Sunday, September 10, 2017


How's that surprise clue coming along Scrap Quilters????

I hope you all are enjoying the process of going through your scraps and stash
while making something that I hope you all find as wonderful as I do?

Have you figured this mystery out yet?  I have heard from a few of you from near and far
expressing your frustration confusion.................isn't that what a mystery is all about?? LOL

When I have played along with mysteries, I have always tried to figure it out to no avail.
That's when it's a good mystery!

The Eclectic Abuela has been playing along and sharing her "Ruby Stars" version, and I can't wait
to see how this turns out!  She has even dedicated some pieces in the quilt to the form of chicken fabric! LOLOLOL  Sharon at Vroomans Quilts expressed that she enjoyed working with the smaller pieces with this latest clue.  I have to agree Sharon.....I love working with tiny pieces......but, then again, I like working with medium and larger pieces...............OHHHHHHHHHHHH
who am I kidding here, I LOVE working with ALL sizes of scraps! LOLOLOLOL  But, I especially feel good when I am able to utilize every last inch of a scrap.  And, I can honestly say I have done a lot of that with my personal version of Sapphire Stars.

In other news...........

Have you thought about having me host a workshop with a quilt group or guild you belong to?  I have thoroughly been enjoying hosting workshops here in my personal studio, The Quilt Cave. However, I have a sewing machine, and will travel!  Please do not hesitate to contact me for various workshops and prices.  They are always FUN! FUN! FUN!

"Crazy Crumb Stars"

This is one of my most favorite and FUN workshops to host.

Seeing the students have "aha" moments with some
brainless sewing does my heart good!

A nice lunch prepared with eggs from my chickies
is included here at the Quilt Cave!

It's a blessing to have a large design wall so students can
play with their recently made blocks.

"Selfie" time quilters!
I sure do appreciate the help of Miss Hollywood
in the back wearing sunglasses
She has offered to assist with classes here.

Class size is limited here at the Quilt Cave,
the FUN is not!

And you can usually find me on the couch with
Lilly Mae snoozing after so much FUN has been had
with quilters in my studio space.

I have received several requests to show some of
my poultry flock, so I am going to try to start
doing some videos featuring the guys and gals
of the coop.
They are so entertaining,and bless me with
delicious eggs.
Please enjoy the short video below!

Chickens at the Quilt Cave!

At this point, I would love to make a shout out to
who graciously sent me a box of 
mouth watering scraps!
My most sincere apologies for not getting a photo.....
I dug into them too quickly!
Mari has an excellent tutorial on scrap organization 

In closing......I have to share a story that happened recently.

I continue to believe that Quilters are some of the most
benevolent beings on this earth.

By a chance encounter between a neighbor of mine up the road and
 students that got turned around while trying to find the Quilt Cave,
I made a new quilting friend, and received an 
amazing gift.

 Meet Sue, my quilting neighbor I didn't know I had!
Look at her beautiful quilt hanging behind us!

When the students stopped by Sue's home, thinking it was mine, 
they met Sue, and found out that she is a quilter!
Sue happened to be looking for a quilter that would
be interested in................

The binders contain HUNDREDS of magazines
organized by date and year!!!!!
There is a standing hoop frame, as well as 
a superabundance of various quilting books!

My students told her about me,
so, her son in law, Brett, looked me up via my blog
and contacted me!
Isn't that something????
So cool!

All of the magazines are magnificently pristine
in these binders marked by year and date.

Thanks to Sue, I will be able to read while I fly
for a long time to come!
I am looking forward to a visit from Sue
here at the Quilt Cave!
Thanks so much Sue for your generous offering!
There will be no lack of inspiration around here now!

And to all of my Florida friends......
please remain safe in the midst of Hurricane Irma!
Prayers to all of you, as well as my Texas and Louisiana friends!

Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Keep on Quilting!
Kevin the Quilter


  1. What a haul, Kevin!! Quilters lurking at every turn waiting to pawn gift you with their overabundance. What luck!! :o))

  2. Oh boy, all those new quilt ideas! I'll have to come down and take a class one day.

  3. WOW! Your neighbor definitely had some wonderful gifts to bestow. All those books, too?? HOLY MOLY!!
    And I loved the video. Your chicks looks very happy.
    And the picture of your two napping? I'm assuming that wasn't a selfie!! VBG
    Love what your class made. NICE job, ladies!

  4. all the best people are quilters lol...lucky you to have a quilter as a neighbour!!!

  5. So Sue has a connection to Seattle ??? Glad she is your neighbor and not mine, as I am trying to "down size" my quilting things too :-)

  6. How I would love to come play in your cave! That wall you have set up is amazing!! Something I have to think about in my set up (eventually). Oh, that turn around was just fate - how lovely to have found another quilter so close.

  7. Another fantastic post -- so much joy!

  8. So cool to discover a quilty neighbor! Your class looks so fun. I see three faces in these pics I know very well. Next time they come to your house, I want to join you! LOL

  9. Wow, what a fun story. Love the nap photo, so cute of both of you.

  10. Oh have sooo talented quilters and students Kevin !! Congratulations to them !
    And lucky you to have a neighbor like Sue...she is a real sweeheart !

  11. Wow, Sue is a very sweet and generous lady, I am glad she found the right home for her beloved supplies. Now you have a library, or as some people say "libary" LOL
    I would love to hang out in your cave. I adore that grid design wall. Mine is just the fattest felt I could find and tacked that up there. Yours is classy

  12. Quilt Cave looks like a fun place to be! And how great that you met your neighbor the quilter. Enjoy those old magazines--they are so much better than the newer ones!

  13. All of those books, wonderful. I love those "crazy crumb stars" also :)

  14. Mari is a lovely blogger. I lover her work and generosity. She has helped me even though I'm so far away. I wish that if ever you are in Australia that you could do something where I live. I would love it. Love the photos of you & lily may... we have a quilt shop called Lesley Mays.... I enjoy following what you get up to in your quilt cave...

  15. I am simply green with envy! Those lucky quilters who live close enough to have some quilt cave time! What a wonderful story about meeting Sue. Enjoy your reading time. I am slowly working on the surprise clue and I must admit, you have me stumped! I hope I don't knock myself out with my hand when I realize what you are up to - ah duh! Have a great day.

  16. Looks like lots of fun there in the Quilt Cave. How fun to meet a kindred spirit that lives just down the road. Enjoy your in travel reading time. Looking forward to what inspiration you get from those oldies and goodies.

  17. What a passel of pretty poultry you have. I especially like the chicken with the Phyllis Diller hairdo.

  18. Such a sweet photo of you and Miss Lilly Mae!
    And how wonderful to meet a quilting neighbour!

  19. Hi Kevin,

    This is Gretta, Sue's daughter. We felt so happy and blessed to have found you! It meant that all of her quilting books went to someone who could use them and share them.

    Mom has had a rough time over the last year and a half as we said good bye to my father in October 2017 and then she had both knees replaced. She is just now getting back on her feet and is ready to get back to quilting. She has even said 2020 is going to be her quilting year! She is really looking forward to her projects and will probably be reaching out to you and tour crew when she is ready to get going again.

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