Thursday, August 22, 2019

Finale for the Simply Sensational Summer Scrap Quilt

It's here Quiltin' Peeps!
It's taken 3 months, but, it's finally here!
It went by faster than you thought.....right?  It did for me!

Here is the 3rd and last clue,
as well as the final reveal of our.........
This mystery will stay on the blog for a while.
If you, your guild or group would like to use
this pattern, please give appropriate credit.
That is one thing I take for granted, because
I try to give credit where it is due
all of the time....but, I was
reminded by a few friends that I needed to share this here.


Keeping things simple.......
When cutting.......cut accurately and consistently.
When accurately, using a consistent 1/4" seam.
When seams the same way for all units made.
Please do NOT stress over seams not matching, or nesting.  When it comes to scrap quilting, perfection is highly over rated in my opinion.  Some of my seams are definitely not perfect!
Also, I do have to admit something to you all here.  I am human, and make mistakes on a regular basis.  Not just with quilting! LOL  If there are any mistakes within the directions of this quilt, please accept my apology right here and now! LOL  And, remember, if you don't care for the looks of this quilt, you can ALWAYS donate it to the many charitable and philanthropic organizations that take quilt donations. 

Here is Clue #3
This is what we need to sew to complete the units
needed to finish our #SSSSQ

From squares cut previously...... make:
Make 32 units just like the one at the top
of the photo below.
Sew a Color 2, 2.5" square to
a Color 1, 2.5" square.
Press seam to Color 1. 
(Like the 4 units in the bottom of photo above.)

Add another 2.5" square of Color 2
being careful to
match the side of the Color 1 square
when sewing.
I did sew the length of the entire 2 patch.
Press to Color 2 square just sewn.
(Hopefully you understand the construction of this?)
We will call this Unit V, because it looks like a "V."

Let's take a look at our 
inspiration quilt, shall we?

I found this quilt at an antique mall in South St. Louis County.
I LOVED it the minute I laid eyes on it.
It is similar to a Mosaic Quilt.

Since I am not an expert in dating quilts, all I can go off of
are clues from the fabrics.  There are definitely some 30s, 40s, and 50s fabrics
in this quilt.  It is an humble hodgepodge of 4 patches with no real
cohesion at the ends of some rows.

 And, those prairie points.......WOW!
The hand quilting is very nice with a lot of cables running
through the pink sections.

Rounded corners add to it's charm.
Do you see what I see?  Ran out of pink!

I built this quilt as I assume the original quilter made it.....or at least tried to.  It may seem like weird construction at times, but, I had to compose the pattern as I went.  It was REALLY interesting to see the "make-do" nature the original quilter had.

So, what is our version going to look like?

The Simply Sensational Summer Scrap Quilt!
Using 2 contrasting colors really helped this design in my opinion.
The neutral sections are not as flat by scrapping it up a bit.
We will be building the quilt as pictured above so no one gets confused.

You can also look at the quilt like this.
Please remember, we will be building it from
the previous photo.

The brown batik sections look delicious to me!
Lights, mediums, and dark values of
the same color really sing to me!
I completely enjoy the contrast of this quilt.
It measures approximately
72" x 89"
A few inches were added in the correct
construction of this quilt top, as opposed
to the original inspiration quilts humble piecing.

I will do my best to provide photos for each step.
If you find the pdf has too much information for you, or too many photos
for you to print please edit them for yourself to where they make sense for you.
I may do things differently than you would do for yourself, and hey....that is just fine!
You complete this top the way it makes sense to you.  We all work differently.  If you
have chosen to make half of the units throughout the clues in the directions, add to or
eliminate what you need for this simple design.
Here we go!

Make 9(qty) 16 patches from
some of your Color 1
4 patch units.

Remember, I spun my seams
on the back, but, you press the 
way it suits you.

From your Color 1, 2 patch units made in Clue 1,
you will be able to construct the extra units
needed to assemble the center square for this quilt.
Simply put, we need a center square assembled from
169 Color 1 squares.
13 squares by 13 squares.
Please refer to the photo above for easy construction. 

Things are coming together now.

And this is our center square for our quilt.

By spinning the seams, my quilt is uber flat!

To border the center square, we will need to sew together
6(qty) Color 2, 4 patch units along with
1 Color 2, 2 patch unit.
Please see photo above.
Make 4

Attach 2 of these to the sides of
the Color 1 center square.

Attach a Color 1, 4 patch unit
to both sides of the remaining
Color 2 borders for the center square.

Attach these to the opposing sides of
the center square.

