Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Welcome home 1138th Engineer Company........

Quilts of Valor Eastern Missouri was able to participate in the homecoming of the 1138th Engineer Company (Sapper) by presenting each member with a quilt.  My friend Dar who introduced me to Quilts of Valor Eastern Missouri already created a beautiful post about this event here.  I would like to share some of my photos from that day on my blog........

The Patriot Guard escorted the quilts to the venue on their motorcycles.

You can read more about the Patriot Guard Riders here.

Here come the quilts!

Some of the Patriot Guard held flags as others carried the quilts to the venue.

The quilts in pillowcases waiting to be distributed to their new owners.

After the company was officially dismissed, Jean and Jackie along with
members of the Patriot Guard distributed the Quilts of Valor.

Linda, Jackie, and Jean stand with two of the recipients.

Jackie, Jean, and Linda stand with the Captain of the company with his Quilt of Valor.

I was so happy to see several members of Quilts of Valor, Eastern Missouri
make the 90 mile trip to be part of the presentation.

I can't put into words how happy I am to be a part of this wonderful organization!!!!!

I believe I promised some photos of the quilting of "Golden Rings".  I can't believe I hadn't been to my parent's home in almost two months, but, that is exactly how long it had been.  Work, commitments, and the need to be in MY home after long stints of flying prevented me from making the two hour drive to my parent's house, but, I was able to have a nice 4 day visit with them.

Here is "Golden Rings" laying across my parent's bed.
(I started making rings and didn't know when to stop!)

I promise the arcs are not wonky like they look in this photo!

I was so pleased with the way it turned out thanks to my friend Ann!

I also received two surprises from some quilting friends at recent quilt gigs.

Scraps from Lou!

And scraps from Marsha!

Thank you ladies SOOOOOOOOOO much!

I have a few things under wraps here, and I am DYING to share them with you all.  When the time comes, trust me, I will!  Also, I am making up the pattern for one of the memory quilts I am making.  It's a great pattern for using in memory quilts, or using up those scraps!

Until next time,
Thanks for ALL of the encouragement!
Kevin the Quilter 


  1. Thanks so much for sharing the QOV stuff...always motivates me to get going or keep working on the next one!

  2. The thread on your parents' quilt really makes the quilting pop! A really good choice. Glad to finally see pictures of it and how nice to get one with your parents next to it as well. It's a beautiful quilt. Love the colors!

  3. Love your golden wedding ring quilt you made for your parents. The quilting on it is also wonderful, and adds to the quilt. Isn't it cool to be at a QoV presentation? Kinda gives you goose bumps.

  4. You have a super cool QOV group. Even the trailer impressed moi. Thanks for sharing your parents golden rings quilt. It's great to see the quilt lying in glory at it's destination. Now for the suspense. Why must you always do that to us? ;-) Can't wait to see what you have been working on!

  5. Kevin, your pictures and captions really do shine. I need to take some "photo" shooting lessons from you.! Your Golden Rings quilt is beautiful. Your parents don't look old enough to be celebrating 50 years!! Ann did a great job quilting it too.

  6. I can't remember the exact month of when you completed Golden Rings... still in awe!

  7. So many cool things to see and read about! I'm so glad to hear you were a part of the event of distributing the QOV quilts with the Eastern MO group. Beautiful quilts, too. Your parents' quilt is gorgeous, the quilting on it really makes it shine all the more. And no fair that you tell us you are keeping something under wraps! Enquiring minds want to know!

  8. The Wedding Ring Quilt is just stunning! Glad you got some time with family, it's amazing how hard it is to fit that in.

  9. Wow Kevin! Great pictures of a great event - made me feel as if I were there! I bet it was an emotional event. I would have needed a box of tissues I'm sure! Your Golden Rings looks amazing on your parents' bed!!! They certainly look pleased with it :*)

  10. Your Golden Rings quilt looks fantastic.Your parents must have been thrilled to receive it. I popped over to Dar's blog to check out her QOV post. It's an amazing effort to make so many quilts. What a wonderful gift for your returning servicemen and woman.I'm glad that so many of your members where able to be there to see their quilts distributed in person. Oh! that trailer looks very impressive.

  11. Kevin, Golden Rings turned out so beautiful! I bet they CRIED!!!

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