Thursday, October 27, 2016

Patriotic parade.......


Almost November already!

How this year has flown by!

I know a lot of it has to do with my moving to the Quilt Cave and working more.......

Time certainly does fly when you are having fun!

And, this past week was really fun!

Awarding Quilts of Valor from the block drive
through Quilts of Valor, Eastern Missouri is A LOT of fun!
I have said it before, and I will say it again, and again!
This NEVER gets old!

What a nice assembling of quilters at the
Quilt Guild!
129 quilters came out to see the QOV presentations
as well as my lecture and trunk show!

I love seeing these smiles after a QOV presentation!
The daughter (second from left) of this Viet Nam Veteran
 was especially
moved and overcome at the presentations and
was so thankful.
This is what we can do when we come together as quilters 
for a common goal!

This World War II Veteran had a large portion of his
family present when he received his Quilt of Valor.

Another happy Viet Nam Veteran
with his family.

And a cousin that honored her Iraqi War hero.
These two are really close!

It was a really great presentation for these Veterans.

then it was time to talk about 
scrap quilts and have some fun with............

Huffman's Hotties!!!!!
Oh my!  These gals were an absolute hoot!
I was so pleased to have my good friend Dar of
at the meeting there with me!
Dar (on the right) is one of the reasons I became so involved with
Quilts of Valor, Eastern Missouri.
So it made things even more fun and special!
(My apologies to one of my hotties for not being in this photo!)

Bonniacs at this meeting!

And speaking of my quilting rock star Bonnie...........

Bonnie announced the intro and colors to:

Those of you who know me...............


I will be making the mystery in a 
patriotic color scheme!

I am substituting:
Navy for Purple
Baby Blues for Lilac
Grays for Green
I will use a Red constant in place of the Magenta constant
And the Yellows and Neutrals shall remain the same!

I will follow guidelines of QOV sizes
and will construct the quilt appropriately.

I am linking up with my friend Alycia of

because we are both going to do patriotic versions of this
mystery that Bonnie so generously offers to quilters.
Let us know if you are going to do a patriotic version as well!

Gotta go to work now!

Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Keep on Scrap Quilting!
Kevin the Quilter

Monday, October 24, 2016

A Week in the Life.......

Greetings from the Quilt Cave!

It was another week full of flying for work.

I was able to get a few things done with quilting though on my days off!

Come along and see...........

This photo sums up quite a bit of my sewing this week.
This is
for my friend Ann's mystery quilt.
I chose all shades of red for my background fabrics.
Yellow is my shocker fabric.
I can't wait to see what the next clue will hold!
In the upper right hand of the photo you can see
some of the triangles I have cut for 
my friend
My quilting group in Troy will be working on these next month.

Lot's of binding has been going on around here as well!
By the way, Veteran's Day is fast approaching......
why not make a Quilt of Valor for 
a Veteran in your life!

These quilts will be 
awarded through 
Quilts of Valor, Eastern Missouri 
on November 1st.
I LOVE how busy and patriotic they look!

Lori's finale for Humble Quilts,
quilt along came out last friday!

See anything wrong with this block?


Flipping it over reveals this little quilt
truly is humble in nature.

I ALWAYS work from the bottom up,
using my smallest pieces of scraps that will work......
I like the feeling of using every last inch of a scrap!

Well, working with that philosophy resulted in some of 
this as well.
You don't see it?
Look closely..........2 different browns!

I actually love this......
To me.....
it is quilting just as our 
quilting ancestors would have!


Here is my "Quilters Madder" flimsy!
I really love the way it turned out.
I was educated in "madder" prints as well!
Thanks so much for the fun quilt along Lori!
I am considering adding some borders.
The inspiration quilt for this quilt along had some half square triangles
around the border.  I am thinking that may be what I need to do also!

I was also able to browse an antique mall this past week.....
By myself in a rather busy antique mall, 
I didn't have a lot of time to fiddle with
laying out the quilts perfectly.
My apologies in advance for the quilts being
a little wrinkled!

isn't this interesting?

