Monday, June 15, 2015

This week in photos......

Thank you all so much for your concern over my diet......

Many of you commented on the diet.....
It went........OK.........well, the last day was very hard for me.
But, I did lose some weight, and will try it again this week and I will exercise more.

Could you all hear me yelling at the top of my lungs last week?
My friend Mary Ellen of Mary, Mary Quite Contrary registered she and I
for a Bonnie Hunter workshop to be held in conjunction with the
Circle in the Square Quilt Guild's Quintessential Quilt Show
in September.  I informed other friends to try to register for Bonnie's workshop
and several of my friends and I got in and will get to enjoy being with Bonnie in her
"My Blue Heaven" workshop!
Thanks so much Mary Ellen!!!!!!
I hope to see you there too if you are going!

 Sneak peek at a super cool project I have up my sleeve!
If you are in or around the O'Fallon, Missouri area, please visit
O'Sewpersonal Fabric Shop on Wednesday June 17th
for some super fun demos.  I will be demonstrating how to 
paper foundation string piece to make this project!

In other news......

 Some ominous weather blew through the neighborhood last week.
This is the remnants of a tornado that touched down nearby!
Thank God no one was hurt or injured!

 The last project before I put this house up for sale is tiling the master bath floor.
I selected these small tiles because it is a smaller bathroom.

 My friend Ann of  Attic Threads & Quilts is teaching me how to hand dye fabric!

 I received and sorted many scraps from my friend Lyna this week.
Thank you SO much for these wonderful scraps!

Hmmmmm........another project?  My grandma crocheted among her many other hand crafts, although I never got the hang of it.Perhaps it is time for another try at it thanks to my friends Amy at Amy's Passions andDar of Dar's Patchwork Garden always showing their beautiful crochet and knitting works.  If "The Crochet Dude" can do it...why can't I???

Thanks again for ALL of the encouragement!
Summer is slipping by quickly!
Go make something while you have the time!
Kevin the Quilter


  1. Congratulations on the weight loss. I love what you are working on and can't wait to see the finish. I wish I could be a fly on the wall at your Bonnie Hunter class. I think you and your friends will set the place on fire with your infectious enthusiasm!

  2. Now I know why you've been quiet this week! Wish I could come see your demo.

  3. I took one of Bonnie's classes back in 2012. She's scheduled to come to my guild again in 2016. I'm sure I'll take another class then. I should finish the first quilt, I guess. I took my Spartan to her class. It made it onto her blog (pictures). Keep up the good work on losing weight.

  4. I have never been able to get into a class with Bonnie (fill up so quickly) and she has been into my area several times. Lucky you!! Now I like peanut butter, but that much on one slice of bread - shame. I stretch one teaspoon between 2 slices of bread.

  5. Congratulations on all the great news! I took a class with Bonnie around Buffalo, NY last September (Crumb blocks). She usually does a trunk show the night before classes- make sure you see it. She brings tons of her quilts. Love the fabrics you are working on. A painting friend brought me a bundle of vintage Japanese fabric pieces today from her Japan vacation. What to do with those fragments! I also got a bag of scraps from friends who are longarmers on Friday and have sorted them all out.

  6. Congratulations on losing some weight! I sure wish is was as easy to take off as it is to put on! Eat less, move more...what a bore :) Heading out of town this week and I won't be home until there a package heading my way??

  7. Good job on the weight loss Kevin. I'm excited that you're going to crochet. I was a crocheter long before I quilted. Then I taught myself to knit wait til you have a fabric stash and a yarn stash!

  8. I did - I heard the screaming!! Congrats on getting in!! Can't wait to see you "secret project" - you are just crazy ! Tile???? Uck -t hat's hard work!!

  9. Don't even MENTION diet to me!!!! I had lost some weight last winter but it seems to have found me again :( *sigh* Oh well, I may have to go sew a few blocks to lift my spirits a little - and maybe snack a little to keep up my strength for all that work of course.

    Sew excited for you getting in Bonnie's class - I won't even go into how jealous I am!!!! And YES you can crochet!!! Crochet is actually very easy to do compared to knitting. A great way to relax and totally transportable too! I look forward to seeing some fun projects on your crochet hook soon :*)

  10. It never occurred to me that you couldn't crochet or knit. I know you can accomplish most anything that you decide to do, if you put your mind to it (including other 'hand' work). :) Love the look of your teasing sample. It reminds me of my selvage quilt but yours has much prettier fabrics! I'm getting more excited about joining you at Bonnie's workshop. Good going on your weight loss too. I love peanut butter, but didn't know it was a 'diet' food. Yummy

  11. HAHAHAHA! I love love love all the obsessions and new crafts heading your way! You are too funny!
    And THANKS for clearing up that mysterious noise I heard the other day. It kinda sounded like coyotes in a far off, distant land. Little did I know it was Mary Ellen and you screaming! ((I would have done the same thing too))

  12. Fun post ! Your string piece is awesome. Have fun doing the demos and also attending Bonnie's workshop.
    you're not excited...i can tell lol
    I never was good at crochet either, better with knitting. good luck

  13. Can't wait to see a post from your BH Workshop - FUN! I spotted some fabrics in your paper-pieced project. :) You're moving - WHAT??? Glad you and your neighborhood are safe. Can't wait to see what you make with that enormous hook and thanks for telling me to go make something. I'll get right on it!

  14. You are dabbling in a bit of everything!

  15. Wow Wee Kevin...Bonnie Hunter! Your photo says it all and has me grinning from ear to ear! Hooray for you and Mary Ellen and the rest of your friends. I have a feeling that is going to be even more fun than the usual BH class.
    Tornadoes scare the #^*% out of me. Glad no one got hurt in your area. Other than that it look like you have had a great week!

  16. My goodness Kevin, you are sooooo busy! Congrats on the weight loss and I am glad the tornado didn't get you. Your paper piecing is beautiful and I can just imagine how much fun it would be to watch your demo. Crocheting........I used to do that, might have to start again and I know you can do it!

  17. Whoa! What a treat to visit your blog - so much going on with color and food. Do you sleep at night? Lucky you getting to sit in a class with Bonnie Hunter. I love her scrappy quilts and I love the ones you have made of hers in the past. The paper piece is intriguing what you can see of it - you big tease! Lots of great looking fabric. Congrats on successfully dieting for one week. Hubby and I have been on the Wheat Belly diet. He has lost about 30 lbs and me about 3 lbs. Not fair!!

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