Saturday, May 31, 2014

Just in time.....

I made it just in time for May's color of green for RSC14!

 Modified Maverick Stars

Here are all of the Maverick Stars playing together!

And here is the green "Soul Searching" block.
I am LOVING these black backgrounds!

Linking up with soscrappy.

And here are a few stockings in blue I have made for another Veterans sewing group I am a part of.

No blocks came in today, so, we have ALL of our entries for the big drawings!


Check back on Monday to see if you are one of the winners in

Kevin the Quilter's Quilt of Valor Block Drive!

Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Kevin the Quilter

Friday, May 30, 2014

Update of AWESOME PEOPLE..........

I thought I better do an update so those of you who have sent in blocks KNOW I have in fact received them!  This block drive has been one of the most rewarding projects I have ever worked on in my life!  Your notes, cards, letters, and kind words have filled me with such emotion and joy!  Thank you ALL for what you have done to help our Veterans through Quilts of Valor!  

Here is the latest edition of AWESOME PEOPLE!
Remember, if you sent in 5 blocks, that qualifies you for 1 entry for the prize drawings!

The following 11 ladies are quilters that belong to the
 River Heritage Quilt Guild in Cape Girardeau, Missouri where I will be speaking:
Mary Lou
Mary L.
Anne with The Moonlighters in Florida
Laura in North Carolina
Wendy in North Carolina
Susan in North Carolina
Linda in Maryland
Clara in North Carolina
Patti in Wisconsin
Kristine in Utah
Donna in New Jersey
Lynn in Michigan
Irene in New Jersey
Nancy in New Jersey
Jean in New York
Patty in Kentucky
Bonnie in Maine
Cathy with the Plymouth County Cranberry Quilters in Massachusetts
Pam in Mississippi
Denise in Mississippi
Kim in Mississippi
Dee Dee in Wyoming
Lynn in California
Mish in New Jersey
Gina in Colorado
Colleen in Arizona
Joan in Tennessee
Margie in Wyoming
Sue in Wyoming
Katie in Utah
Kathy with the Loose Thread Quilters in Pennsylvania
Char in Minnesota
Peg in Illinois
Millie in Missouri
Cecilia in Iowa
Debbie in Ohio
Delia in Colorado
Nichole with The Rochester Modern Quilt Guild in New York
Jennie in Ohio
Marilyn in Pennsylvania
Michaeleen with the Goin' Sewing Group in Pennsylvania
Melissa in Texas
The following 4 ladies are with the Piece'N Harmony Quilt Guild in New York:
Adela in Colorado
Roxanne in Hawaii
Ila in Illinois
David in Illinois
Susan in Oklahoma
Elaine in Missouri
Colleen in Colorado
Sharon in Tennessee
Suzanne in Massachusetts
Harriet in Georgia
Dianne in Missouri
Jennifer in Ohio
Judy in Illinois
Lynette of What a Hoot Quilts
The following 10 people are with Northwest Quilters, Inc.:
Peggy in Maine
Kate in Hawaii
Amy of Amy's Passions
Mary Ellen of  QuiltMouse
Dee of mike & gabby

And the following quilters generously donated blocks, but, cannot be included in the prize drawing:
Becki in Califorina
Judy in Illinois
Helen in Australia

WE ARE UP TO 5,680 BLOCKS!!!!!

Doesn't this look like a fun group of ladies?!?!?!?!
This is The Moonlighters from Florida!
I LOVED receiving your blocks and photo, and thank you so much for embracing this block drive!

I will update the blog on Sunday, June 1st as this is the final day for entries to be included in the prize drawings!

I will update the blog with the winners and hopefully a video of the drawings on Monday, June 2nd!

(Boy!  Am I glad I took this week off!!!!! WHEW!!!!!!)

And here comes the "Pathway of Valor" quilt parade!

This quilt top was made  by Pam, Denise, and Kim in Mississippi!

 This quilt top was also made by Pam, Denise, and Kim in Mississippi!

This top comes from Kristine in Utah!

 And, how about this top from Donna in Missouri with the River Heritage Quilt Guild?

Here is another from Chris in Missouri with the River Heritage Quilt Guild!

 Next we have Dee of mike & gabby's completed quilt top!

Amy of Amy's Passions sent in this quilt top!

Judy in Illinois made this version of "Pathway of Valor."

And David in Illinois made his version of the quilt!

Colleen in Colorado made this quilt top and also sent a label and presentation case!

Diane in Missouri sent this quilt top along with a donation!


These tops are ALL beautiful, and I really appreciate your efforts, and so will a Veteran!
All so different, yet so beautiful!

