Saturday, April 29, 2017

Things fall apart........

I come to you today a broken man.......

Remember in my last post over a month ago where I said,

"ALL IS WELL!!!!!!
I promise you that....."

Well, evidently, all was NOT well.............

When I returned home from flying after I had posted that, I was dealt some overwhelming and sad news.

My beloved, precious Gracie Lu
was diagnosed with inoperable cancer.
She is only 9 years old.

I simply haven't been able to wrap my mind around this yet.
She was given only days to 4-6 weeks to live, and we are 
fast approaching week 6.
She has been so brave and strong throughout
her illness.

I am not looking for sympathy.
I know pet owners "get it."
I also know we have given her the best possible life
she could have ever had here on earth.
Having said that, I know this won't ever be able to replace
her humorous and bull-in-a-china shop-like spirit in this home.

I feel like I needed to share this with you all.
You all are my friends.
I thank those of you who have personally contacted me.
This is the reason I haven't been blogging.
Every moment when I am not having to fly
has been spent catering to this little baby of mine.

I would also like to apologize to the 
for being unable to present to you all.
I certainly appreciate my contact Kathy and
understanding of the circumstances behind it.
I look forward to re-booking with you all.

And, AQS Paducah was out of the question this year as well.

Nothing perks Gracie Lu up like a car ride.
Especially when she gets to see other animals.
These horses have been great medicine for Gracie.
They always have a nice little conversation when I 
drive her by them.
Animals know!
Look at my baby's Bat Ears!

If you have a fur baby of your own.....
please enjoy them.
You never know when they may be taken away from you.

I have been able to quilt some.......
as you know, quilting is my therapy.

Gracie Lu enjoys sleeping on her bed in
her daddy's Quilt Cave.

Before Gracie Lu was diagnosed,
I signed up to participate in 
hosted by Lori.
I always look forward to this swap.

I received this beautiful little quilt from Sunny in New York.
As you all know, I have chickens and ducks here at the Quilt Cave.
I also acquired some turkeys, and now thanks to Sunny, I have geese!
I hope to share photos of the poultry here as soon as I can.

My swap partner I made a quilt for is Louise in Washington.
Sometimes our art is very personal.
The little quilt I made for Louise is extremely personal to me.

"Square in a Square"
from the book
by Kathleen Tracy
I highly recommend Kathleen's book.
It is full of fun little projects perfect for this swap!

I primarily used blues in the front of this quilt.
For obvious reasons, I am feeling really blue
right now due to what Gracie Lu and my
family are going through.

The back is made of various red civil war scraps
because Louise said she likes red in quilts.
This also represents how MAD I am at the 
cancer that is taking Gracie Lu away from me!

I think the quilt is almost as pretty as my
You can tell in this photo, she just isn't her
old self anymore......God bless her.
Always my beautiful baby girl though.

I'd like to thank the many personal blogging friends
I have that have contacted me, and checked
in on me and Gracie Lu.

Thanks to Randy of 
Barrister's Block for being so thoughtful.
You know I am going to make this when I am
up and at'em again.
It is perfect for the Quilt Cave!

And here is something else I have been working on
for a dear friend's upcoming arrival.
This was fun to create using the Mommy's
chosen color scheme for her nursery.

For those of you who have stuck with me through
thick and thin, please know how much I value you
and your friendship!  At this time I know you all will
understand I want to get through this illness with my
baby Gracie Lu.  I am a responsible pet owner, and, no,
I will not let her suffer.

Thanks for being a friend,
Kevin the Quilter