Saturday, November 17, 2018


My! My! My!
How time does fly!
You all know this is one of the busiest times of the year for air travel......
Soooooooooooo, Ole' Uncle Kevin the Quilter is staying as far away from
an airport or airplane as possible! LOL  I am currently on vacation for the rest of the year!
HOOOOORAY for seniority, and strategic bidding!

So, there is lots'o'stuff to share!

First things first.....

Here is my original design,
 "Goodnight, Darlene!" 
All completed!
Beautifully custom quilted by 
Darlene herself!
She did a fabulous job.

This quilt's first appearance is at
in St. Louis, Missouri.
I have been asked to teach for the shop,
and I will be teaching this quilt.
Please go
to sign up for this class!

And, here is a view of the back.
Look at that delicious quilting!

The long awaited Mystery Quilt Info was 
released by Bonnie!
The Mystery Quilt is named
"Good Fortune" and is inspired by
her trip to China last year.
You can find all of the info

These are the colors I have chosen.....
Red for Red
Orange for Orange
Chartreuse for Green
Purple for Blue
Black for Neutral
I know, I know, I know......
you all are thinking........HALLOWEEN!
Well, yeah, kind of! LOL
I am eager to work on this mystery because,
for the first time, I am working along with 2 of 
my quilting friends, Sue, and Heather.
Who else is going to play along with Bonnie's mystery this year?

Julie called for some of these blocks 
for the "70273 Project."
I felt it was important for me to participate.
Let me know when you receive these Julie!

What is your "Oldest Living UFO?"

This is mine, and it was just some very
ill constructed blocks a week or so ago.....
I started this when I had re-introduced myself to 
quilting....circa 2011/2012.
It is called "Scrap Sensation"
and is in the September/October 2011
issue of McCall's Quilting magazine.

One more border to go, and I can call
this one done!
I love the movement in it......and trust me
the piecing is WAY OFF in places......
rather humble, right Lori? LOLOLOL
I am glad that it is being completed though,
and gives me hope that more UFOs will
be completed soon.

I was thrilled to congratulate these two amazing
quilters at the Loose Threads Quilt Show held
at St. Charles Community College.
Cindy and her mother Clifdel  
participate in Scrap Club
and are prolific quilters.
How special for them to be able to share this honor!

While at the show, look what I spotted!
Two beautiful and different versions of 
"Sapphire Stars!"

I was able to take a road trip with 
my friends Linda and Annalee
quilt shop in Havanna, IL.
I HIGHLY recommend you visit this quilt shop!
It is full of gloriously beautiful things!

My Aunt Doris shared with me this quilt she made
when she was 14 years old.....that was a few years back! LOL
She drafted the template herself, and hand appliqued the star.
I think it is really super cool!
I am glad she was able to tell me about her quilt!

I visited with the
Scraps and Patches Quilter's Guild
in Festus, Missouri.
Thanks to the guild and to Sandi on the right for being so
warm and welcoming.  I'd also like to thank
Huffman's Hotties for making an appearance!

I have played auctioneer for 2 area quilt guilds in the 
past week!
These 2 auctions were so much fun!

I was so busy at the
I didn't even take a photo!

O'Fallon, Illinois.

My friend Lesley from across the pond
sent me this lovely postcard and magnet!
She knows me so well!
Thanks Lesley!


Meet Sterling!
Sterling is one of Stormy's hatching mates.
He is a favorite around the Quilt Cave.
He is a barnyard mix rooster.
Therefore, I have no idea which breeds made him.
But, look at his beautiful coloration!

Such a handsome boy!

And, I leave you with the beautiful views
of the snow received this past week
here at the Quilt Cave.
Most people hate seeing this........
for me, I! LOVE! IT!

5 inches!

I would like to wish everyone
far and wide a very
If we think about it, 
there is so much to be thankful for!
I am so thankful for all of you!

Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Thanks for being a friend!
Keep on Quilting!
Kevin the Quilter