Thursday, March 1, 2018

Marching into March

Happy March 1st Quilting Friends!

Already the 3rd month of 2018......hard to believe, isn't it?

Speaking of Quilty Friends.......
This is my amazingly talented Quilty Friend
Teajuana Mahone of Teaquilts!
Please visit her website, and visit
her on her various social media sites as well.

is a link to her Youtube channel.

Tea visited us at 
Scrap Club hosted by Kevin the Quilter,
and shared some beyond amazing works of art!
All of our participants were so inspired by her
and her fun spirited presentation covering
ALL uses for various types of scraps!
Thanks so much for visiting us Tea!
I appreciate your friendship so much!

Speaking of Scrap Club hosted by Kevin the Quilter....
Alongside our Improved Nine Patch creations.....

We are making...........

Fidget Quilts to donate!

These are so much fun to make, and are so useful
for those suffering with memory problems.
Dolan Memory Care Homes is building a
new facility in our vicinity
that will use these quilts as teaching tools for
it's residents.

We received several of these Fidget Quilts during our
February meeting, and I look forward to seeing 
many more of these creative little quilts at our 
future gatherings.
If you are interested in donating a Fidget Quilt
along with us, please contact me personally on the
blog for more details.

Spring is just around the corner, and look at this
carrot that I found!
This came wrapped up from my good friend
That's a lovely Civil War Repro FQ
and some very needed Featherweight bobbins!
Thanks Dar!!!!!

This little guy was the friendliest little dude!
He was being watched by his Grandma at
Quilt4U in Columbia, MO.
A small group of friends went on a shop hop
and, as usual, I didn't buy much.....but, 
I DID get this masterpiece of a drawing he is
working on!

OK, so, I did recently cave into an online
Quilt Along.......
Have you seen these posts by my friends....

Lori at Humble Quilts
Wendy at The Constant Quilter ?????

You twisted my arm quilters!!!!!!

One of my favorite Quilt Book authors,
is hosting the
Please visit the above links to
register and become a part of this 
fascinating creation.
It isn't too late to join!!!!
Registration is absolutely free, and
Mary Elizabeth has painstakingly
and brilliantly shared insights on this 
antique masterpiece we are being inspired by.

Which leads me to my next thought......
have you ever tried to replicate a vintage work?
I mean, REAAAAAAAAAALLLLY tried.....using
similar fabrics, prints, and patterns?
I haven't, but, I am doing so with the
Foothills Quilt Along
because I am so intrigued by the 
inspiration quilt.

Are my fabrics EXACTLY like those in
the antique,
it has been a fun lesson for me thus far
in really getting to know the fabrics I have to work with.

Again, I am replicating the original quilt......
MISTAKES and all........
here are few of the blocks I have completed.......

This process takes me back to the several art classes 
I had in college in the manner of taking a work
and trying to recreate it as best as we could.
I am thoroughly enjoying myself here!
Thanks Mary Elizabeth!

Look what I stumbled upon in an antique mall recently?
For $20, I couldn't pass this one up!
It has a very unique finishing around the edge,
and the fabrics appear to be older than when
the quilt was made.

In family news...........

How on EARTH did my Lil Sugar Doll
turn 20 years old?????
Oh my!
I can still hear her running through the house
as a little toddler with me chasing her
and her laughing and yelling...

I was able to spend some quality time with 
both my niece and nephew while
celebrating my niece's birthday.
Of course Lilly Mae tagged along too!

Mousing around with Mr. Puss E. Paws 
aka Valentino!

My 16.5 year old diabetic cat went in for his annual
evaluations at the Vet.  This is truly one of the world's greatest 

And my 11 year old Sophia Annabella had her
yearly dental at the Vet.  She HATES going to the Vet,
but, it is one of those things that truly does help
her health and has to be done.
She did fine during her procedure, and will eventually
talk to me again........SIGH

In closing, for those of you who are
willing to send some prayers on behalf 
of my sweet little Momma....
she is undergoing some tests on her heart.
We are praying everything is precautionary,
but, my Mom is consumed with fear.
Thanks in advance for thinking of her!

Thanks for being a friend!
Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Keep on Quilting!
Kevin the Quilter


  1. Prayers and hugs for your momma and your family! Hopefully her tests will all come back fine! Love your fur babies! Where the heck do you find those old quilts at such cheap prices? I want to hit the antique shops with you!

  2. Praying for Mom. Every time I read about the scrap club I wish I were closer to you!

  3. Kevin, I will hold your mom close to my heart and send up prayers, not just for her, but for everyone in your beautiful family. <<<<<>>>>>

  4. Will definitely pray for your Sweet Momma!
    Oh, those blocks you have made for the SAL are fabulous! I was so tempted to join, but am trying to be realistic and not believe I can make everything I love.
    What an antique mall find!!

  5. Wishing your sweet Momma all the best! Prayers for her and your whole family.
    Love Valentino's markings and cute face. Hugs to poor put-upon Sophia Annabella.
    That is an amazing antique mall find. Good luck with the reproduction quilt - your blocks are looking good!
    I truly can't believe it's March already! I am seriously behind in my quilt work.

  6. Happy March and many prayers and blessings for your Momma amd family at this stressful time.

  7. Definitely praying for your momma...and your whole family because I know this affects you all! The dental visits are definitely a thing for the little big dogs never had issues, but Tara went last year and lost 10 teeth! Yeah, somehow they learn early that the vet is not their favorite place to go! How are the chickens faring with the awful weather you have had? Have you moved them into the house yet??

