Thursday, January 5, 2017

New year............

Happy New Year to all!

As you all probably guessed, I have returned to flying after my
self imposed Holiday Hiatus!  (AKA accrued vacation lumped together!)

I returned to flying after Christmas, and flew right into New Years.

Thus, I have been trying to play catch up, unsuccessfully!

Clue #6
and the final reveal 
was presented by Bonnie Hunter for:

All clues and information about this mystery quilt may be found

It truly is a lovely quilt, and as soon as I can catch up
and complete the last clues, the top will be pieced together.

Thanks again Bonnie for sharing your time and talents with
quilters from all over the globe!


I thought I would share a few photos of Christmas gifts I presented
to others that were of a quilty nature.

These little flying geese

This little pin cushion for my friend Dar of
Her block drive for Quilts of Valor, Eastern Missouri
has been most successful!
Truth be told, I really owed this to her for all of the help
she has given me this past year.
When she saw the pin cushion
I made for Janet for the pin cushion swap hosted by
Randy, she expressed how much she liked it.
I knew Dar's colors, and this is what I came up with for her.
I think she liked it!

I was blessed to receive this bundle of 
reproduction fabrics from Dar as my gift!
Thanks so much Dar!
I love them and they will be used very soon!

And, here is the "Moore Family Quilt."
My friend Mike was persistent in his efforts to convince me
to make a quilt for his family to enjoy.
We go way back, and he has helped me with
some things I needed help with, so, 
 I obliged.
Thankfully, he and his wife were pleased with the results!

I did return home from flying on January 1st, just in time to eat my
traditional meal of black eyed peas, and greens.
Some of you may not know that consuming these
foods on the first day of the new year will provide you
with good fortune, and prosperity!
One can certainly hope at least!

Many of my blogging friends have come up with a word
for this new year.

I really haven't come up with a word, per se,  but, a state of mind.....
I would like to be able to share this mentality with
ALL quilters........

I ran across these words of wisdom for scrap quilters
some time ago, and have wanted to share it with you all.
I hope you can take it to heart.
Even if you have never made a scrap quilt.........try it!
You may like it!

I am hosting my Scrap Club once again this year!
We begin on Jan 26th!
If you are in the Metro St. Louis area and are
 interested in joining me, please let me know.
I will send you all of the information about it!

Let's all have fun and create some beautiful quilts this year!

I am sending my very best to you this year!
Keep on Quilting!
Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Kevin the Quilter


  1. happy new year to you hae not heard about eating black eyed beans and greens before.
    Loving the quilt you made.
    So true re scraps I love scrap quilts gave one to my granddaughter for her 18th birthday

  2. Kevin you are a lovely bright ray of sunshine and I always enjoy your quilting antics even though I don't quilt. I do believe you will have good fortune from eating black eyed peas and greens. My Grandma ate them and now my daughter does too. Somehow it skipped me but I believe I have good fortune in my life. Wonderful 2017 to you...

  3. Great words of wisdom for the quilt world. I never heard of the good fortune from eating black eyed peas and greens. In Ohio it's pork n sauerkraut at midnight for a prosperous new year. Welcome back to the working world. I still need to get caught up on my mystery as well. Happy new year!

  4. OK, I'll bite, tell me about Scrap Club. I made Jumpin' John for New Years Day with the black eyed peas, yum!! Cleaning out and reorganizing has been the activity for this week as I wait for a shipment of variegated thread.

  5. Beautiful quilt finish! Love the scrap quilt inspiration- I am going to print it out for my studio wall. Thanks for the sharing!

  6. Happy New Year, Kevin! You'll catch up with EP soon. Sweet pincushion. Wish I were close enough to participate in Scrap Club.

  7. Happy new year to you and all your family Kevin ! We have the same tradition in France for the 1st of january but we eat lentils !
    Wonderful quilt and wonderful bundle of fabrics !
    I wish you a lovely weekend with lots of stitches !