Lisa from the United Kingdom generously donated these labels from Spoonflower!
Cheryl of Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting sent in 2 backings!
Vicki in Wisconsin sent in 6 bindings and the thread......and SCRAPS!!!!
Donna in New Jersey also sent in a donation!



 My little Sophia Annabella wanted to show you all these goodies!
Ila in Illinois sent in 2 backings and the thread.
Suzanne in Massachusetts sent in the binding.


Holly in Indiana sent in 4 pieced backings and 4 bindings along with some strips to make more binding!
Katie in Hawaii sent in some extra strips for binding as well!
Mary Ellen of QuiltMouse sent in 5 presentation cases!


Again, make sure to check back here Monday to see if you are one of the big winners of the
Kevin the Quilter's
Quilt of Valor Block Drive!

Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Quilters are AWESOME PEOPLE!
Kevin the Quilter

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Airing of the news segment...........

The following is a link to the news segment that aired in the St. Louis viewing area last night.  Parts of it are jumbled for some reason, but, you can still get the idea.

I am pleased with the way the piece turned out, and I am even more pleased that everyone was included in it!  But, let me make this clear......I am NOT overwhelmed......simply OVERJOYED at the amount of blocks that I have received during this block drive.

Big news!  I received some blocks from Hawaii today!  I sure hope Nevada comes through before June 1st!

Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Thanks for believing in this block drive!
Kevin the Quilter

Sunday, May 25, 2014

One week left...............

Ladies and Gentlemen...........

In one short week, this QOV Block Drive will be coming to an end!

But, first, may we all take a moment to remember those who gave their lives defending the United States of America for our freedom this Memorial Day?

I would like to thank each and every Veteran at this time!

I can't believe how many of you have given of your time, talent, and treasure to my humble plea for QOV blocks!

The call was sent out for blocks on March 2, 2014, and as of May 25, 2014 we have received a total of.........

5,297 BLOCKS
(I will be making a blog post for all of the recent AWESOME PEOPLE who have donated blocks prior to the drawing on June 2nd.)

We are ALL making a difference here!

It is simply unbelievable, but, I know it is true, because, I have the blocks to prove it!

This stack of blocks measures 30" tall!

We can all be very proud of the work we have done in these 3 short months!

But, I MUST thank the sponsors of this block drive for generously donating the following prizes for the drawing which will be held June 2, 2014.

Please remember, to be included in the prize drawings, your blocks MUST be received by June 1, 2014, no exceptions.  1 entry will be made for every 5 blocks received.  Again, there may be someone that wins more than one prize by virtue of having MANY will all be the luck of the draw.  Each entry is eligible for any of the prize placements.

Our 1st place winner will receive:

A $100 Gift Certificate to 
Courtesy of Kevin the Quilter

along with....

 1 "Color Wheel" Stash Pack
an assortment of Mistyfuse

Let's hear from Vicki Welsh.....
"I'm a big supporter of the QOV program but I just don't have the time to make as many as I want. My local quilt club makes quilts for a local veteran's hospital and I quilt most of them. That takes up my "free" quilting time so I don't get to do a lot for QOV anymore. But, I can still support the effort by supplying prizes for programs like this block drive.  Secondly, there's hardly any better advertising than sponsoring activities happening in the blog world! Blog quilters are some the the most prolific quilters I know and blog quilters who support drives like Kevin the Quilter's QOV Block Drive are always in need (and deserving) of new fabric! I want to be the person who introduces them to the joy of sewing with hand dyed fabrics."

Our 2nd Place winner will receive:
1 "Color Wheel" Stash Pack
Free quilting of Susan's choice on a quilt measuring up to 60"x80", you provide the backing.
Courtesy of Susan of Farm Quilter

Let's hear from Susan...
"I quilt professionally so being involved in any way with Quilts of Valor is a way for me to give back a little to my dad (USN) and uncle (USAF) who served in WWII, my cousins (USAF, USN) who served in Vietnam and my daughter (USA) who served in Iraq and Afghanistan and who is still an active duty soldier.  I am so grateful for the sacrifices they, and their fellow servicemen and women, made and continue to make, that hopping on the Kevin the Quilter's QOV Block Drive is a natural fit!  Thank you, Kevin, for giving me this opportunity to give back a little!"