The hand quilting on it was quite nice!
You could still see the pencil marks.

Here is an interesting use of  non quilting fabric!
This quilt was SOOOOO HEAVY!
I think it was a canvas type fabric, with
no batting used.
Very durable for a picnic!
If you want to have a picnic during Christmastime! LOL

And you know this quilt made my heart sing!
It was made out of  very slick fabrics.......
not sure of what type of fabric, definitely not true silk.
And the Baptist fan quilting added
so much texture!

How many of you are going to the 
this year?

I will be there Friday, November 4th
Saturday, November 5th!
If you see me.......
make sure to introduce yourself and visit with me!
I would love to meet you!

And, for those who are in the 
Metropolitan St. Louis area, 
don't forget I will be visiting with the 
Tuesday, October 25th at 7 PM!
I hope to see you there!

Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Keep on quilting!
Kevin the Quilter

Monday, October 17, 2016

Fall Family Reunion and more.....



Beautiful, wonderful Fall......................

I haven't had to use my air conditioning all month!!!!

The 3rd Sunday in October is reserved for my mother's side of the family,
as it is the day for our annual family reunion.

"The Ties That Bind"
Designed and pieced by me, and custom quilted by 
my good friend Dar of Dar's Patchwork Garden.
Perhaps you all remember me working on this quilt?
This quilt was made in honor of my Uncle Lee who we lost last year.
He was a Baptist minister for over 50 years, and his daughter,
Donna, my cousin wanted me to make her a quilt out of his
shirts and ties.
She loved it and wanted to share it while the family was there at the reunion.

Here, Donna is showing off the label as my mom and cousin Charlotte read it.

"At the Cross"
Designed and pieced by me.
Quilted by Dar of Dar's Patchwork Garden.
I also made this quilt out of the shirts and ties for Donna's brother Rick.
I modeled this one after an antique quilt I saw once.
I really like the way it turned out.

Look at the beautiful texture that was 
achieved in the quilting!
Beautiful work Dar!
I was unable to get a photo of Rick with the quilt.

I had enough ties left to make this pillow for Rick's daughter Joni.
I knew Joni would appreciate it so much as she was so close to 
her grandparents.

Here are Joni and her son Jazzton with the pillow.

The reunion was great!
We were fewer in number this year, but, 
we all had so much fun visiting!
Here is my beautiful mother with 
her 3 siblings she has left.

Fun selfies with my sis and cousin.

And my dad had to show off his 
engines to some of my cousins and uncles, 
while the kids play football in the background.

Oh and food!
Lots and lots of food!

In other quilting news.....

 I have been playing around with the 
half-square triangles I received during 
the exchange at the quilt group I am a part of.
I am trying to narrow down exactly what I would like to do with them.

And these beautiful Quilts of Valor
are from blocks donated by the 
They will be donated to veterans
through Quilts of Valor, Eastern Missouri
on November 1st in Warrenton, Missouri
at the Stitch'N Time Quilt Guild.

That's a patriotic quilt photo!

Love your loved ones,
Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Keep on Quilting!
Kevin the Quilter

Friday, October 7, 2016



Things have been buzzing here at the Quilt Cave!

Are you all ready to see some of my last week in photos?

My blogging friend Randy at Barrister's Block recently hosted a pin cushion swap.
I thought I would try it out, since:
1.  I have NEVER made a pin cushion.
2.  It's fun to interact with like minded artists across the country.
3.  It was a challenge I issued myself to participate in online gigs like this one!

I was honored to receive my package of goodies from another blogging friend,
Wendy who blogs at The Constant Quilter.  You can see the wonderful pincushion(s)
and goodies she sent me here.  Thanks again Wendy!

So, to my surprise when Randy sent out our swap partners mine was revealed to be none other
than Jan of Rogue Quilter!

Now, anyone who has read Jan's blog KNOWS that she is an EXPERT at mini quilts and wool
projects.  And, to be honest, after Randy and Jan's reveals of their mini quilt challenge/swap
here and here between each other, I was somewhat intimidated!

