Sunday, May 24, 2015

Talkin' about "Talkin' Turkey"........

Greetings dear blog readers and friends!

I guess one address is as good as the other because I consider all of you who read the ole' blog a friend!

Let's see..........

What has happened since I last made a blog entry.........

Mother's Day was spent with my beautiful Momma and family!
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that woman!
I thank God every day for the parents He gave me!

My little Momma is pretty dog gone happy when she gets to be with all of her family!
I am too for that matter!
 I was able to harass my beautiful yet dingy sis on Mother's Day as well!
Just one of the many joys of being a baby brother!

A new computer was purchased.  The old one gave up the ghost!
ALL photos were lost......thank goodness I have them on disks!
One of the reasons I missed out on some blogging......grrrrrrr!!!!!

I have been helping out at O'Sewpersonal!
I have really enjoyed it!  It is so different from flying!
I get to play with fabric and visit with quilters!
The shop is gearing up for the "Row by Row" experience and
is joining in the "Farm Girl Vintage" craze that is sweeping the nation!
You can find out more about "Farm Girl Vintage by visiting
Lori Holt's blog at Bee in my Bonnet.

You may remember me showing you all a peek of this quilt in this post?
This is a 'techniques" sample I made for my friend Kelly at 
O'Sewpersonal.  It is really unlike anything I typically make.  However, it was made
with "tween" girls in mind.  She has asked me to demonstrate for some beginning quilters how to use her Accuquilt Studio to make strips and how to paper foundation string piece.
I am really excited about this opportunity!

And, remember me talking about a "Friendship Triangle Exchange?"
Well, my little group that I joined showed great interest in participating in one!
We are doing a color each month for a year.
April's color was brown, and for May it is green.
I can't wait to see how this turns out!

For those of you who follow Lori at Humble Quilts,
you will know she is hosting a Doll Quilt Swap.
I have really wanted to step out of my comfort zone as of late, and with Lori's
encouraging words, I joined in.  I have NEVER made a doll quilt, nor worked with
miniatures.  I did like the thought of playing with reproduction fabrics, and went to work
creating this quilt for my swap partner.  A LOT was learned during the process, and I truly hope
my partner will like the little quilt I made for her.

I will reveal the whole quilt after everyone has received their quilt and Lori hosts
the show and share linky party on her blog.  I realize it wasn't a "challenge," but, for me, it WAS!

Now..........let's talk about "Talkin' Turkey!"
"Talkin' Turkey" is a design by none other than Quiltaholic, Bonnie Hunter.

The pattern appears in her book:
"String Fling"
Available for purchase in her online store here.

I have had an obsession to make this quilt, well, since I first saw it!
I have a TON of red strings as well.
After seeing my blogging friends Andee and Rhoda having fun with the pattern, I put 2 and 2 together and decided it was time to make "Talkin' Turkey!"
I worked on cutting the quilt out for a couple of days and
my friend Bev and I had a sew day together to make the string blocks for the quilt.

 My friend Mike even helped take the foundation papers off!
He said it was really relaxing!  I concur!

So, here is my take on this design.......

A work in progress still.........

I am using GREEN for the NEUTRALS and I am going to 
make MYSELF a CHRISTMAS quilt!
Can you believe it?  I am actually making a quilt for me??????!!!!!!
This idea has been in the back of my mind for a while now.
I am thoroughly LOVING using up so many small scraps in my
green and red bins!  Did I mention how much cutting is involved????

I made the 9 patches and was digging it.......
Bev and I made the string blocks and I was loving that.......


Not completely sewn together as I am following the way Bonnie tells us
to make it in the book.  But, I just had to lay out the test block with some sashing!
Santa will truly be able to find me this year as I sleep under this quilt!
I hope he won't steal it away from me?????

And before I sign off, please thank a Veteran this Memorial Day!

Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Kevin the Quilter


  1. Missed hearing from you. Don't you think a computer should give us fair warning when it's fixin' to break down? Points out the need to back up -- which it's far past time for me to do! Talking Turkey is my favorite quilt from String Fling. Looking forward to seeing more.