Our center square is now complete!

Onto our next step...........
We will need to make 4(qty)
each of the next 4 units.
Referring to the photos will be
most helpful for you.

Use 1 Color 1, 2 patch for the center.
Sew a Unit V to both sides.
Add a previously cut Color 2, 2.5" square
to the top paying close attention to
the placement.
Make 4

Sew 2(qty) Color 1, 4 patch units to
1(qty) Color 1, 2 patch unit.
Attach a Unit V to both sides.
Make 4

Sew 4(qty) Color 1, 4 patch units to
1(qty) Color 1, 2 patch unit.
Attach a Unit V to both sides.
Make 4

Sew 6(qty) Color 1, 4 patch units to
1(qty) Color 1, 2 patch unit.
Attach a Unit V to both sides.
Make 4

You should now have 4 each of the
rows as pictured above.

Sew them together
and make 4 of these units.
This is where seams may not nest.
Simply press the way you like best.
I did press toward the single Color 2 square
on these.

Isn't this a neat way to make your center an
on point setting?
We could have used specialty rulers to make
triangles for Unit V, but, I think it is important to be able
to share an approach to something without
having to use a specialty ruler.

Attaching the corner, on point sections.

Make sure to pay attention to where you
attach your corner pieces.
We want those points to go all the way
around the center before we square it up.
Notice where my stiletto is pointing.
We don't want to start sewing at the top
next to that other Color 2 square,
otherwise we will be way off.

You can attach these in any order you wish.
I did opposing corners first.

Again, pay careful attention to the placement
so you don't have to use your seam ripper!

And here is our center square set on point!

Time to trim it!

You can choose how to square your center up.
I trimmed mine using a large square ruler with good
1/4" markings. For the corners,
 I lined up the diagonal, trimmed the corners,
then used a longer ruler to trim up the sides.
Again, make sure to include your
1/4" past those Color 1 points.  You will need that
1/4" when you add on the next
sections.  If you loose some points, don't stress.
I lost some myself!

Here is the trimmed center square on point.
You know those trimmings went into my
neutral crumbs! LOL

Next, you have to make a design decision.....
And, I hate to admit, it, but, the way
I describe this may be a bit confusing for some.
The squares will not match up with the seams
of the set in triangle squares we just trimmed up.
 So, I opted to use up some strips.
You do what works best for you.
The squares you will need if you go that route
are NOT factored into or included in any 
of the previous clues and instructions.

I used 2.5" strips of Color 2
in varying lengths.  This worked for me.
If you do not like this look, you can either use 24(qty)
2.5" squares sewn together, or the equivalent of
one fabric strip.  We are adding to the sides first.
(The photo above is intended to show the 2.5"
strip along with a pieced strip of 24(qty) 2.5"
squares in Color 2 on the left side.)
Attach to opposing sides.

For the top and bottom, either use 
24(qty) 2.5" squares sewn together of Color 2
or the equivalent of one fabric strip.
Sew a Color 1, 2 Patch to either side.
You can see this in the photo above
where I have attached it to the top and bottom.

To continue this round of border,
sew together 24(qty) 2.5" squares of color 2
and add a Color 1, 2 patch to both sides.
Attach to top and bottom.
(Sorry, no photo, but, you can see
part of it in the previous photo and more
down below.)

Sew 14 Color 1, 4 patches together.
Make 2
Attach to top and bottom of quilt.
You can see this in the next photo.

Sew 16 Color 1, 4 patches together
Make 2
Attach them to the sides to make
a continuous border of Color 1 with
what looks to be 16 patches in all corners.

At this point, this would be a great lap quilt
if that is what you so desire?

We are almost there now!

Sew 16(qty) Color 2, 4 patches together.
Make 4

Sew 16(qty) Color 1, 4 patches together.
Make 2

Sew these rows together like this from
the previous 2 16 (qty) instructions.
Make 2 of these units to add to the top and bottom
of your quilt.  I did mine this way, because, it
truly isn't going to matter whether you add the sides on
before the top and bottom due to everything
being pieced.  Plus, this made it easier construction
for me personally.

And finally....
Sew 22(qty) Color 2, 4 patches together.
Make 2
Attach to both sides of quilt top.
(I was so excited to complete this quilt top
I didn't get a photo of the individual
side units! Sorry!)

