Saturday, October 26, 2019

October...thus far....

Quilty Greetings Quilty Peeps!

October remains busy although I am officially on my self induced
vacation period.  Many happy things have taken place this month, and I have a lot to look
forward to!

I will be helping the fine folks of
Homestead Hearth in their booth at
quilt festival in Houston next week!
Booth 1117
I would LOVE to meet you there!
Make sure to stop by!

A rambling from Ole' Kevin the Quilter.....
And, I do hear often from readers......the good, and the bad.
Many of you love posts with a lot of photos.
There are those of you who beg me to make my posts shorter.
Here are my thoughts......
This is my blog.....a diary of my life of sorts.
It is what it is.  Take it or leave it.

With this being said, let's continue with this entry, shall we?

 Have you ever had your supervisor breathing down your neck?
Better yet, SITTING on it????

October opened up with the debut of my second pattern
"Gracie Lu's Rail Fence"
You all will probably remember this quilt
is named after my Gracie Lu I lost
in 2016.

I was pleased to be asked by the
Missouri State Quilt Guild to 
teach this pattern at their
2019 Fall Retreat in Jefferson City, MO.

Here is a shout out to my friend Serena who
invited me to teach.
Hi Serena!

This class is all about organization and strings!
I am always pleased to be able to introduce
students to string piecing by sharing with them
the way I organize my string resources.
The drawers on the right are a new addition to me
courtesy of my mom and dad.
Yes, there are strings in each of the drawers by color!
You may find this rainbow bin of drawers

 I was pleased to see my friend Hallye in class!

 These sister in laws were a HOOT!

 Pressing strings before using them is 
VERY important in my opinion!

 Having fun quilters? LOLOL

 My friend Dolores is such an inspiration to me!
We helped celebrate her 90th birthday!
She certainly doesn't look, nor act 90!
Happy Birthday!!!!

Isn't this a beautiful, creative site?
You can piece so creatively with strings.

 Great job!
Are you hooked on strings now?

 I always find it helpful to have
discussions with the quilters
individual projects.
Including the entire class in the discussion.

 Bright and cheery......with great contrast!


It is so much fun to let go and have fun with
your string piecing.

 Look at the great blocks that were made!

 I am just as excited as you are!
This looks great!

 So cool!
Love the variety and amount of string piecing here!

Sister in law blocks!
Notice the inner and outer borders are reversed?

Dolores got her top finished!
Thanks for sharing this with me!

I hope you all had as much fun as I did!
I couldn't have been happier about the
release of this pattern!
Thanks so much for the fun time quilters!

Would you all look at this????
How hilarious and wonderful!
My friend Wendy of
sent me all of these goodies!

We can ALL learn something from Bob Ross
when it comes to our creativity!

This is my version of Lori's
Almost Amish
sew along.
I love participating in these with her.
Follow the link
to view all of the different versions
quilters from all over the world

While patiently waiting on Bonnie Hunter's
next mystery, I am completing my 2nd version
of "Allietare!"  I had the bright idea of trying to do
2 versions during that mystery at the same time.....
during my move!  LOLOLOLOL
So hilarious of me!
Oh well, I made a good effort, and this will hopefully
be done
before the next mystery unveils.

My parents came for a visit!
Momma made some homemade soup....
one of my favorite things she makes if I promised to
take her shopping.
I provided the smiling cornbread to
accompany it!

As you can see, my dad really loves to 
go shopping with mom!  LOLOL
He never complains, but, he does find a chair
to sleep in!

A good son will hold things up for his mother 
to see while shopping.....
AND.....hold her purse as well!
I absolutely cracked up when a friend sent this to me!
He saw me shopping with mom and took this photo
and sent it to me! LOLOLOLOL
I would do most anything I could for my parents!

Oh yeah, we had biscuits and gravy for breakfast
while they visited!

October is family reunion time for my mother's side
of the family.  I love my family so much!

My Momma only has 2 siblings left.
There were 12 children in her family.

It was so good seeing those that could make it
to the reunion.

Here are some of the cousins.
I am the baby of all of the cousins.

