Thursday, June 27, 2019

Simply Sensational Summer Scrap Quilt Clue #1

I'd like to welcome quilters from far and wide to......


Thanks to my friend Joyce for making
the PDFs for this Mystery Quilt!)

Remember, from the Introduction last week, this quilt is a 2 color quilt using high contrast colors.  I am going to try to teach  a few things while making this quilt.  As far as contrast, I think we all can agree, that contrast is something that is very different from something else.  When referring to colors for this quilt, I will be using batik fabrics in browns and neutrals.  With this being said, I am including light values, medium values, and dark values of each of the 2 colors.  This will provide the highlights and low lights I  seek and desire in my quilt's coloration.  Which ever colors you have chosen to use, make sure you have a wide variety of hues/values of each.  The color placement within the quilt will not alter the design.  Brown will be referred to as Color 1.  Neutral will be referred to as Color 2.

Side note:  I try to think ahead when it comes to my quilt making endeavors.  I need a really nice fall quilt for my bed, therefore I chose browns and neutrals.  I also love EASY summer time sewing.  I hope this answers some of your questions concerning my color choices, and the name of this mystery/sew along.

Keeping things simple.......
When cutting.......cut accurately and consistently.
When accurately, using a consistent 1/4" seam.
When seams the same way for all units made.
Please do NOT stress over seams not matching, or nesting.  When it comes to scrap quilting, perfection is highly over rated in my opinion.  Some of my seams are definitely not perfect!
Also, I do have to admit something to you all here.  I am human, and make mistakes on a regular basis.  Not just with quilting! LOL  If there are any mistakes within the directions of this quilt, please accept my apology right here and now! LOL

Here is your first clue......

You can make this quilt using whatever size square you would like.  Now how about that?  You get to choose your own colors AND the size of square you want to work with????  YAHOOOO!  Seriously, this quilt is built around a simple square, and (without giving anything away), as long as you keep everything the same size for your units, you can use any size square you want!  1.5", 2", 2.5", or even 3"!  I personally wouldn't go any bigger than 3 because I don't like working with large squares.  1" may be going a little too small, just sayin'!  So have at it quilters!  Choose your own square size.  I chose to work with 2.5" squares in keeping somewhat with the size of the inspiration quilt.  I will be using 2.5" squares as reference in the directions, but, please remember, you can use which ever size square you would like.  

So what will we be sewing this first month of summer????

4 Patches in Color 1
184 to be exact!
Using 2.5" squares
will yield a 4.5" 4 patch unit.

I encourage you to work from your smallest of scraps
with a "USE'R UP" mentality!
This is the way I typically work.
I love piecing twosies, then foursies!
Try not to match fabrics in your 4 patch units.
Be bold, and try to have 4 different fabrics in 
each individual 4 patch you make.

If you do strip piece for these units,
please take into consideration utilizing
strips of varying lengths.
You don't want the same fabrics next to
each other all of the time, do you? LOL
If ever I do strip piece, I always cut down those
strips so I will have a larger variety of  different
fabrics next to each other.

Look who helped Ole' Kevin the Quilter with this clue!
My beautiful, sweet Momma!
Oh, we had so much fun talking about her days working
in a garment factory!  She enjoyed herself here at the
Quilt Cave, and you all KNOW
I loved having her and Dad here with me!
We reminisced about when I was a young boy sewing
with my Great Auntie Mae.
Boy, did I love spending time with her
during the Summer, and learned so much from her about
cooking and quilting.

Pressing matters are left up to you.
My lovely Momma was intrigued by the 
spinning of seams.
I do spin my seams for these 4 patch units.
By doing this, my units lay flatter, and
MOST.......NOT ALL seams nest
in this quilt.
There are a ton of tutorials on the internet 
concerning how to 
spin seams.  Look them up if you are
so inclined.  If you aren't, press the way
you typically press your 4 patches.....
just remain consistent and press all of them
the same way.