Our 3rd Place Winner will receive:
A copy of "String Fling" by Bonnie K. Hunter 
Courtesy of Kim of Pokeytown Kim

Let's hear from Kim....
"I want to donate Bonnie Hunter's "String Fling - Scrappy Happy and Loving it!" for Kevin the Quilter's QOV Block Drive because in many ways Bonnie and Kevin are alike......they both make something beautiful from nothing!  Bonnie teaches how scraps can be used in such imaginative ways, by utilizing scrap bits quilters used to throw away, and turning them into gorgeous, usable, cozy, quilts!  Now, Kevin is taking one little donated block from quilters and turning them into hundreds of quilts to comfort our soldiers, not only physically but emotionally too!  These quilts let them know we care and how much they matter to us all. It's really not much from us quilters to help Kevin do a worthy and noble deed...really something wonderful from nothing.  Happy Sewing!  I hope the winner of this book enjoys it as much as I do!"

And our 4th Place Winner will receive:

"A New Leaf" jelly roll by Benartex

Let's hear from Ann...
"As a busy long arm quilter and owner of Attic Threads & Quilts, I don't always have the time I would like to donate to Quilts of Valor.  Donating a prize to Kevin the Quilter's QOV Block Drive is one way I CAN help.  I hope this gives a little extra incentive to bring in many blocks for this drive!"

I cannot thank these sponsors enough for their endorsement of this QOV block drive!  I want to thank them from the bottom of my heart, and I want to wish each and every person that has sent in blocks, and has an entry in the prize drawings the very best of luck!  I wish everyone could win!  But, in all honesty, the real winners in this block drive are the Veterans who will be receiving the quilts made from our combined efforts!

Best wishes to each of you!
Thanks for ALL of the encouragement and support!
Kevin the Quilter

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Playing catch up.........

It isn't easy playing catch up!  Not to mention playing mustard or mayonnaise for that matter!

But, I digress...............

There are some wonderful people who are LONG overdue for their official shout out!

Thanks for your patience!!!!!

So, here we go..........

Here is a list of some really AWESOME people:

Debra in Ohio
Cynthia in Georgia
LuAnn of Loose Threads
Darlene in Oklahoma
Salli in California
Sharon in Connecticut
Judy in Texas
Janice in Missouri
Meg in Virginia
Jane in Deleware
Joann in Pennsylvania
Diane in New York
LaVerne with the Jacksonville Area Senior Center in Illinois
Cindy in Maryland
Barb in Iowa
JoAnne in Michigan
Jan in California
Marci in Missouri
Mari in Washington
Sandra in Michigan
Mary Ann in Missouri
Julie in Colorado
Celynn in Colorado
Diane in Missouri
Linda in Texas
Linda A in Texas
Nancy with the North Suburban Needle Arts Guild in Illinois
Sharon in Arizona
Sue in Pennsylvania
Master Sergeant, Retired, Patricia in Oklahoma
Kathleen in Texas
Cynthia of Kitsune Quilts
Barb in Minnesota
First United Methodist Church Quilt Group in New York
Deb in Colorado
Bonnie in California
Cindy in Indiana
Carolyn in Ohio
The Beach Border Quilters in North Carolina/South Carolina

Cris in Montana generously sent in a block, but, cannot be entered into the drawing.


Only 2 states are not represented as of today:
Nevada and Hawaii
If ANYONE knows ANYONE in either of these states, there are still a couple of weeks to get blocks in!



Remember me talking about the goodies that have been sent in for the drive?

Several completed tops have been sent in!

 Judy in Texas sent in this wonderful top!
Great job Judy, and thanks!

 LuAnn of Loose Threads sent in this top in the midst of selling her home!
Thanks for taking time out for this QOV drive LuAnn, and thanks for the pizza too! ;-)

Joann in Pennsylvania sent in this very patriotic/nautical looking top!
I love the solids in this one!  Wonderful job Joann!

Kim with the Beach Border Quilters sent in this terrific top!
I love those steely blues!  Amazing job!

Judy of  Quilting Paradigm sent in these wonderful backings!
Make sure to check out Judy's blog and see her amazing entry in the Blogger's Quilt Festival!  
Way to go Judy!

Mari in Washington sent in these presentation cases along with bindings and color catchers.  And Linda A in Texas sent in bindings as well as color catchers!
How generous of you both Linda and Mari!  I really appreciate your contributions to the drive!

Linda in Iowa and Ramona in Virginia sent in several colorful bindings for the completed quilts!
These are going to work out beautifully!
Cindy in Maryland sent in yardage and several threads for piecing and quilting!
Thank you all SOOOOOOOO much!!!!
You are helping with this block drive in more ways than I could have imagined!

