Sunday, December 22, 2013

Celtic Solstice Part 4.........ALMOST CHRISTMAS!!!!!!

Has a week passed already?

It CERTAINLY DOESN'T seem like it has been a week!

Time flies when you're having fun I suppose?  I have loved participating with you all, and interacting with many of you who are participating in:

Remember, I cannot reply to you if you are a "no-reply" commentator.  If you have any questions, you can e-mail me through the link located on the right hand side of the blog.  

The last two clues have been very doable for me in an evening's time.  I certainly am not Speedy Gonzalez, but, having my colors specifically selected and sorted through larger pieces to smaller pieces have helped me when it comes to selecting the fabrics for each clue.  Thus, the cutting goes faster, so the chain piecing goes faster.  

This week we were to make 120 4 patch units for the smaller version that will finish at 3" in the quilt.  There really are no tips or tricks to this.  Bonnie gives such wonderful and thorough instructions for each step, it would be ridiculous for me to bore you all with a "how to make a 4 patch" tutorial.  However, I will give this one bit of advice for giving your four patch units variety, especially if you are cutting strips from larger pieces of fabric.  Cut your strips down to 10.5" length strips and mix and match that way.  Not only are your strips going to be more manageable, but, there will be more ways to make variety, and get about "5" 4 patch units out of the 10.5" strip.

So without further adieu.............

Here is a sampling of my 4 patch units.
I see some sizzle and sparkle again, so I must be doing something right?  Right????? LOL
Again, Bonnie's green is my gold, and her orange is my red.

This just makes me happy to look at!
It made me even happier to sew.......SEW RELAXING!

Several participants in this mystery have been coming up with ideas of what they think the quilt may end up looking like.  I am very curious myself.  One particular design caught my eye......

Hmmmmmmmmmmm........could be????????
But, I know there will be at least two more clues as Bonnie let be known on her blog.

How on earth did that happen??????

So, I did get all of the memory quilts bound this week, and they are all ready to be given to their recipients on Christmas day.  Wanna see them???

"My Grandpa's Shirts"
Made for my niece from her paternal grandfather's flannel shirts.
An easy Chinese Coins pattern was the inspiration to display the shirting fabrics.
Purple is my niece's favorite color, and a freehand wavy line was used to quilt it.

 "My Grandpa's Shirts II"
Made for my nephew from his paternal grandfather's flannel shirts.
I used the same pattern and quilting, but, used my nephew's favorite color, blue, as the sashing.

And finally....

"My Dad Taught Me A Lot"
Made for my brother in law from his father's flannel shirts.
I made this pattern up as I went along.  I love the end result.
I will be writing this pattern up along with the other quilt I mentioned here that I 
made for my brother in law's brother.
Just give me until after the first of the year.

I truly hope that these quilts will bring back fond memories for their recipients.  And when they feel they are missing their, husband, father, or grandpa, they can go cuddle up in their memory quilt, and remember him fondly.  It was an honor to be able to make these quilts.  It was an humbling experience as well.

 I hope you will remember with me the greatest gift ever given to mankind this Christmas season! 

Merry Christmas to you and yours!
Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Kevin the Quilter



  1. Your Clue 4 looks very good. Yes, it does still sparkle. I like the "guess" arrangement. Your 3 memory quilts are great!! What a nice gift and the recipients will love them. Your niece's purple one is my favorite, I think. Wonder why?? May your Christmas be blessed with family and friends and have a happy and healthy 2014.

  2. Good job at not only keeping up but sparkling in completion! I love the guess you posted for the pattern, it's so much fun to see all the ideas floating around, I just can't wait to see what it will be! Thanks again for sharing, i am enjoying seeing your completed works as well as the mystery parts.

  3. I know what you mean about looking at it all and being so happy. Bonnie gives us a great gift at Christmas!

  4. Your blog is really beautiful with so many beautiful quilt just cool. Yes it's true quilt is like a therapy. My job is stressful and I am as a person required. When quilting can be so beautiful and belibet off this healthy. I wünshce you eiterhin fun while quilting.

  5. Good morning Kevin! Your memory quilts will be memorable thoughtful gifts. Love your block ideas. Merry Christmas.

  6. Beautiful memory quilt gifts!

    Your mystery colours look great. I'm really looking forward to seeing how Bonnie puts it all together.

  7. You have got lovely colors, and I like your suggestion for design!
    Your shirt quilts are also good looking.

  8. Your quilt is going to 'sizzle', great colors. Such meaningful and cozy quilts, I'm sure they'll be loved. Merry Christmas.

  9. Your test layouts are very interesting! Your colors look great & sparkly. I'm sure the recipients are going to LOVE those quilts.

  10. Great blocks and another wonderful tip for getting variety in our scrap quilts!! Precious quilts Kevin!!

  11. Your colors really do sparkle, I love the red/gold combo that you are using.

    What a great Christmas gift for your family to give them memories they can hold and touch when they need too.

    Have a joyous holiday.

  12. I enjoy reading your blog. Thank you for keeping us in your life.

  13. Whoo-ee, that's a whole lot of 4-patches! Well done. You did good on the memory quilts, Kevin. I'm sure they will be treasured. Nice to personalize them with the color schemes for your niece and nephew. Have a very Merry Christmas!

  14. Your 4-patches do indeed sparkle and shine my friend!!! Great color play :*) Love the memory quilts - such a priceless gift & a wonderful use of your gift to bless others!!!! Blessings to you and yours this Christmas!

  15. Watching your quilt come together makes me wish I'd kept up. The quilts you are gifting are going to make your family very happy. Merry Christmas to you!

  16. Good idea to aid in the scrapiness. I'm happy to see more colorways for this Mystery. I hope for the New year we get to assemble a Block, at least one of the two, since that seems like she usually does two blocks with a surprise design when they are combined.

  17. Way to go Kevin...keeping up with the mystery!!

  18. If you've been finishing each clue in an evening, I think you must be a pretty quick sewer! Some pretty good options for how the mystery quilt will turn out too. It will be interesting to see. As for the memory quilts, I know they'll treasure them. It was great of you to make each of them one. Merry Christmas Kevin!

  19. I like your red and gold four patches! I REALLY liked your red and silver pinwheels!

  20. Kevin, the quilts are wonderful! I bet they will be loved and appreciated so much! Hope your Christmas was great!

  21. What beautiful treasures you have created for your family. Quilts to be treasured forever. Now that I'm back on line, I've been searching back through your posts at Celtic Solstice. Colour combinations look great, especially the red and silver combo. Looking forward to keeping up to date from now on. Hope you hade a lovely Christmas and all the best for the new year.

  22. I am sure those quilts will be treasured ; )

  23. I saw your comment on Wanda Hansen's blog. I sure hope she tells us more about her confetti quilts. I nudged her, too. I am really enjoying all of my friends' progress on the Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt. All so different and fun! I had to laugh about your mock up of what you think it will finally look like. Too funny! Have a great weekend.

  24. So much to love in this post, I don't even know what to comment on. I love the quilt with your grandpa's shirts and the colors you chose for Bonnie's mystery are great. Take care. Happy New Year.

  25. You do realize that I live vicariously thru your completion of Bonnie Hunter's Mystery quilt.... Your memory quilts turned out beautifully. I know they will be treasured.

  26. Definitely doing something awesome with your Solstice! :) Hope your holidays were nice, good to see you again.

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