Oh yeah......just so you all know.....
this quilt is Mother approved!
My Mom really loves this quilt!

We will be making the following.....

2 Patches in Color 1
Make 16 of these 2 patch units.
Press the seam to one side.
Using 2.5" squares will yield
a 2.5" x 4.5" 2 patch unit.

And....before you put Color 1 away.....

Cut 32 individual squares of your
Color 1 in your chosen size square.
Again, mine are 2.5" squares.

Totals for Color 1 squares used:

That's it for our first clue.
Don't be overwhelmed.......
remember, this is easy sewing.
Have fun digging in your scraps
to find a lot of variety for this first clue.
And, enjoy your summertime sewing!

Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Keep on Quilting!
Kevin the Quilter


  1. 800 squares?!?!? And, in any size we want? What on EARTH are you up to, Kevin??? LOL

    1. hahahahaha I know. My eyes almost fell out of my head

  2. Hmmm...I had to cut about that many squares for my Happily Scrappily Irish quilt. I still have a couple hundred of those squares cut, waiting for a project.

  3. Sounds great. I'm overrun with pink, so I think I'll use that with brown. Not my favorite color combo, but it will help clear out the parts of my stash that need to be used! Thanks, Kevin.

  4. You just HAD to add that caveat about 1" squares, didn't you?! Up until that point, you KNOW that's what I was thinking of using!!! :P

  5. I will watch with pleasure and amazement, but I cannot make a quilt that Part one is 800 [brown] squares. You devil, Kevin!

    lizzy gone to the beach

  6. WOW !! Our own square size ?? And our own colors ?? What in the world ?? I am in :-)

  7. okay, I do have a lot of fabric.... but not sure about 800 squares unless they can be 2.5 inches
    This does look so fun and Kevin, you are so so lucky to be young and still with your mommy
    Give her a big hug from me.
    I live in the far western part of Northern Virginia and gosh, I wish I lived in Missouri
    Is it hot there? We are roasting here.
    Now I am going to shovel though my mountain of stash and see what I can find the same colors

  8. It looks like you'll be having a blast with this one!! I cannot jump in at this time, but I'll watch to see what you are up to!! I"m intrigued!

  9. not what colors I have the most of. not sure will start this right not but will keep watching and saving the clues. I like working with 2.5 inch squares. that is what I am doing with with my leader and enders is sewing 2 patches then into 4 patches so I might start this...

  10. Well looks like I will be cutting 2.5" squares need to go fabric diving,enjoy the summer sewing.

  11. I cannot jump in right now but I'm watching closely. EIGHT HUNDRED squares?!?!? Omigosh, that's a big number.

  12. You put your mom to good use! She looks like a great presser! And great sewing company!!
    Just love those stories and pictures. Who was Auntie Mae? Don't remember hearing about her before.
    Have a great weekend. Sorry you weren't able to fly into Vermont for the show!

  13. This looks like fun but I'll participate by watching everyone's progress. I'm just sticking with small projects for the summer and taking it easy. Happy Stitching!

  14. I’m in!!! Blue ��and Beige. I am having hip surgery in 10 days so I am doing my cutting (and cutting some more) now. Thanks Kevin!

  15. I've decided resistance is futile. The first color is blue, but I need to assess the scrap bins and see what other color I have scraps in abundance. Maybe cream/beige/tan?

  16. Hey Kevin. Can we use two colors for color #1, if not enough of just one color? I love reading your blog. 'Wish you would add a search gadget on your sidebar, that way finding older posts would be easier. Happy sewing! 'Added your button to my blog sidebar.

  17. Disregard previous post about not being able to get must have been my fine now.

  18. I'm tempted to jump in. And with you saying what you do about 1" squares, I'm always trigged to do that, because I love minis.

  19. I am intrigued ....may start.

  20. I loved digging through my scraps looking for my color 1. If brought to mind a lot of quilts that I forgot I made! So much fun getting them done, and now digging for color 2. Thanks for your time and enthusiasm. Great time at the meeting today.

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