How on earth did my Sugar Doll and Lil' Bubs
get this big????????
You all know how proud I am of both of them!

While I was home I got to see Bubs play football.
He is out there on the field playing his heart out.
Way to go Bubs!
They won!

I hope to see many of you next week in Houston!
Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Keep on Quilting!
Kevin the Quilter


Wednesday, October 16, 2019

2019 Summer Session of Scrap Club hosted by Kevin the Quilter Final Reveal

We recently held our Final Reveal for the
2019 Summer Session of Scrap Club hosted by Kevin the Quilter.
As most of you know, we worked on the
Simply Sensational Summer Scrap Quilt (link contains links to all clues)
Thanks to ALL of you who have sent me photos of your lovely
versions of this very easy mystery quilt.  They have all been lovely.

Please enjoy our Final Reveal photos as taken by my photographer friend Mike.
I will interject commentary where needed.

We had 2 categories for the prize drawings.  Completed quilt top, and completed quilt.
Remember, everyone had an opportunity to change up the size of the square they used
for this quilt, so, you will be seeing different size quilt tops and quilts.

 My version of the
Simply Sensational Summer Scrap Quilt.
Mother....and NOW husband approved!
This is according to a reader that sent me a nice email
about her version being liked by her hubby!

 Lots of additional prizes were ready to be
handed out throughout the evening!

 Lots and lots! of prizes!!!

 Discussing the game plan for the evening
with my invaluable team!

 Free scraps!
Get'em while you can!

 I think Ree likes her
Turkey with quilt feathers plate!

 Scrap Club hosted by Kevin the Quilter
couldn't happen without these
generous quilters!
Thanks ladies!

 My Lil' Buddy helping me
draw some numbers for prizes.

 Impromptu Quilter's Pageant
question and answer segment.....LOLOLOLOL

 Lillie showing off her finished Round Tuit UFO!
She won the blocks for this quilt
from a Scrap Block Lotto
our group had.

 Velora sharing her 20+ year Round Tuit UFO!
Amazing how this quilt looks very
current after that amount of time!
Great finish!

Next we had a few quilters
that wanted to share their quilts
that didn't meet the requirements
for the prize drawings.  I am so glad they
did decide to share what they had done with us!

These were all lovely!
Great job quilters!

Here come the completed quilt tops!
Look at all of the different varieties!
Even those quilters that made their versions
in the same colors are still different!
That's what happens when we work from our
personal scraps!

 Lil' Buddy wanted show his project!
I am very proud of him!

Wasn't that an incredible display by these quilters?
Kudos to you all!

 And the winner of the 
Completed Quilt Top drawing is
Congrats to you Robin.....enjoy your gift certificate
to Hancocks of Paducah!

Next up is the Completed Quilt category.
These quilters worked very hard to get their
quilt tops made, quilted, bound, and labeled
to be a part of this drawing!

Fantabulous job quilters!
You all make me so proud!

 And the winner of the 
Completed Quilt category is
Congrats to you Doreen........enjoy your gift certificate
to Hancocks of Paducah!

 We had a special drawing for an antique quilt top
donated by Velora at the end of our
reveal.  Pam was the winner, and if you
only knew how much this quilter adores 
vintage and antique quilts!

 Perhaps the photo above and below will help
demonstrate her delight in winning this quilt top?
Congrats Pam!

And that's it folks...........
wait a minute.....
someone wants the microphone........

 My friend and helper Blanche....I mean.... 
Linda interrupted me
at the end of our Final Reveal to
give me a roast.......of sorts......

  Actually, she led everyone in singing
Happy Birthday to me!

 I was completely and utterly floored when she
presented me with a gift from Scrap Club quilters!
I can't thank Scrap Club hosted by Kevin the Quilter
participants enough for your VERY generous monetary gift.
Please know it will be used for it's intended purpose
in getting me travelling containers for my
lectures and trunk shows!
I love ya'll so much!

I hope you enjoyed the parade of quilts from this
session of our Scrap Club?
We will see you again next year!

Thanks for your encouragement!
Thanks for being a friend!
Keep on Quilting!
Kevin the Quilter