Monday, December 3, 2012

In the beginning........



Are you for real?


You're kidding with me, right?

The answer to all of these questions (except the last one) is YES!  I am creating my own blog!


In this blog I plan to feature my creative side.  A side of me that has been waiting to be unveiled for a very long time.  My therapeutic side...................QUILTING! 


I would love to have some fun along this blogging journey while I reveal my reasons for quilting, how I got involved in quilting, and other tid-bits of knowledge I have gathered throughout my career as a flight attendant.  You can bet there will be a great deal of Boston Terrier rhetoric as well!  Perhaps there will be posts about gardening, or flea market/antique mall finds?  Who knows? 


Anywho, this is the first post in the old record books.  And I want to thank Bonnie Hunter of  for spurring me to create this blog post so I can share my progress along with her mystery quilt, Easy Street.  I would also like to thank Alycia of for recommending that I start a blog of my own.


As soon as I learn how to upload photos, and share links, and yadda, yadda, yadda..........I will!


Thanks for your encouragement! 

Kevin the Quilter 

No Boston Terriers were hurt while taking this photograph!



  1. Yay Kevin!! Welcome to the blogging world!! It will be fun to try to keep up with you ;-) Love love love the dogs!!

  2. OMG, read your Easy Street comment nd saw these two Canine Americans. We have two BTs also, brother and sister. Don't you just love them? Such antics. Anyway, I'm liking your color scheme. Can't wait for clue 3.

  3. Funny. I started my blog for a similar reason. I made a quilt from a pattern in a book. The author had a link party for that quilt and I wanted to post my photo! Welcome to blogging, Kevin. It will be fun to follow your progress.
    Nancy from joy for grace

  4. Welcome to blog land! You've got a great style of writing, I'm sure you'll have many followers in no time.

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