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Sapphire Stars Clue #3

Hey "Sapphire Stars" Scrap Quilters!

Is your link to the Introduction of
"Sapphire Stars"

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Let's all stand and applaud Heather of Peachy Pages
for her wonderful PDF skills!

I'd also like to thank my friend Ann of 
for helping me design Sapphire Stars in EQ7!

We have finally made it to Clue #3!

I now have the permission from Alycia  and Wendy, so we shall continue......LOLOLOLOL

Truly, I have loved seeing all of your progress with this mystery quilt!

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In Clue #3, we will be using........
The Tri Recs Triangle Rulers 
by Darlene Zimmerman

I personally feel it is good to have a plethora of useful
tools in my quilt making arsenal.
I use these tools A LOT due to their versatility.

Let's start out with a refresher's course in how
to use the Tri Recs Rulers, shall we?

I can't think of a better quilter to share with us
how to use these tools than the quilter that
taught me how to use them......

You guessed it..........

Bonnie has given me permission to link to her very useful
tutorials on her website sharing how to use these rulers.

Bonnie is demonstrating in DIFFERENT unit sizes than we will be
using for our "Sapphire Stars" Mystery Quilt!
This is only for reference purposes!

After going to her video tutorial site, the link is below,
 scroll down and select:

"Cutting With Tri Recs Rulers"
"Sewing Tri Recs Units"

To watch these videos,


I hope you have watched Bonnie's video tutorials now.
If you haven't, please go and watch them.
We will wait for you.........

Welcome back from watching Bonnie's 
helpful videos!

For Clue #3 we will be making:

 48: 6 1/2" Tri Recs Units
using neutral backgrounds (triangles)
navy star points!

You will need to cut the following:

48: 6 1/2" neutral background triangles
48: navy 6 1/2" left side star points
48:  navy 6 1/2" right side star points

You can do this by using 6 1/2" strips of fabric,
similar to the way Bonnie was using 3 1/2" strips
of fabric in her video tutorial
you can use the rulers as templates like I did.

Allow me to demonstrate.....

How many of you have scraps in your stash that
you would consider odds and ends????

Perhaps like this?

As you can see.....the Tri Recs Ruler/template
fits on these oddly shaped scraps easily!
I am sure some of you are concerned about bias....
well, we are already going to be dealing with
bias using this tool as it is.
Just think in terms of depleting scraps
and using it all up!

I use an old, smaller cutting mat so it is easy
to turn without having to move the fabrics
or rulers with each cut.
You could also use a rotating cutting mat,
I just need something a little larger for

I personally LOVE being able to use up scraps this way!
It adds so much variety to my scrap quilts.
It was my goal to make every piece different, and with this step,
believe it or not, I was able to use 48 different navy fabrics for 
the left sided, and 48 different navy fabrics for the right sided star points!
The Tri Recs Ruler star point has to be placed upside down to make the left 
sided star points.  That is why I have 2 different piles of 48 different fabrics
in the photo above.

Let's go step by step, shall we?

Go through your scraps in the colors needed
with your rulers in hand
and match your Tri Recs Ruler/template to each scrap
making sure it will fit for cutting.

Press these fabric scraps before cutting.
I use a pressing agent such as Mary Ellen's Best Press.
It helps to keep the fabrics to "hold" together for
more accurate least it does for me!

Here is a very special message concerning this clue
yours truly,
 Uncle Kevin the Quilter.....


Here, I am using odd and end scraps of neutral fabrics to 
make the triangle backgrounds.
I feel comfortable cutting 5 layers at a time with my 60mm
rotary cutter.
By cutting in 5's, I can also keep track of the number of units I have 
already cut.

Don't forget to cut off that tip at the top!

I turn the smaller cutting mat around in
order to obtain an accurate cut.
Don't forget  to cut that bottom off either!

48 different neutral background triangles done in no time!


.....on to those right sided star points.
Another stack of 5 different navy scraps 
 that will work!

Notice they are placed on a smaller
cutting mat that I can turn as I need to 
in order to make the next cut.

Don't forget to cut that little notch!
It helps so much when aligning these units 
when sewing!

Rotating the smaller mat as I cut.........
NOT moving the fabric or Tri Recs Ruler/template.

Isn't this fun??????
Who else uses these rulers as a template
so you can bust some scraps/stash???

And there ya go!
Another 5 units cut, just like that!
Obviously, I discard everything except those
cuttings on the right side....those are saved for 
future scrap endeavors!
They will go into my blue crumbs bin.

Don't FORGET to turn the Tri Recs Ruler/template
UPSIDE DOWN when cutting for 
the left sided star pieces!
Like so!

After cutting all of your pieces.....

Go to your sewing machine and place your units like this.
This helps me keep things correct... sewing one side at a time.

As you will recall in Bonnie's demo, that notch is so important
in aligning these units correctly for sewing.
Like this!

Feed the units one by one through your 
machine like this.
And, NO.......I am NOT ashamed to say
I use a seam guide! LOL
Since using one, my accuracy 
increased so much!