  2. Your quilt is going to look fantastic!

  3. I am a sucker for black and white fabric! Love what you did with it. I try to collect all different prints, but it is tough. I am thinking of a next project with them as the flowering snowball made fabric block did not work with the black and whites. I also got a new computer and have not transferred all my quilt files and photos yet. I bought a refurb 15" Mac book and love it. Now, to just transfer the files! Love seeing all your work and your mother!

  4. Loving your Talkin turkey quilt so far! God bless that Bonnie Hunter, we are all addicted to her, that scrappy goodness gets me everytime! I have so many quilts of hers that I want to make and this one is on the list! Great job Kevin!

  5. Great version of Talkin' Turkey . . .

  6. I don't know where to start?? Ok!! one! I want to be a tween - I LOVE that quilt you did!!!! it is fantastic - and is sure to draw in the quilter!!! Talkin' Turkey - it is wonderful!! I love Green and Red - and Go you!!! ( ps - will it be done in time for 2015 Christmas??? tee hee hee)

  7. Both the "Tween" quilt and "Talkin' Turkey along with your Momma are beautiful! I can't wait to see what you create in June.

  8. Hey Kevin, have you EVER kept one of your Bonnie Hunter quilts for yourself? It seems like you always do your mystery quilts for Quilts of Valor. I love Talkin' Turkey and what a great idea to do it up Christmassy. Love your tween quilt too and pinned it! Have fun with your swaps and exchanges!

  9. What a great post today - lots of photos and great stories. Please take lots of photos while making your T.T. quilt - I'd love to see your progress and how you put it together - too many small pieces for me to attempt it but love seeing W.I.P photos - fingers crossed for a Christmas finish :)

  10. Great post! Can't wait to see you "doll quilt reveal". I'm sending mine out today.

  11. I enjoyed your blogpost today and am loving your Talking Turkey. I have the book and have always been attracted to that pattern. Maybe it will be my next BKH. Working on a Split Nine Patch now.

  12. Ahhh ... and I am the lucky recipient of the doll quilt! I'm so glad that you took the challenge. LOVE LOve, love it. Thank you. :-)

  13. Hi Kevin,
    Glad to have you back ! Loved this blog and I think the talking turkey Christmas quilt is going to be lovely! Are you on a break from flying? Thanks for sharing,
    Mary in New Mexico

  14. That is going to be a great quilt. Glad you have a new computer. I upgraded my laptop the day before we left, and, Comcast doesn't like the new operating system, so, I didn't have email for over a week, while we were gone. Oh well, I'm finally caught up.

  15. Kevin,
    the picture of you with your mother and sister is absolutely priceless!! Thanks so much for sharing! thanks for being such a wonderful son. I'm sure your mom totally appreciates it. Can't wait to see what doll quilt you made and what you received! It's a fun swap and so glad you joined!

  16. Love all the photos - your Mom is a cutie. Great start on the Talk Turkey, but I am really curious to see your doll quilt.

  17. Yes, I believe you might better hold onto that quilt pretty tightly on Christmas Eve night my friend!!! If Santa has any sense at all he'll snatch that beauty right up and have it up the chimney before you can blink twice!!! Love your idea to use red and green! I'm making TT too but in Bonnie's reds/creams - well, perhaps I should rephrase that .... in the far distant past, I started to work on TT and would like to one day pick it up and work on it again, maybe even finish it! (Wouldn't that be an amazing thing, huh?) LOL!!!

    Love your tweens technique quilt too! I have a few teen granddaughter who would love that :*) Give your mom a big hug for me! I'm hoping to see mine in the next couple of weeks *yay!*

  18. Lots of fun projects in the works. The "tween" quilt turned out really cute. Your Christmas quilt is going to be gorgeous. I'm not a big fan of string blocks, but they work well in that block.

  19. Your Talking Turkey will be great looking with reds and greens. I really like your Tweens quilt sample. That is certainly not your usual style, but it looks great with the black and whites with just a pop of a bright color. I could see making this for a relative of mine that just graduated and heading off to high school.

  20. Your Talking Turkey will be great looking with reds and greens. I really like your Tweens quilt sample. That is certainly not your usual style, but it looks great with the black and whites with just a pop of a bright color. I could see making this for a relative of mine that just graduated and heading off to high school.

  21. It IS delicious! Seriously great idea on making that a Christmas quilt!

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