Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sentimentality......among other things........

Greetings and Salutations Quilters!

I have been waxing sentimental this past week.

Why you may ask?

For a great many reasons I suppose?

Remember this time last year?  We were in our first month of the QOV block drive I hosted on this blog.  I remember how overjoyed I was, and still am, simply realizing how generous quilters are in so many respects.  Little did I know in that first month the outpouring of support I would receive from you all would produce enough blocks to make 189 QOVs for veterans.

The QOV block drive quilts continue to be quilted by
QOV, Eastern Missouri, and by extremely generous long arm quilters.

Here is a sampling of some quilts that I have recently received.
The labels are being sewn down by my friend Joanie.  Thank you SO much Joanie!
These quilts have been quilted by my friends Dar, Vernie, Kim and Candy!
I can't thank you all enough for your support!
The quilting is so beautiful!

I was honored to be able to meet a young quilter along with his grandmother this past weekend at the 

Meet Graham and his Grandma Gerry!
And Graham's AMAZEBALLS quilt!
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE meeting young quilters, especially boys that are learning to quilt from their 
grandma........JUST LIKE I DID!  It truly takes me back in time.  From Gerry's smile, I think you can tell she is a little bit proud of her grandson Graham.....can't you? LOL  And Graham is certainly beaming with pride over his accomplishment.  We all were able to visit at the quilt show, and Gerry told me it is almost impossible to explain the pride she feels when Graham sews with her. I think my grandma probably felt the same way!

  "Radar" was also in this show warming up for Paducah!
Ann and I can't wait to see him hanging there!

"Autumn Dresden" also hung in the show.
This is the quilt I made for my best friends Jamie and Ted.  You can read about the making of "Autumn Dresden" HERE.
It was really great being able to share this experience with Jamie, and she was very delighted being able to see the quilt I made for her and quilted by my friend Ann hanging in the show.
Another reason I felt sentimental......I used my grandma's cardboard dresden template to make this quilt.

And how could you not smile seeing this?
It cracks me up!  What a sense of accomplishment!  Just like a little kid!
It only took him a year, but, my buddy Mike finished his first quilt top!
He says he was inspired by me, that's cool.....and sentimental.
But, moreover, I love being able to share this art we call quilting with other guys!

Here is Mike's top not completely sewn together, but, I think it is a very good looking quilt!
Many things were learned in the process of him making this, and what's great is.....
he is already talking about making a second quilt!

Meet "Sugar!"
On St. Patrick's Day, this little Pug (mix) came running up to me when I got out of my truck.
You all KNOW how much I adore my Boston Terriers, and I knew whoever this little girl belonged to must be frantic!  Through the wonders of social media, I was able to reunite her with her owner in the matter of a few hours.  She sure was a sweety!

And here is the "Americana Bear Paw" quilt I HAD to get out of my system!
Yes, it struck again, that overwhelming creative feeling to just sew what is racing through my mind!
No pattern, just playing, and challenging myself to use fabrics I wouldn't normally use.
Calicoes, batiks, florals....these are items I rarely if ever use.  But, they are in my scraps and need to be used!  I don't think this quilt looks "feminine" even though I used these fabrics?

Very poor quality photo, and I am sorry about know....a windstorm blew up so inside I went!  The neutrals really read well together, and those bear paw blocks POP!
As most of you know I love it when a quilt top sparkles, and the various shades of blues and reds really make this quilt do just that!  The saw tooth border was made from bonus triangles from this past year's "Grand Illusion" mystery quilt by Bonnie Hunter.

Thanks for letting me get some sentimental journeys out of my system!
I hope you take the time to reflect back on some great days in your quilting life!
Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Kevin the Quilter


  1. It is always a pleasure to see those QOV blocks and quilts still rolling out. What a smile on that young quilter (and gran) and what a super job he did. What a rarity to find a lost dog's owner so quickly, she knew just who to run to for help. I love the bear paw quilt!!

  2. Such a fun blog post... I had a smile on my face the whole time :)
    So glad Sugar found you and you found her family... that must have been so scary for her!
    Congrats on the Paducah news... so exciting!

