Saturday, October 27, 2018

Happy Fall Ya'll.........

Happy Fall Ya'll.....
And welcome to my blog!

I love this view on my front porch!
My sis couldn't have made something more
fitting for me last Christmas!
It goes with EVERY season! LOL

It has been a really busy Fall.
Flying has been brutal, as usual.
I had to deal with a passenger that placed
his dog in an overhead bin recently.
I can't even go there.........REALLY?????
Trust me, the passenger got my message to him!
But, thank God I have a job that pays
the bills!  I need to keep reminding myself of this!

You all knew I would cave and participate
in my friend Lori's 
It was a quick and easy sew along
with stunning results!

I love going through the smallest of scraps,
utilizing them in a work such as this.

Delicious....and ALL pieces are different!
I think it is so important in scrap quilts
to utilize what you have, and to make
each piece as varied as possible.

This was so much fun to make!
All different pieces used!

With the exceptions of the sashing and cornerstones,
ALL of the fabrics are different in this quilt which makes
me a really happy, scrappy quilter!
Still trying to determine the outer cornerstones for this one.

Visit the 
There are some amazing little quilts to be seen!
Thanks Lori for sharing your talents with us!

And, what have we here?????

Sophia Annabella helping me out with the 
"On Ringo Lake" mystery quilt!!!!!

Thanks to Sophia's help, I was able to get this top completed!
It is off to the quilter!
My friends Mike and Sherry spoke up for this one
before I even started making it last year!
I am happy to have friends that are interested
in my quilt making adventures and want to 
use the quilts I make!
I realize not every quilt maker is that fortunate.
Now, I feel better about starting this year's mystery!
The colors will be announced this week!

Hmmm.......I considered sending this 
antique mall find to 
as a house warming gift for
Quiltville Inn........
I ultimately decided against it!

Lilly Mae is always eager to greet me
when I get home from flying!
Sweet little girl!

October is Family Reunion month for my Mom's
side of the family.
This photo pretty much represents me and my family!
It's great being able to visit with family
while partaking of some GREAT food!
Sorry to interrupt your dinner Dad! LOLOL

Aren't these signs fun????? LOLOLOL
Cousin Phyllis came all the way from Kentucky!

I can't believe my niece, AKA Sugar Doll is
all grown up, in college, pursuing her dreams.
How does time pass by so quickly????
It seems like it was just yesterday we were playing
"Horsie Pageant!"

And, of course, you know I have some of the 
greatest parents on earth!
Momma is feeling a lot better now!
Her medication has been adjusted properly.
Dad is doing well too!
Thank God!

My friend Susan, in Washington/Nevada, reminded me
I haven't posted a chicken pic in a while.......
Remember Stormy that hatched in June?
Here he is,..... all grown up.......
and rather beautiful, don't you think?

I hope ya'll are enjoying your Fall!

Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Keep on Quilting!
Kevin the Quilter

Monday, October 15, 2018

The life and times of Kevin the Quilter

The life and times of Kevin the Quilter..............
In pictures!!!!!!

Welcome to my blog, and thanks for reading!

I recently had the opportunity to share my scrappy lecture and trunk show with two wonderful guilds in two different states!  Come along for the fun times I shared with them!

Friends in Stitches Quilt Guild
Waterloo, Illinois
This guild was....

Huffman's Hotties made an appearance!
Thanks gals for helping hold quilts for
 ole' Kevin the Quilter!

It's so wonderful being able to connect with
quilters from the various places I visit.
Here, I am doing a demo on Dixie, my
white Featherweight.
I am currently working out a time
to host a workshop with this guild.
Thanks for the invite Waterloo,
I can't wait to see you all again!

While on my way to speak in Illinois, I was able to
visit with my very talented quilting friend Heather of
Peachy Pages quilt blog.
You all know she is my tech guru!
Thanks for helping me out with my tech challenges and
thanks for giving me your home and studio tour!
Sorry for salivating over some of your quilts! LOL

I was then off to Marshall, Missouri to meet with the 
Stitch by Stitch Quilt Guild.
They meet at this beautiful historic church.

You KNOW you are going to have a great time with
great quilters when a great pot luck is involved!

This quilt guild is full of talented quilters.
I couldn't wait to share my scrappy visions with them!

Thanks to these Huffman Hotties for playing along!
Too! Much! Fun!

I was able to meet some great quilters here......

This is Gina......
My friend Cheryl of 
made sure I knew Gina was going to be there.
Gina works with vintage and antique machines, and 
it was so much fun meeting her!

I was also able to meet Judy of 
Picking and Stitching quilt blog.
We had a fun visit!

I had the honor of judging this guild's
challenge,...robe, gavel, and all.....
and what a challenge it was.....
FOR ME!!!!!!
All of the quilts made for this challenge centered
around the game "Clue," which happens to
be one of my most favorite board games ever.....
not to mention the 1980's movie!
The participants made it so difficult for me
to select a winner.....I wish I could have
chosen them all!!!!!!
Their stories alone deserved Newberry Awards!

Here I am with my final judgement...
Mary was proclaimed the winner!
What a beautiful, scrappy pickle dish
table topper she made!
Again, EACH AND EVERY quilt
was so creative and beautiful.
When entering into competitions....
we ALL (including myself) need to remember....
judging is subjective.