  8. Your darling mother is in my prayers
    Your cat is lovely
    Your poor dog, but done for now
    Wow you have a niece growing up to be a wonderfully beautiful young lady
    Your quilts and volunteer projects and just plain efforts are very much appreciated is it great how sharing and caring you are
    It's ok if you mention your dear friend also he seems a bit shy, he just needs to know if you love him we will also
    Colleen on the left coast

  9. Kevin - A quick reply before I dash out into the freezing weather we are having at the mo - loved all your photo's as usual but I really wanted to wish your Mum 'all the best' for her test results - her heart is so full of love for you all and may she have many more years to share it with you and the family -sending (((hugs))) to you all x

  10. Looks like you are having fun. I do hope your mom's tests go well. Darling Sophie A, she will speak to you again, LOL, mine always hated teeth cleaning too.

  11. Kevin, I sure hope your Mother's tests find something they can help her with, and nothing frightening! Valentino is a remarkably gorgeous cat. Our cats had a vet check and dental exam last week, and yesterday both of the girls had to go in for extraction surgery. 3 on the 15yo and 1 on the 4yo (what??, why does she have to have that problem already, poor thing!) They are still buzzy from the pain meds this morning. They both have heightened "munchies" right now, but while Old Lady Clara is a happy stoner, purring away and running around more spryly than she has in years, poor young Isabeau is clearly having a bad trip - spazzing out at anything at all and cowering in a little heap on her brisket. I will be so happy when it stops scaring her!

    1. Oh Lynette, so sweet. Poor kitties. I love kitties so much
      I hope your duo recover during the day

  12. Oh Kevin, you are a great friend indeed. I love this blog post. It is so full of energy and love. Thank you for sharing your exciting life with all of your BFFs
    I HAVE made fidget quilts. I found the best size is about the size of two or three placemats, big enough to lay over a lap or on a table.
    My daddy lives at a fancy Errickson neighborhood called Ashby Ponds (he saved all of his money for he and mom and they deserve it, sadly now he is alone for the past year)
    They have a long term care facility that is 5 stories tall, right inside the fancy community called Maple Grove, very large, each floor has different residents. The first floor is usually post op recovery, acute care nursing, the other floors are alzheimers, dementia, another one for "decrepit" and a whole floor of apartments for people who just need all day and night care, but can still manage some what on their own. My dad is 94 and he lives in the regular independent apartment buildings not in Maple Grove. It costs a fortune to live there. Maybe they will let me and hubbs live there, we could just put our beds in one of the hall way storage rooms.
    Anyway, I love your exuberance and joy filled posts. Love always

  13. I will definitely be praying for your mama.

  14. That is quite the antique mall find! I do a block of the month for my guild, and I think this quilt has inspired out next project. :)

  15. First, prayers for your Mom! And, squeal!!! I am so excited that you are in this sew-a-long! I have had so much fun and have learned a lot despite the fact, that I completely changed the size and color scheme. Your blocks are sensational! And last, prayers for your Mom!

  16. Hoping for the very best outcome for your Mom!

  17. I love churn dash quilts. Great score! Praying for your mother. Both my father and John's father had bypass surgery, and did great afterwards, if that is the problem. They can do miracles these days.

  18. Thanks Kevin for including me in your blog post! You are awesome for providing contact information. Today, I've had a few folks joining my Facebook page and subscribing to my Youtube channel. I enjoyed my time with you last week; it was loads of fun. I'm praying, in the name of Jesus that your mom is healed, thanking God in advance." I love that with your schedule, you still spend lots of time with your family. We make it for the holidays; I know that more than most so I'm not complaining. See you soon, and thanks again for being so generous.

  19. So fun to see Tea! I miss her blogging and will have to check out her youtube.
    Sending healing thoughts to Momma that her big heart will be healthy and happy.
    The health of our loved ones (fur and human) are always on our minds.
    Your blocks for the quiltalong are great... I'm amazed I have resisted that project so far :)

  20. Sorry to hear about your momma! It has to be a bit unsettling!!
    What a lovely positive post! I hope to get back to my Foothills quilt blocks soon! I'm still in recovery mode, but feeling better every day.

  21. Oh Kevin. All the best to Momma Huffman!! I hope she is just fine!!
    LOVE your blocks in the sew along by Mary Elizabeth Kinch. I would like to participate but I doubt I'll do it as faithfully as you're doing them! BRAVO...
    And the fidget quilts? You are ever the saint. Please send me more info. Now that my mom is in Assisted Living and suffering from some dementia, this plays right close to my heart.

  22. Hope your Momma is doing well. I love reading your posts.

  23. First and most important are Prayers for your sweet Momma and Healing Energy for all to be well! You and your friends have the very best fun with fabrics. Love your quilting passion. Marvelous March...<3

  24. Hope your mother's testing went well, I'll keep her in my prayers this week. Looks like you are staying very busy. Safe travels.

  25. First, prayers for your Mom! And, squeal!!! I am so excited that you are in this sew-a-long! I have had so much fun and have learned a lot despite the fact, that I completely changed the size and color scheme. Your blocks are sensational! And last, prayers for your Mom!


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