I mean, here is this amazing miniature fiber artist making AMAZEBALL works that I can only dream of doing.........what on earth did I get myself into?????? LOLOLOL

Well, after a few e-mails back and forth between Jan and myself, I came up with a color scheme, and decided to attack miniature work for her pin cushion.  Jan has received her pin cushion and, thankfully, she likes it!

So, here it is...............

Jan's pin cushion ala her colors and repro fabrics:
purple, cheddar, and a little bit of black.
Definitely NOT perfect, but, I am pulling the Amish card here! LOL

I knew I wanted to make some stars.....and the cheddar worked perfectly here.
A 9 patch HAD to be involved somewhere......right???

Yep, this came together well.
I have to admit Jan, it does look like a Halloween color theme to me!
That doesn't mean I don't like it!  I was going outside my
box and working with a color pallet I had never worked with before.
We ALL need to challenge ourselves from time to time!
Don't become stale!

I was honored to be a part of this swap Randy, Wendy, and Jan!
Thank you ALL for your enthusiasm!

This quilt top was completed this past week at the Quilt Cave.
I have had the blocks done for a few weeks, but, I have been
working so much, there was no time to put it together.
This pattern is found in:
Fons&Porter's Quilting Quickly
Summer 2014

I really love the looks of it!
Super scrappy and easy to throw together.
And, it uses a ton
of 2.5" strips which I have a plethora of!

Speaking of scraps.............

My friend Ann of  Attic Threads & Quilts
has designed another mystery for all of us to 
participate in.

is the name of the quilt and is 
debuting on her blog right now!

I am in the midst of cutting and sewing the first clue.
I opted to do this quilt for Quilts of Valor.
I am using patriotic 10 inch squares, red 2.5" strips for the background.
and yellow for my shocker fabric.

I highly encourage you all to play along!

I visited Quilts of Valor, Eastern Missouri this past week.
I just wanted to show you all that the block drive quilts are
still going strong!

Lori at Humble Quilts
released the second clue in her sew along,
Pictured above is clue 1 completed.

I am honored to be the guest speaker at the 

in Ballwin, Missouri


October 25, 2016!

Please follow THIS LINK
for further information!
I would love to meet you there!

My calendar for 2017 is already filling up!
If your guild is looking for someone to come 
speak and share with them,
here I am!
Please contact me via e-mail on the upper right portion of my blog page.
Yes, I do travel! LOL

Valentino is interested in more scraps!

This was a HUGE, GINORMOUS, BOUNTIFUL haul of wonderful scraps
donated to me by Deborah via her friend Jessica this past week.
I met Deb at the Lake of the Ozarks this past May when
I visited with the Draggin' Thread Guild.

She asked me then if I took in scraps from others........

Here is some of the scrap organization in progress.

Getting close to being done with this one.
There are some really beautiful fabrics here!
Thanks again Deborah!
These will all be used to the best of my abilities!

Enjoy your week!
I know I will enjoy mine with scraps!
Valentino will too!

Keep on quilting!
Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Kevin the Quilter

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Happy Hearts for various reasons.......

So much to tell!

So much to share!

And all with a happy heart!

It was a super duper busy week with flying, and a lecture/trunk show!

I received an invitation to share with the Happy Hearts Quilt Guild in Salem, Illinois.
This invitation all happened because I met Tere at Bonnie Hunter's workshop and lecture in
St. Louis last fall.  What a warm and inviting group of artists I encountered with this guild.  Shout out to the entire guild!  They are also having their annual quilt show next week.  Please visit their website for further information.

After my trunk show I was presented these 2 Quilts of Valor
made by the guild.  These will be awarded through 
Quilts of Valor, Eastern Missouri.
Thank you all so much on behalf of the Veterans that will receive them!
Happy Hearts for everyone, veterans included!

You KNOW Huffman's Hotties made an appearance here!
Some even pirouetted across the front of the room!

