Saturday, May 21, 2016


Hey everybody!
Thanks for all of the kind words people have sent concerned about my well being!
I am alive and well, and SOOOOOOOOOO BUSY!

Busy with life!

Busy with work!

Busy with family!

Busy with Quilting!

First off, my apologies for not sharing more photos of the quilt show in Paducah!
I have had some phone issues, and uploading 100+ photos from phone to pc has been a nightmare.
I will share some of my favorites eventually.

Here is a little peek as to what has been going on the past few weeks.

In early May I was asked to speak to the 
Draggin' Thread Quilt Guild in Laurie, Missouri located on the
beautiful Lake of the Ozarks.
I want to thank them for the invitation!
I thoroughly enjoyed myself!

Let me tell you, this group was a blast to spend some time with!
After the trunk show they had a delicious spread of food!

 Huffman's Hotties made a special appearance!

 And I received this very special gift from Nancy!
It is a sewing binder that holds all sort of goodies for quilting!

Our Quilts of Valor quilts from the block drive are still being presented!
These 2 veterans received the recognition they deserve at the guild meeting!
I NEVER tire of presenting these quilts from our combined efforts!

And, after the guild meeting, I was able to visit with a very special pageant friend, Sassy Ashley!

Then came Mother's Day.........and you KNOW I spent it with my Momma!
She is finally getting out and about and feeling much better after her hip replacement!
Happy Mother's Day late to all of your wonderful mothers out there!!!!!

Mother's Day coincided with the annual Azalea Festival in my hometown.
There is a carnival, craft fair, and parade.
Here are my Dad and Lil' Bubs riding in the parade in dad's 1969 Pontiac LeMans.

Of course I was working in between all of these May time activities.....

And then............

This happened...........
My Lil' Sugardoll graduated from High School!
She is headed off to college now to become a Veterinarian!

She was bestowed the honor, Valedictorian, of her graduating class!

Our family certainly couldn't be any more proud of her!

And here is, "The Valedictorian" quilt I made in honor of her high school graduation.
This is the quilt my friend Ann of Attic Threads & Quilts
designed and named after me! LOL
I think it turned out great, and my niece loves it in her high school colors.

And, last, but, not least.....
We held our grand finale from the mystery quilt I
designed with the 
O'Sewpersonal Scrap Club.
I couldn't be any more proud of this group!
We had so much fun together and have decided to continue with the group!

So sorry this is short and sweet and to the point, but,....

I have a plane to catch!

Thanks for your continued support!
Thanks for all of your encouragement!
Keep on Quilting!
Kevin the Quilter