Lisa B from the United Kingdom!
You ROCK!  I received this package from the Missouri Star Quilt Company on your behalf!
Jelly rolls for binding, and threads for quilting!
How absolutely sweet of you to participate from across the pond!
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

Sue in Pennsylvania sent in 6 presentation cases!
Master Sergeant, Retired, Patricia in Oklahoma sent in some yardage!
Kathleen in Texas sent in the military yardage and 4 presentation cases!
Shirl in Pennsylvania sent in 8 bindings!
And Marci in Missouri sent in a donation for backing and batting!
I am simply floored and speechless at everyone's giving spirit to this block drive for Quilts of Valor!
And, if you know me, it is pretty dog-gone hard for me to be speechless!


And, we had our very first sew day for the blocks on May 17th.
Fun was had by all, and we were able to complete 20 tops!
A HUGE thank you to all who came and participated!
And a very special thank you to my good friend Dar of Dar's Patchwork Garden for organizing the event and securing the venue!

Click on the link below to see a slide show of the event:


Enjoy the photos!

A few reminders:
-In order to be entered into the drawing for the prizes, your blocks MUST be received by June 1st.  I am sorry, but, I really can't make any exceptions.
-Drawings will be held June 2nd, and as of right now, I hope to make a video of the drawings, but, we will see about that when the time comes.
-Several people are entered numerous times for the amount of blocks they have sent in, so, there is a possibility that someone may win more than one prize?  Who knows????  Remember, 1 entry for every 5 blocks.
-A complete list of prizes and sponsors for the prizes will be posted next week.
-The interview with Fox2News in St. Louis is supposed to air sometime this coming week.  As soon as it does, I will try to provide a link here so all of you may see it.

Thank you all again for all you do!
Thanks for all of the encouragement!
We are blessed!
Kevin the Quilter

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

In the news...........

In the news.............

4,000+ blocks!!!!!!!!!
HOLY COW!!!!!!!!!!

My most sincere apologies for not updating the blog last week.......

My most sincere apologies for the brevity of this post....................

My most sincere apologies for not replying to comments...............

Happy Mother's Day to my beautiful momma!

I do hope you all will understand last week, and this past Mother's Day weekend have been BEYOND really busy and hectic, and there wasn't a computer to be found anywhere for me to update the blog? Thanks for understanding that I do have other things on my plate.  I ASSURE each of you who have sent blocks in, as well as goodies WILL get your shout out!  I PROMISE!!!!!!!  Man, OH MAN, have there been some awesome goodies sent in!

And, there are some REALLY EXCITING things going on right now with the block drive......

We are gearing up to have our first work/sew day on all of these blocks!

  Me and several of our Quilt of Valor, Eastern Missouri leaders, along with Kelly, the owner of O'Sewpersonal Fabric Shop were interviewed by the local Fox affiliate.

Kelly was so gracious to allow us to be interviewed in her beautiful shop!

Me with Jackie, Linda, and Jean, leaders of Quilts of Valor, Eastern Missouri.
I promise an update soon Jean!!!!! LOL

Hold please..............Kevin the Quilter will be updating the blog and block drive soon.................

Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Kevin the Quilter

Saturday, May 3, 2014

AQS in Paducah.......

AQS in Paducah.......
It's hard to believe it was already a week ago!
I had so much fun visiting family in Kentucky, and going to the show with my cousin Phyllis!
I am taking this week off from the QOV Block Drive to share with you some of the goodies, old and new, I was able to see while in Paducah!

While my dad and cousin discussed antique cars.........
And, my Momma toured the Amish with another cousin........

I went to browse some antique malls and saw some of these beauties!
Enjoy the antique quilt show and tell me which is your favorite?

 I LOVE THIS QUILT!  This is my favorite!
It looks so modern, yet it is very vintage!
Any clues as to the name of this layout?  It appears to be some "Drukard's Path" blocks to me?

I was able to take my cousin Phyllis to Eleanor Burns' "E" Quilt Show!
We had a blast, and I think I have converted my cousin into a quilter!

And, here come the show quilts!  Granted, these are just some of my favorites!
There is a large variety of quilts from modern to traditional!
Have you ever entered one of your works in a show?
I'm curious.........
What are some good reasons, and not so good reasons to enter your quilt in a show?

 My friend Ann's quilt, "All My Rowdy Friends", received an Honorable Mention!

 This is one of my personal favorites!  I LOVE the colors and those eyelashes!

Well, what did you think of the show?  I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed sharing it and seeing the quilts with you!  I will be back next week to share with you more blocks received from the drive, as well as information about our wonderful sponsors for the prizes of the drive! (My apologies if you sent in blocks this week, you will definitely be included in next week's post!)

Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Keep on a quiltin'!
Kevin the Quilter