Thanks again, and again for letting me share with you all!

Just to show that Bonnie Hunter has influence EVERYWHERE!
Here is Tere's Allietare mystery quilt.
Tere on left.

And, Tumalo Trail, the same pattern my friend Bev made
for my housewarming quilt!
Such a great scrappy quilt!

After the guild meeting, Tere took me around to several Antique
shops in the area, and we had so much fun!
I think I may have reintroduced Tere to new adventures in antique shopping!
My most sincere apologies to her husband! LOLOLOL

Come along and see some of the goodies we found!

VERY interesting!
I think this is an earlier quilt top finished with vintage fabrics.
The navy stars are mostly one fabric, and all of the backgrounds
add highlights and low lights.
The quilt is tied, and I am not sure why the border was chosen,
nor do I understand why the back was chosen, but,.....
it is so wrong, it's right!

Look how the quilt maker had a "make it work" moment
by piecing together some of the background fabrics.
I am currently piecing together some fabric like this 
to make a quilt work too!
Makes my heart happy!

 One of these things is not like the other!
Upper left corner!
And, some of the backgrounds have been pieced from
different fabrics.
My guess is the backing is a sheet and has
been turned to the front
for binding.
So interesting, and raises so many questions!

Everything old is new again!
Another interesting choice of fabrics!
It would be so interesting to remake this with modern fabrics.
However, this quilt could pass for modern as is!

Here is a pretty little quilt for a girl I would guess.
So soft and feminine.

The applique on this quilt is really very nice!
As you can see, it has been used a LOT!
The binding is virtually coming off.
Look at the lower left corner......another make it work moment!

Browsing antique malls for quilting goodies with a newfound friend
gives me a very happy heart!
Thanks again for everything Tere!

Earlier in my week while I was flying I was 
introduced to........

Lelah Mae Ricketts

grandmother of one of my long time pageant pals Frank.

Here is Grandma Lelah and my friend Frank.

I always love being able to visit my friends on long layovers,
and I happened to have that opportunity this past week.
Frank and I go way back, and he is a very talented vocalist.

Before we left for dinner, Frank said he wanted to show 
me something he thought I may enjoy seeing........

Made by his loving grandmother!
I just couldn't wait to see them!

This bow tie quilt is made of Frank's childhood clothing.
We often see and hear of quilts made out of 
girls dresses, or men's shirts, but, this is the first 
quilt I have seen made out of boys shirts.
I love all of the blues, turquoise, and greens!!
Frank remembers wearing the cool!

This basket quilt is pretty traditional.
The handles are actually sewn down by machine though.
The quilt is tied, but,........

look at the backing!!!!!
It's another quilt all on it's own!
Crazy pieced to the nines!
You KNOW I love seeing things like this!
It definitely makes my heart happy!

Another cozy wool and polyester quilt made by Grandma Ricketts.

And, yet another example of Lelah's work.
Frank said he has spent many a cold winter's night under
this one.  It is backed with flannel and is super warm.
Can anyone name that block?
Please reply?

And the piece de resistance!
Look at this crazy pieced quilt!
Look at all of the work that was put into it!

A closer look reveals all of the different 
types of stitches on each piece of fabric!
Such an amazing piece of artwork!
I insisted that Frank must display this in his home now!
It is a stunning example of stitchery goodness!

Visiting with a good friend and seeing his family quilts
obviously made for a happy heart for me!

After I got home from flying, and was able to
check my mail, look what I received?
received my name in
Pin Cushion Swap!

There was the sweetest letter, a little round 
chicken pin cushion made out of a vintage
donut cutter that holds bobbins (super ingenious), a darning egg,
and that gorgeous little hen pin cushion in the center!
It made my heart very happy to open this up
after a very long, but, enjoyable week!
Thanks again Wendy!!!!!

And in other news, I am once again joining Lori
in her fall quilt along
Go check out the link to learn more.

With a happy heart,
Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Kevin the Quilter