Here is another view of a unit ready to go through the machine.
Sewing these units may feel strange to some of you who are new
 because the star point exceeds the top of the background triangle.
But, that is the way it works.
I highly suggest you practice cutting a few, and sewing 
a few before you dive into this clue.

Add the left sided star point and align
using the notch again.
Feed through the machine from that notch.

Here are some finished units!
The one on the left is before trimming dog ears.
The one on the right is after trimming dog ears.

Make sure to trim those dog ears off
when finished with this part of the clue!

If your cutting is accurate,
your 1/4" seam is accurate....
these units should be accurate!

there's one more little item we need to 
do for Clue #3..........

Cut 24: 1 1/2" x 6 1/2" strips of Royal/Brilliant Blue
Cut 24:  1 1/2" x 6 1/2" strips of Light Blue

I may have a trick up my sleeve coming up sometime in 
the near future.......
perhaps a surprise clue of sorts????
Be ready!!!!!
You never know what I may do........
It's a MYSTERY!!!!!!
(Laughed in an evil scientist sort of way!)

As always, if you are more comfortable making these
units another way, I encourage you to do so.

Thanks for playing along!

Until next time,
Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Keep on Quilting!
Kevin the Quilter

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Playing Mustard...........


Since I haven't been doing a good job at playing ketchup/catsup/catch up...... get it?????

I might as well play mustard!

I apologize to you all for not tuning the old blog and playing it the past week or two.......

As my faithful readers know...........August is family time around these parts!

And not only has it been family time, it has also been a time to visit with and host friends
while enjoying a wonderful summertime harvest!

Come along while I share some photos of what has been going on around
The Quilt Cave lately!

August is ALWAYS family time!
Sis brings my niece and nephew along with Mom and Dad 
to my house to celebrate Dad's birthday.
And everyone goes "back to school" shopping!

This year was unbelievable yet awesome!
If it is true that a dog lives 7 years to 1 human year.....
My little Sophia Annabella AND my Dad both
turned 77!
We had a great time celebrating both of their birthdays!

Sophia got a bone ALL her own!
Ummm....she was a little bit eager to take that first bite!

Of course her birthday bone was shared with this little booger!
Lilly Mae!!!!
Wow!  She is growing so quickly!
Look at those bat ears!!!!!!

While everyone was here, my niece suggested we visit the
If you are ever in St. Louis......don't miss this
beautiful attraction!

I love when my family comes for a visit!

I also love it when my quilting friends come to visit!

The Cave Quilters gathered at the Quilt Cave
and completed the blocks for our QOV Snake Charming quilt!
My quilting friends
Cherie of Quilted Jonquil,
Darlene and
Jan of The Colorful Fabriholic all came together
to create this stunning quilt.
Jan shared with us how to make this block and recently
shared how to make your OWN Snake Quilt
This is a wonderful tutorial!
Way to go Jan and the Cave Quilters!

This handsome boy even made an appearance after all
of the blocks were completed!
Obviously, he is as thrilled as we are about it!

My friend Alycia's
A6 Big Star Country mystery quilt was a 
smashing success!

Here is my scrappy version of this mystery!
What a quick and stunning quilt to make for a
wonderful cause!

I was thrilled to be able to visit and host
Alycia of Alycia Quilts here at the 
Quilt Cave for a couple of days 
as she drove cross country!

It was fun being able to share with her some of the sites
in and around Metro St. Louis.
A few quilt shops were visited as well!
You can read all about her Missouri visit

We were finally able to have our photo made
with our collaboration QOV quilt,
"Flying Salute."
This quilt was made after seeing an antique quilt found 
by one of our favorites, Bonnie Hunter of
Alycia's quilting is absolutely stunning on this quilt!
You can see more about Alycia's quilting of this quilt

Speaking of Bonnie Hunter.......
Meet............. Bonnie Hunter!
My niece named this hen in honor of
my admiration for my quilting rock star!
I hope to do an update of all of the chickens here
at the Quilt Cave soon!

I have been pleasantly surprised by the tomatoes I have been
blessed with this summer.
Especially since the soil had not been properly amended.

I have also been blessed with several zucchini from the garden.
I LOVE making zucchini bread at this time of the year.
My favorite recipe for it can be found

Speaking of harvesting.......
it was time for these turkeys to provide
some good wholesome food for me and my family.
This was my first experience growing turkeys for food.
They were given a wonderful life here on this earth.
I was pleased with all aspects of raising them.  I am
looking forward to  
being able to share a home grown turkey for my
family's Thanksgiving dinner this year.
The turkeys ranged in weight from 14 lbs to  20 lbs.

And, in  closing.........
I have noticed a lot of a color theme going on lately......

Like here...........

And, take a look at those stained glass windows......

That color pallet looks awfully familiar to me?????
Does it you????

seeing all of the LOVE for

by all of you who are participating!

Thanks Heather!!!!!!!!

Let's use:
for Facebook, Instagram, and any other
social media posts so everyone can go
to one place and see everyone's progress shall we?

My personal instagram is:

Be looking next week for clue #3 of our mystery!

Thanks for being a friend!
Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Keep on Quilting!
Kevin the Quilter