Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Snake Charming........and Scrap Club update........

Well, I have something to admit to you all..........

I haven't come down from my high of hatching chicks for the first time!

Thanks to all of you who commented!  I shared all of the comments with the little chicks!

The 3 Amigos!
In the end, 3 chicks hatched.
The other 3 were fully developed, but, did not pip.
I am doing some investigation on why that happened?
However, this is all new to me, and there is a learning curve.
These 3 are doing really well though and are sweet as can be
as they imprinted on me, and didn't have the stress of 
shipping to a post office, or store like most chicks do.
I am counting this as a success!
These chicks are a barnyard mix, and I am
still trying to figure out who the father is.........hmmmmm?????
I know the 2 mother's though!
2 chicks are from an Ameracauna, and 1 is from a Light Brahma.
I am guessing their father is a White Faced, Black Spanish Rooster.
Thanks again for all of your comments!

The chicks have had several visitors thus far.....

including Cherie of  Quilted Jonquil.

Why was she visiting the Quilt Cave????
The official 1st meeting of our unofficial group,
met here at my home for a little.............


You can read a little more about how this meeting took place
and about this particular pattern thanks to my friend

We had SOOOOOOOOOO much fun together!

joined in on the fun as well!

Can you tell we are combining our efforts to make a 
Quilt of Valor???
I know you all never guessed that, right? LOL

What a delight to be able to share the Quilt Cave
with a group of talented, like-minded artists!

Cherie gave us a primer on paper piecing the arcs.

Jan not only drafted the pattern in EQ7 for us, but, also 
gave some wonderful demos on curved piecing!

As most of you all know, I LOVE to entertain!
That's why I wanted a bigger home in the first place!
I am loving how The Quilt Cave is working out
for this very reason!

Cherie made Pumpkin Pie Cake,
Jan provided the baguette,
and Dar provided the snacks!

We had so much fun, we have decided to keep this little
group going!  YEAH!
It is literally exhilarating being able to learn and grow
with other quilters that are passionate about the art!

Here is a little peek at my design wall......
a lot of projects are in the works right now......
some you can't see yet!

In other news, I am now the uncle of a teenage boy!
How did that happen?????
I was able to celebrate the birthdays of my beautiful Momma, and handsome nephew!
I love the fact that they share the same birthday!
It is so special for my mom!


Scrap Club!!!!!!!!!

Are you ready to get this party started?????
Start locating all of those scraps you have hidden
in boxes, bags, and bins!
I have a few more things to iron out....literally......
and then I am going to share Scrap Club with you, my readers!

Here is a shot of the quilters of Scrap Club
in our first meeting of 2017 in O'Fallon, Missouri!
What an amazing turn out!
These were the quilters in the day session.

And here is a little hint of what you may
expect with this first session of Scrap Club.
And, horsies were hurt in this photo....


Until next time, 
I bid you peace,
Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Kevin the Quilter