Thanks to these 2 guilds for being so much fun!
I look forward to seeing you all in the future!

Fall has finally arrived!
Sophia Annabella and Lilly Mae are
snuggling during the cold snap here in Missouri!

In my personal studio time
I have been trying to finish up
some projects.

I have been working hard on last year's
Quiltville Mystery,
On Ringo Lake.
I have challenged myself to get this top
complete before starting this year's mystery!
Clue #3 threw me for a loop last year....
but, alas, I will not be defeated!

After piecing the borders, and laying some out....
I wasn't pleased with this look.
Please realize, I am not downing the pattern at all.....
especially since I changed the colors up.

much better....
at least I think so.
I love the complete scrappiness
of this quilt, including that harrowing
sashing.......but, I feel this border helps
define all of the scrappy piecing even better
with the colors I chose to work with.

A friend in "strings" is a friend indeed!
Isn't this a beautiful mess???? LOL
I was able to help my friend Sue out
by making some string blocks with her.
Does anyone else find it even more fun
making string blocks with others???

Sue and her family recently built a beautiful
new home, and this is my housewarming
gift to them.
It was so much fun to make, and uses 77
different fabrics including the binding and backing.

A recent antique mall find......
hmmmmm......this item is probably NOT for
The Quilt Cave.

And.....always remember.....
You can define "Stupid People" for yourself....LOLOLOL


Tuesday, November 6, 2018 7PM
Scraps & Patches Quilt Guild
Lecture / Trunk Show
American Legion Hall
849 American Legion Drive
Festus, Missouri  63028

Friday, November 9, 2018
Thimble and Thread Quilt Guild
Concordia Lutheran Church
505 S. Kirkwood Road
Kirkwood, Missouri  63122

Tuesday, November 13, 2018 7PM
Hearts-N-Hands Quilt Guild
First United Methodist Church
504 East US Hwy 50
O'Fallon, Illinois  62269

Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Praying for all of those affected by weather as of late,
Keep on Quilting!
Kevin the Quilter

Sunday, October 7, 2018

2018 Summer Session of Scrap Club hosted by Kevin the Quilter

Lone Star Legacies!
Yep.....that's what we call our most recent session of
Scrap Club hosted by Kevin the Quilter!
Oh what fun we had this past summer investigating this very
recognizable quilt pattern while learning easy ways of putting it together
thanks to Jordan Fabrics, and Donna Jordan's amazing tutorials on this pattern.

And, if I may interject here my family's appreciation for your prayers and concern
over my little Mama.  She is doing so much better, and she wants to send her personal
thanks to you all! 
Several of the quilters in Scrap Club hosted by Kevin the Quilter were selfless and willing to take over for me, and I appreciate them so much.  But, Mother Huffman insisted I go to the Final Reveal of our Lone Star projects. 
The participation level was amazing!
The quilts are amazing!
Let's face facts.....the quilters are amazing!

 2018 Summer Session
Scrap Club hosted by Kevin the Quilter
Lone Star Legacies

May I have your attention please......
this is going to be a very long blog post.......
but so worth the read to the end!

So grab yourself a quilty snack and drink,
and sit back and enjoy the show!
I will insert commentary where needed.

in O'Fallon, Missouri
played host to us once again.
What a lovely ball room they have!
Check them out for your next social event!

I had to thank my quilting angels
Dar, Ree, and Linda!
I can't thank these ladies enough for always
being willing to help me out!

 Signing in at the Scrap Block Lotto table......

Not pictured is Barb who was 
beyond thrilled to win these

Lillie was excited to share the beautiful quilt top
she had made after winning the
Scrap Block Lotto blocks
from July.
Isn't this gorgeous!?!?!

We also had an impromptu challenge to use up
the scraps left over from the scraps and 
strip sets we had leftover from
making our Lone Star quilts.
The quilters voted for best use of scraps
among the many ingenious projects. 

 Robin won 2nd place for making
this colorful change purse.

 And, Roxann won 1st place with this
beautiful basket......

which can double as a hat!

And then it was time to share our Lone Star projects.
First were the jelly roll Lone Stars.
Quilters weren't required to quilt their projects
and could use patterns other than the 
tutorial from Jordan Fabrics.
Some of the quilts may be larger, however,
the Lone Stars in these quilts were
made using the jelly roll tutorial.
And, some quilters made more than one project!

 Kind of out of my comfort zone here......

Weren't all of them amazing????
The winner of this category's drawing was Susan.
Susan won a $100 gift card from
Missouri Star Quilt Company.
My apologies that there is no
photo available.

Next are the large versions of Lone Star projects.
Some quilters used patterns other than the
Jordan Fabrics' tutorial.

I just love looking at these gorgeous works of art!
 This is Sandy who was beyond excited to 
win the drawing for this category!
She received a $150 gift certificate to the
Missouri Star Quilt Company.
 One last beauty shot from the quilters of 
Scrap Club hosted by Kevin the Quilter.


a silly one!
You know, it's great to be crazy!

I hope you all enjoyed our Lone Star Quilt show!
You can make one too!
Just go to the following
free tutorials by
Donna Jordan is an amazing teacher!

Thanks for all of your encouragement!
Thanks for being a friend!
Keep on Quilting!
Kevin the Quilter