Friday, September 1, 2017



Lilly Mae wanted to check to see if you all are paying attention?


This is NOT the surprise clue post.
I just wanted to share a little update.
Did I get you????? 

(Laughed in an evil scientist sort of way again!)

Isn't that an incredible photo of Lilly Mae???
My amazingly talented friend......
well, she has many talents, but, I digress.....
Alycia of Alycia Quilts
sent me an awesome thank you card with this
little stinker's photo on it!

I have been able to host a few workshops
in my home studio, The Quilt Cave as of late.
I am LOVING the fact that I can share my studio
space with other quilters that want to learn
various techniques that I love and use in my quilts.

"String Star" progress by some students........

And here they are with some completed tops and pieces!
These quilters were a hoot!
We had so much fun!

I love seeing quilters have an "AHA!!!" moment!

I had the most wonderful privilege of meeting a 
very popular scrappy quilter that resides in the Metro St. Louis area.
This is Tea of TeaQuilts.
We have corresponded for a while now, and she
surprised me with a visit during our last 
Scrap Club hosted by Kevin the Quilter
meeting in August.
Please check out the link I provided where Tea shares
videos and tutorials about quilting on YouTube.
This is the beginning of an awesome friendship Tea!

I took a little road trip with my friend Linda, and we
happened upon an auction and saw some quilts hanging
on the clothesline out back.
Isn't this an interesting pattern in chrome yellow and indigo prints?
Anyone want to give their opinion as to the name of this
quilt block?
It looks like a bear paw variation to me?
Also look at the altered layout?
Interesting.....but, the auction was nowhere near the quilt,
so we left it there.

Having a lot of poultry here at The Quilt Cave
means I have a lot of feed bags.

I ran across the tutorial below and have been making
some of these bags as of late.

Enjoy the video!

Here are a couple I have made.

And last, I want to express my heartfelt
prayers for those of you living in and around
Houston, TX.  I want each and every one of you
to be safe, and well.
Like Bonnie Hunter says, "things" can be replaced.....YOU can't!

Be on the lookout for a surprise clue!
Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Keep on Quilting!
Kevin the Quilter


  1. Love, love the string stars! Especially the one with the different blue blocks in the background. I don't have a lot of quilters around me that love scraps.

  2. Thank you so much Kevin for the link to the animal shelter recycled feedbag video. X

  3. You make me laugh. :) She's growing up so pretty.

  4. I love those string stars! We're still waiting to hear from relatives, as they go back into their homes near Houston. Most should be ok (keeping our fingers crossed) but, one is probably gone. At least everyone is safe.

  5. The String Stars are gorgeous!!
    What fun tote bags you are making from the feed bags. So clever, and eco-friendly. :)

  6. Ahhhh! I love the feed bag totes! Your cracked corn bag is awesome!

    1. Tricky, tricky!! Sweet card that you received from Alycia. Such a talent, that one! I see you've beat me to the bag making. I have a rice bag waiting to be converted. Off to check out Tea's quilts...

  7. Love the feed bag bags - I made some and they are wonderful!! The string stars are beautiful...almost as beautiful as Lily Mae!!! I can see why she has stolen your heart!!

  8. Lily Mae is soooo funny !! ah ah !
    The string stars are awesome and your students very talented Kevin !! I hope the situation in TX is going to be better now... Everyday we watch the disaster on TV and I think about poor people who have lost all their home...fingers crossed for them !

  9. Are you willing to share the pattern for the String Star that is on your design wall. It's beautiful !!!

  10. What a fun filled post! I love those feed bags and have seen them at Saturday Markets. The yellow and blue color is great and so graphic!
    How fun you are able to use your own studio to sew and teach others!!

  11. I'm ready Kevin... bring on the surprise... the REAL one!

  12. Hey, hey, you met Teajuana :-). And I see my bag!! Thank you thank you!!!!

  13. Tee-hee, you are so funny! I love seeing that cute little face for whatever reason. She is a cutey pie! I love your friend Tea's shirt - I think we all easily distracted by fabric! I finished clue #3 over the weekend so you have my permission to post a real surprise or any clue you like - wink! And I do hope everyone is praying for Texas. I started a few kennel quilts over the weekend and will ship them out as soon as I they are finished. Thanks for a great post!

  14. Very fun photo of Lilly Mae. Looks like you've been busy stitching. Hope Florida is not on your flight path anytime soon!

  15. Hey - How did you attach your design wall to the wall? I have mine up with screws and washers.

  16. I finally got the video to come through on the bag making. I had seen your post earlier, but there was no video the first time. My computer is v-e-r-y s--l--o--w ! :)

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