Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Quilty Visits Part 2: Stars of Bethlehem

As you will recall in my last post....

I had just visited with the Prairie Pine Quilt Guild at the
Sew Sweet Quilt Shop and Retreat Center in Brunswick, MO.

I traveled home after that visit, and on the very next day,
set sail.........I mean, drove to Bethlehem.  Pennsylvania that is!
I met up with the Colonial Quilters Guild for a super fun
Lecture, trunk show, and "String Star" workshop.

Come along with me for this fun trip!

These are the 2 great quilters who are responsible
for bringing me to Bethlehem, PA!
Boots on the left (my right)
and Beth on the right (my left).
This trip was a year in the making,
happy I had the opportunity
to meet these wonderful ladies
as well as their talented quilt guild.

On Day 1
I drove through Illinois
and visited some antique malls.
I then ended up in Indianapolis to stay
with a great friend I made years ago
during my former
life as a volunteer for the
Miss America Scholarship Pageant.
We had a great visit, dinner,
and reminisced about the good ole'
glory days of the Miss America Pageant.

I then drove through Ohio on Day 2.
Ohio was covered with Antique Mall visits!
I highly suggest you visit
This has to be the LARGEST
antique mall I have ever visited!

I drove through West Virginia.
I can now mark off West Virginia for states
that I have visited!
Only 4 left to see before I have visited them all!

And then I finally made it to Pennsylvania!

I was excited to be able to visit another
pageant friend at his farm outside of
Pittsburgh where I stayed that night.
I was in hog heaven with all of the animals!

Lamb Chop!
She thinks she is a dog!

Water Buffalo!
Fiona, on the left, is just a baby!
Isn't she adorable???
Her momma wasn't so sure she wanted me
too close to her baby!

....these guys!!!!!
Tut and Cairo stole my heart!
Who knew camels could be so sweet????
No, they didn't spit at me, but,
I was wet from their kisses and noses!
I wanted to take them home with me!
I also got to see a barnyard full of other
gorgeous animals.  Too many to name.
But, I am so thankful to have friends such as
these that allowed me to stay with them and visit.

And finally, I made it to Bethlehem!

A full house welcomed me for my
lecture and trunk show.

And you all KNOW
Huffman's Hotties
made an appearance!
Oh what fun we had!
Thanks for your help Hotties!

I truly felt the love and support of
all of the quilters that attended.
I love sharing with others the little
tips and tricks I use to make
my quilting as accurate as possible.
I am somewhere in this photo?? LOLOL
Thanks Susan for sharing it with me!

But, something really special happened
after the trunk show.

Meet my newlywed bride, Dolores.
Ain't she a cutie????
No.....we didn't get married.....
but, I was definitely tempted!
Dolores introduced herself to me before
I spoke and said she had something
for me if I was interested?
I was intrigued........

I was beyond touched when
Dolores presented me with
a gorgeous string quilt
her mother had made.
There wasn't a dry eye in the house....
This quilt is made of string pieced
diamonds on muslin foundations.
It is pieced VERY well!

I will forever cherish this
beautiful work of art that
Dolores so generously shared with me.
I will be using this as a teaching guide
as well as displaying it in my home.
I can't thank you enough Dolores!
Again.....I am beyond touched!

The next day was our
"String Star" workshop.

The venue was transformed for our workshop.
And a wonderful venue it is!
Holy Cross Church in Bethlehem
was most hospitable for all of the

Everyone worked busily on the diamond points
throughout the day.

Busy, busy, busy!

Here is a shout out to Susan
who recommended my visit
to this guild!
Thanks so much Susan!
Perhaps some of you
can be like Susan and suggest
I visit your quilt guild?

Strings were everywhere!

I even brought my own personal
string collection to share with
these quilters.
They could use whatever they wanted,
or just include with their own strings
in their diamond piecing.

Having worked with several guilds,
I could tell there were several
strong friendships in this one!

Everyone was so nice and welcoming.

You can do this Beth!
Just let it go!!!!!!!  Let it go!!!!!!
Beth was most hospitable, and
was most efficient in
organizing my visit.
Thanks for your friendship!

