Wednesday, March 14, 2018

A Plethora of Gifts.........

Greetings Scrappy Quiltmakers!

March has shown me kindnesses beyond compare thus far!

A plethora of gifts!

First and foremost.......
I want to thank all of you who sent prayers and well wishes for my sweet little Momma!
Your friendship is an amazingly wonderful gift to me and my family!

Mom's tests went well, and we received
good news from her Cardiologist!
He encouraged her to keep doing what she's doing
and if any changes occur to let him know,
but, she should continue to do well.
My mother and I

Huffman's Hotties made an appearance at the
Hannibal Piecemakers Quilt Guild in
Hannibal, Missouri!
This guild was so welcoming and I truly
appreciated the hospitality and friendships made there.

My long time friend Debby came to support 
me during my presentation in Hannibal!
Thank you so much Debby!
It was great being able to catch up
after such a long time!

I was also able to share with the 
St. Louis Star Quilt Guild.
This guild was a hoot!
We all had a great time laughing and sharing
scrappy quilts with each other!
Thanks to Sue for the recommendation!

Thanks to these two great guilds for hosting me.......
again, gifts of many friendships were made!

Working slowly, but, surely,
block by block on the 
hosted by

This has been a wonderful experience, especially
since I have never tried to replicate a quilt
in this manner before.
Again, I am embracing the inspiration quilt's "mistakes."
It really is a study in analysis and observation, and getting to know
what I have to work with in my Civil War repro scraps.
I found the perfect red to use as the sashing!
Another gift of quilt making.....patience.

Two quilters have been so kind to share scraps
and notions with me from their personal collections.
Ruth and Deborah.......thank you so much
for these bountiful gifts!

I gifted myself these
AccuQuilt Studio dies to add
to my collection!  I can't wait to try these out
with some projects I have in mind!

Look what hatched!
More chickie babies to add to the farm!
Incubating eggs is so rewarding.......
and those cackleberries!
The gift of about a yummy gift!

And look at the gift I received
in the mail the other day!
My quilting buddy Alycia of
sent me all of this delicious
Chicken/Rooster fabric!
The Quilt Cave in in need of another
 Chicken quilt!  This is going to be fun
to make!

And, not that I believe in reading fortunes......
much less fortune cookies......
I did receive the following message
in a fortune cookie recently while
celebrating my friend Mike's birthday.......

what gifts may be on the horizon for
Kevin the Quilter????????

Thanks again for the gift of all of your quilty friendships!

Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Keep on Quilting!
Kevin the Quilter


  1. Such great news about your mother! Keep up the good work! Your foothills blocks are the only true reproductions I have seen. Don't get me wrong, I love all the different colorways and adaptations I have seen (including my "unintentional" mistakes, but yours are a true tribute to the original quiltmaker. Gorgeous! Now, about that fortune cookie - I don't think it is possible for you to be MORE passionate about quilting and the only way you could be more determined is if you quilt your day job. Now wouldn't that be grand!

  2. So glad to hear that your mom is doing ok!
    I'm impressed that you got the Accuquilt Dies to match the parts for the blocks you're doing. GREAT idea... Did you give them a special size or is it standard??
    Oh and I'd stay away from fortune cookies... you do not need any more passion!!

  3. Aren't quilters the best? I can't believe the support and gifts bestowed my way last month with the heart attack. Great news about your mom! I'm in cardio rehab three times a week, so it is cutting into my quilting time. Going to AQS Lancaster next week to get a quilt fix. Keep it going!

  4. Quilters are such a generous group! (mostly) Looks like you what you give of yourself, you get back tenfold. It's been fun chatting with you lately. I look forward to seeing your new coop and chicks!

  5. Wonderful that your Mom is well!! That is so scary--and I speak from experience with my Mom, and brother.
    I can't imagine that there is any guild where you do a presentation that there isn't a whole lot of laughter and fun!
    And about that fortune cookie--like Wendy, I can't imagine how in the world you could possibly be more passionate about anything. :)
    You are doing such a good job of replicating the Foothills quilt. I have a hard time replicating other people's mistakes. I figure I will make enough of my own--I don't need to borrow theirs.
    My grandpa was a chicken farmer and the sight of all those baby chicks brings back so many memories of our weekly visits to his farm.

  6. I'm so very glad that your mother is doing so well!!! So scary when our parents get sick or have medical problems. The chicks are so cute, but I'm missing pictures of your sweet girls, 2 legged and 4!

  7. Hugs to your sweet mumma, glad to hear shes got the all clear. Oh how i wish we were closer id love to have you present to my guild, the fun and laughter we could have lol. Loving your foothills quilt along blocks, hows your On Ringo Lake coming along? I cant wait to see yours with dark neutrals 😊

  8. I always love to read your posts. Watch out for your Mom, she is sooooo special. I always feel the love emanating from your posts. Such a jo

  9. Good news for your dear Mom ! And she is lucky to have a wonderful son !
    I always said that the community of quilters is generous and here is the proof ! many scraps for you !
    Your quilt is going to be awesome !

  10. So happy that your mom is okay!!!! I remember my grandpa hatching chickens! It is amazing!

  11. I love reading your blog.
    I love baby chicks, I bet they are so fun to watch, so little and toddling around
    Thank you for sharing your adventures. The midwest is the best place to live.
    Real honest people living their wholesome lives out there.
    I live in Northern Virginia in a vegetable soup of drama.
    I love your fortune. Hmmmm this could relate to your eyesight.... there is a possibility. These fortunes can be misleading.
    My latest fortune I received last week from the local Chinese yum yum restaurant said
    "why not treat yourself to a good time instead of waiting for someone else to do it"
    So, I am just having a good time every day 🙃😂

    1. PS, your momma is beautiful. God Bless her and keep her well❤️

  12. I really am happy aobut your mom's news. :) Such cute little chickies. . . !!! I continue to be jealous, as our HOA refuses to let anyone in our semi-rural area keep them.

  13. Very glad to hear the your mother is doing well. Looks like you've got lots to keep you busy in and out of the sewing room. Safe travels.

  14. such great news about your Mom!
    your blocks are just fabulous and new chicks? wee - how fun!
    great post

  15. Great news on your mom, and love to see the new chicks. Whatever you make with the chicken fabric, should be a fun project.

  16. Prayers answered for your Momma...<3. Looks like you have been very busy and lots of fun times with friends. Sweet little chickies. Lots of great gifts and you are so very deserving dear!

  17. Yay for Momma!!! and what fun you have had travelig all around. Glad you like the Fabrics... Hope you really can use them ;-)

  18. I waived at you and Dar, as I drove thru St. Louis Friday evening (unexpected trip). I'll waive again, as I pass thru sometime on Sunday.

  19. I'm glad your Momma is doing well. Your Foothills blocks are looking good! You sure know how to have quilty fun, Kevin! :)

  20. I really am happy aobut your mom's news. :) Such cute little chickies. . . !!! I continue to be jealous, as our HOA refuses to let anyone in our semi-rural area keep them.


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