  3. Awwww .... great quilts, great save. Love the Bear Paw, especially your setting. Still unsure about Paducah, but hoping to get there for a day at least.

  4. You seem to always have so much fun! This is a very happy place to visit. Love your new quilt top too!

  5. Love the little boy beaming with his grandmother by his quilt. That's a great story. I have a 5 yr old grandson, Ryan, who loves "quilting" with me. He helps by sitting in my lap (barely, these days) with his hands in "position" while I sew pieces. He raises the foot; presses the reverse button. I figured out that my Janome has a foot-free sewing button so he's been trying that. What a great memory for kids. Thanks for sharing yours!

  6. Going to the Quilt Show with you was such a great little treat! I had a wonderful time, and I Radar is so incredible to see in person. Such amazing detail!

  7. Yay for Mike! Way to go! I have been collecting fabrics since last year (Bonnie and Camille's Scrumptious was the spark for me) and have yet to cut into it. It sits in a stack for me to look at. I've bought a few collections in precuts with every intension of making quilts as well.
    I made a baby quilt for my daughter's teacher in 2005 and that's been it for me. It was an adorable quilt by P.S I love You Two! a 3D pinwheel quilt and it turned out great. She loved it.
    I am collecting patterns, rulers and making plans and I've yet to actually make anything. I buy only what I love and would hate to waste it by not doing a great job. The old man doesn't want to spend anymore money on fabric or supplies. He said I will never use it. I am delighted with Mike's quilt success. I know I'm going to wake up one day and just go for it.
    I'm so happy to see your Radar quilt. It is a masterpiece. I too love the bear claw block. Its on my to do list, which is growing by the day.
    Yay Mike! I'm Happy for YOU!

  8. Great quilt show!! So much love poured into those QOVs!! Simply adore the grandma/grandson team of quilters - such a wonderful bond that shall remain for the rest of their lives!!! Radar is such a cool quilt - hope it wins some ribbons in Paducah! Love your Bear Paw quilt and using your bonus HSTs makes for an AWESOME quilt!! Another uplifting blog filled with eye candy!!

  9. I think your Bear Paw looks just great. Not feminine by any means. Kudos to Mike on his quilt top. Sugar is a cutie and glad you found her parents. Bet they were frantic. What a great pic of the young man who will some day be famous -- like you! I didn't make the show to see Radar in person, but I will just have to wait and see it in the Winner's Circle in Paducah . I am going to that quilt show!

  10. wow Kevin the bear paw is wonderful and I love your dresden quilt. You have been busy. The QoV are so wonderful and such a wonderful thing to do, you are a very giving person.

  11. Lots of great quilts from lots of people. Good job to all of you GUYS. Glad you found the owners of the cute dog. You get to meet my newest dog soon.

  12. Hi Kevin,
    Thanks for sharing your quilts and quilt story. I love Radar and can't waut to see him in Padukah! I agree the Reds and blues pop in you bear paw quilt!
    Hope to meet you in Padukah,
    Mary in New Mexico

  13. Is that a rosette hanging on Radar? Can't wait to see it in person in Paducah. Congrats to Mike on his first quilt top! So glad you found Sugar and her owners!

  14. Such beautiful quilts and all so different. Mike's quilt looks great, so does your bear paw quilt.

  15. Sounds like you had a great time! Love Mikes quilt - you have taught him well!!

  16. A lot of quilting inspiration here! I love the excitement of new quilters when they're making their first quilts. Although I can't even begin to imagine how many UFOs I'd have now if I had started as young as Graham. Oh my! I would have loved to have done something like that with my grandma. Radar is an amazing quilt and I imagine you're over the moon to have it at Paducah. I have a friend that tried to get hers in this year but didn't make it.

  17. Your Bear Paw quilt really does look great. The neutrals definitely make the paws stand out and I love the little yellow corner stones. Definitely not a feminine quilt. Well done to create it yourself. Mike should be quite proud of his quilt. The fabrics work so well on that one too. It's nice to sit back and reflect. It has been a very busy year for you.

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