Boots was dubbed my official
handler during my visit!
Thanks for being so fun!

Aren't quilters smiles infectious!
How can you not want to smile right
along with them!

Then the stars started coming out
in Bethlehem!

Even Christmas stars!

But, these quilters right here are the
What a fun group and workshop!
I hope you all had as much fun as I did?
It was a blast!

And, much to my surprise,
this basket full of strings was a gift 
from them to ME!
How incredibly special!
Believe it or not, I have an idea for a quilt
using these
very scraps so I can always remember
my time with this guild!

All too soon,
my visit was over.
But, I hope you all know
how special you made a 
corn fed country boy feel in your
neck of the woods!
Thank you Colonial Quilters Guild
for a

Thank you for joining me on this journey.
I am not quite done with the quilty visits.
In Part 3 I will share the great time I had with the
Dixie Lee Quilt Guild in my hometown of 
Fredericktown, Missouri.  I was also able to celebrate
my birthday with my family while there!

Thanks so much for your encouragement!
Keep on Quilting!
Kevin the Quilter

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Quilty Visits Part 1



What a whirlwind of events, travels, and adventures I have been on as of late.

September 2019 is full to the brim of Quilty Visits!

I will share them individually on here so each group has their time
in the limelight so to speak.

Part 1 will be the String Star workshop I conducted with the
Prairie Pine Quilt Guild of Mexico, Missouri at the
Sew Sweet Quilt Shop and Retreat Center in Brunswick, MO.

Click the link above to visit their
online store.

Such a cute store front.

I had never been to this shop before, and was
pleasantly surprised!
This quilt shop caters to ALL tastes!
And the retreat center is conveniently
located right next door to the shop!

My "String Star" workshop
is the perfect workshop for an introduction
to string piecing.  It provides a small, doable
project that most students get done within
the time frame of the class.
I never tire seeing the creativity among
my students.

Here are several photos from our fun
time together.

Lou on the left originally contacted me several years ago
to do a lecture/trunk show for this guild.
We have remained friends ever since.

May was a gem in class.
She is so much fun, and so talented,
as she is a Judy Niemeyer educator.
She did let me in on the fact she wasn't
used to letting go, and just sewing
strings together.


Elsa helped her to.....
"Let it goooooooo....
Let it goooooooo....
and just sew and sew and sew!"

This mother and daughter team were so 
much fun to have in class!

Not to be outdone by this mother and daughter pairing!

A family that quilts together,
stays together!

A great lunch was served
by a local mom and pop restaurant!

You all know how this class goes......
sew some string units together......

Any color you please.......

And give it a good trim!
Students are always so amazed at what a
difference is made when you trim
these units.

Trim those units quilters!

It's fun to add words to the star points sometimes!

Before long......

You guessed it.........
STARS will start to form!

Hmmm......I wonder which background to use???

Isn't this a fun version,
destined to be a baby quilt.

This is a cool ombre background
that has been strategically pieced!

Piecing the background ALWAYS adds interest
in my opinion.  It also allows us to use up
more fabric!

Strategically piecing those star points
can provide a wonderful effect!

The quilters had fun playing with
various backgrounds.....especially
since the quilt shop was right next door
and it had endless possibilities.

Thanks Prairie Pine Quilt Guild
Sew Sweet Quilt Shop/Retreat Center
for a WONDERFUL day full of
I hope you all had as much fun as I did!

At the end of the day, I had the wonderful pleasure of 
meeting Shelly Pagliai of
She truly is one of the most talented
quilters in the world today.
Visit her web site and blog by 
clicking the link above.
It was wonderful finally 
meeting you Shelly!

From Brunswick, MO
I traveled to Bethlehem.
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania that is!
I will be sharing my journey,
and my visit with the wonderful
quilters of the
Colonial Quilters Guild
in Part 2.

If you are interested in having me visit your
quilt guild in 2020, dates are filling up
QUICKLY!  Feel free to contact
me via my email at the upper left 
of this blog.

Thanks for all of your encouragement!
Keep on Quilting!
Kevin the Quilter