And now.......
Your completed #SSSSQ top!!!!
Isn't that a great feeling to make
a striking pattern from simple squares.....
a LOT of squares that are no longer
languishing in your scraps and stash????
I know it is for me!

last item we need to take care of
before quilting.......
You will DEFINITELY want to stay stitch
around the entire quilt top so
seams will not pop in the handling of it.
You or your quilter will thank you
for doing this!
My version is off to my friend Kim
for quilting!
I can't wait to show you how I
am getting it quilted!

I want to thank you all for playing along with me in your
scraps and stash this summer.
I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have!
I would also like to thank my friend Alycia
of  Alycia Quilts and her son Little Bit
for helping me with the badge for this
mystery quilt.  Check out her blog now
for the mystery she is starting!
I would also like to thank my friend Joyce
for helping me with the PDFs for this

Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Enjoy what is left of your summer!
Keep on Quilting!
Kevin the Quilter

Saturday, August 17, 2019

August continues....

Hey Quilting Folks!

Remember my prediction about Summer, and how quickly it would go by......
Umm hmm.......LOLOLOL

I can't believe we are almost done with the #SSSSQ (Simply Sensational Summer Scrap Quilt)
But.....this Thursday will be the final installment for this sew along/mystery, and for those of you who are participating, you will get to see what a great scrappy quilt this is!  I LOVE quilts that allow us to utilize as much of our scraps/stash as we can in one fail swoop......and I definitely feel this one does.  Stay tuned for Thursday!

Blog posts have been slim to none during this summer, but, I have taken several photos I would like to share with you now.

Snake Quilt Awarded Update

You all have followed the progress of the making of this
Quilt of Valor along with my friends
Cherie, Dar, and Jan.
It was a joy and delight to help create this
beautiful quilt.
Please follow the link
to view the wonderful post my friend 
Jan of
made to honor this deserving U.S. Military Veteran.

Salvador Vito AKA Kitty Boy is growing up!  FAST!
He is such a good boy.......but, alas.....he IS a kitten.  He is doing things that Valentino NEVER did!

 Climbing up my scrap resources!
Notice that rope wrapped pole in the background?
The previous owners of this house must have had
a kitty or two?  Sal LOVES that scratching post!
Such a good Kitty Boy at the Veterenarian
for his check up and vaccinations.

Abigail Rose and Salvador are truly best friends!
I have been so impressed how patient Abigail is 
with him......and remember, Abigail is only
6 months old right now!

Tired little cat.
This was the first time Salvador fell asleep on me.
He is such an active feline!

Well, someone was feeling blue!
Oh, Salvador!
I will definitely have to start
putting things up as I am working on them now.
This photo op was too cute NOT to take.
Please understand, I am aware many people
have allergies to cats.  I in no way want to 
harm those that come to my lectures or trunk shows.


My baby girl Sophia Annabella turned 13!!!!!
She is doing pretty dog gone good if you ask me?

She celebrated with everyone and enjoyed
her birthday cookie!

I sure do love this little girl!
And, I LOVE this pic....even though
it is out of focus and she is sticking her tongue out! LOLOLOL

Look who turned.........

79 years young!
My daddy celebrated his birthday with 
all of the family!  He requested my maternal
grandmother's chocolate sheet cake for his birthday cake.
Momma obliged to make it of course.

Many of you saw this photo of my
amazing parents on social media and 
recommended I frame it.
You know I am gonna do that very thing!
I am so proud of these 2 very special people!

Here is this fine feller with his birdhouse gourd plant.
As you can see, it has taken over his back yard off
of the patio! LOL
My dad, Lil' Bubs, and I are having a contest
to see who can grow the most gourds to make
birdhouses from.  You guessed it....
my dad is in the lead!!!!!

My Sis and I sure are blessed with the parents we
were given here on earth!

Speaking of growing things...........

I am beyond blessed with the garden this year!
The garden has produced

Isn't this a gorgeous site?

As is this.......

I finally figured out how to grow cucumbers!!!!
Look at the center of this photo.....
Can you make out a trellis???
Can you see how the cucumber plants
have started growing in the trees?????


Evidently, this is the way I need to grow 
That song from the old "Jungle Book" movie....
"The bees are buzzin' in the trees......and makin'
honey just for me......"
Well, evidently they are buzzin in the cucumber
buds too!

I have had enough cucumbers now to make pickles 
3 times!  That is a first for me!
I also made some salsa!
Not to mention a lot of pasta sauce!

And a boat load of Caprese salad!
I hope you enjoyed my little photo update of some of the delights of my summer?  And, I hope
you all are enjoying your summer!

See you all Thursday for our last clue in the #SSSSQ!
Thanks for all of your encouragement!
Keep on Quilting!
Kevin the Quilter