  8. Happy New Year to you!! Our family always has pork (of some variation there of)on N Y day. Pork root with their snouts going forward while other animals kick backward with their feet. Thus you eat pork to move forward into the new year. Anywho, I love the quilt you made for Mike. Are the blocks about 6" finished or larger?? Thanks.

  9. Happy New Year, Kevin! In Cajun Country, you must eat black eyed peas and cabbage, but not cooked together! My mom always cleaned a dime and tossed in into the black eyed peas and who ever got the dime, had the abundance of luck in the coming year! There was never one bean left in that bowl!!
    I totally agree about scrap quilting! I haven't done anything else in years!

  10. Happy New Year Kevin and welcome back from flying! I know you are going to have so much fun working on En Provence! Your little pin cushion is the cutest! I hope you have the best year with lots of good fortune, I think I had chili and a salad on the 1st......wonder if that will count! Take care my friend!

  11. What a super friend! That pin cushion and the quilt are sensational! I look forward to seeing your mystery quilt revealed. I missed the black eyed peas opportunity, so I will have to just stick close by to those who did and enjoy my new year with good friends in person and in Blogland!

  12. Hey Kev! Let's do a version of Scrap Club in Blogland!!!!!!
    Many blessings for a very happy new year!!!!!!!

  13. What lucky friends!!! ANYONE would be thrilled with those gifts.

  14. Such a nice pincushion and a beautiful quilt for you friends family. Liked your mind set about scrap quilts. Mins if I print it off and hang it in my quilting room? Happy flying, Kevin. Thanks for the fun post.

  15. Happy New Year! Hopefully you didn't have to fly this weekend with all the nasty stuff going on in the Southeast. You made some gorgeous Christmas gifts. Looking forward to seeing how your version of En Provence works out. Wishing you lots of happy stitching time this year.

  16. Loved it all but gosh the colours in the Moores quilt are stunning :)

  17. We had chicken pot pie instead of black-eyed peas - ugh!!!!! I've never been able to look at them, much less eat them LOL!!! I remember when my southern step-father first moved us to NC from Baltimore and he tried his best to get me to eat these - and grits too - I never could learn to like them either, although both my kids love them and I made them every morning of my life for 20 years. Dar so deserves that sweet gift! You did good :*). And that's a wonderful quilt you made for your friend - love those colors together :*). Happy New Year dear friend!!!!

  18. We have black eyed peas every year. I've never had greens before. I may need to figure out some small scrappy projects, to use my 'Ugly' fabric with from the Wego exchange.

  19. It is reveal day over in Quiltville and I didn't see your RWB quilt...too busy working to play??

  20. Kevin, I love your words of wisdom regarding scrap quilts! Thanks for sharing it! I never knew that black eyed peas and greens would bring me a good year. Is it too late to eat them??? VBG
    Glad you got to take some well-deserved vacation and rest time!
    I love the pin cushion you made as well as the quilt! I may have to do one of those pin cushions, I think!
    Happy New Year to you!! It's going to be a great year, no doubt about it!

  21. Kevin, I hope you know how much I love my beautiful purple pin cushion you made "especially for me" in my favorite colors. Please excuse my slowness in thanking you on your blog posting. What a great picture too. I have it handy by my sewing machine along with my little chicken and they are daily reminders of how thoughtful and talented you are. Your teal and brown quilt is amazing. Love the pattern and the colors are stunning. What a wonderful gift.

  22. You have certainly blessed your friends and family with lovely gifts from the heart. Handmade gifts are always the very best kind! I don't know how you find the time with your schedule, but I am glad that you do and that you take the time to share your wonderful creations with us.
    Your scrappy words of wisdom are perfect! Scrap quilts are always my favorite and the ones my family reach for first. My quilting friends laugh because I buy fabric simply because I love it. They always ask, "How will you know if it will match what you want to make"? My answer: "When you make scrap quilts, everything goes together"! And it makes shopping from your stash such fun!

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