enjoy your month off!

  14. Whoa Kevin!! You got soo much done in May and you weren't even on vacation!! It's been forever since I popped by for a visit! I've just been trying to keep my head above water over here! Love all of your projects and shares. :)

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