Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy Independence Day!

First and foremost.......


And thank you to all those who have served our country so that we may remain free.

Let's pray that it stays this way!

I have been flying a lot as of late, however, I do enjoy having the holidays off.  This year I am staying locked away in my sewing studio, and will watch fireworks on television.  Typically, I go to my sister's home and spend it with family barbecuing and making homemade ice cream.  But, this year, since my niece and nephew are older, and aren't as interested in shooting off fireworks, I am going to stay home.  I am hoping to finish up my 'Talkin' Turkey" Christmas top.

 2014 Rainbow Scrap Challenge
"Soul Searching" by Kathy Doughty
You all may remember, I made this quilt thinking it would be for me during last year's
RSC2014 hosted by SoScrappy?
Plans changed when I was flying with my long time flight attendant friend, Chris.
He was interested in seeing some of the quilts I was working on, so I showed him several
photos.  When we came to this one he simply asked "How much?????"

Backing of quilt........using up that stash!
I had never sold one of my quilts, but, after much thought, I decided I would.
Chris requested a scrappy backing, so I went through my black bin and black with prints bin
and went to work piecing the backing.
I LOVE a pieced backing!  It kind of gives a quilt a 2 for 1 look!

My friend Dar of Dar's Patchwork Garden quilted it beautifully in "Spiral Squares."
It is hard to tell in the photo, but, she used a variegated rainbow thread.
The quilt and quilting all work together to create a beautiful work of art in my opinion.

 Here is Chris on the left with his son holding his quilt.
Not the greatest photo I know, but, you can definitely tell they are pleased with it.
I have received numerous text messages from Chris thanking me, and telling me
who all he has shown his quilt to.  That is so AWESOME knowing how much someone
loves their quilt you worked on.
I am so glad I was able to experience this first sale with a friend.

I also have something to share that I am BEYOND pleased with and proud of!

You all remember my awesome cousin Phyllis!
We go to the AQS Paducah quilt show together and have a blast!
Well, we have a great time together, even when quilts aren't involved.
She made this AMAZEBALLS Cross Stitch wall hanging for me!
I am ABSOLUTELY in love with it!
It pretty much sums up my life!
I just haven't a clue how she makes all of these tiny little stitches to look like
they melt together!  That "QUILT" is so intricate and SCRAPPY!
Thank you so much Phyllis!
Photos soon after it is hung in it's place of honor in my home!

Phyllis and her husband Jerry came for Decoration at the cemetery where my 
maternal grandparents and great grandparents are buried.
Here, in Missouri, we call this "Decoration."
The 4th Sunday in June is designated as the official day to decorate the graves in this 
mountain cemetery.  I can remember as a child coming to this "get together" and there would be 
hundreds of people.  Not so much anymore.

 This is a photo of my immediate family members that came this year.
We had a great time reminiscing and telling the stories we knew to be true about
those gone before us.  We also had a wonderful picnic!

On the drive back to my parent's home from Decoration, we were able to stop at this
antique store which has several vintage quilts displayed.
The place was very small, and I couldn't get the quilts down to get really
great photos of any of them.  But, they looked really cool all hanging along the walls.

Phyllis is also a lover of day lilies like I am.
She brought me a variety of day lily named "Quilt Patch!" (not pictured)
I cannot wait to add them to my day lily garden along with these!
The rain has really made my flowers flourish this year.
Please keep those farmers and families who have lost so much
in your thoughts and prayers during the flooding in this area.

Here is hoping your holiday weekend is as awesome as you all are! 
(International readers included!!!)
Thanks for stopping by!
Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Kevin the Quilter


  1. Fantastic story. It makes the heart sing. Happy awesome Fourth of July to incredible you too.

  2. Great post, Kevin! Happy 4th to you and your friends. Have fun in your sewing room and enjoy the fire works later today.

    I have wonderful memories of visiting my grand and great grandmothers in Sedalia, Mo. for many, many years the month of July. We all would sew clothes for school, quilt quilt tops and having lots of fun.



  3. Congrats on your first quilt sale! That is an awesome quilt. I didn't realize how big it was until I saw the picture of Chris and his son holding it. Even more wow! What a cool wall hanging from your friend, too! Lots of interesting things in this post, Kevin. Have a Happy 4th in your happy place!

  4. Chris sure does look thrilled with his new quilt!!! And of course he should be - it's an awesome quilt!!! Dar's quilting is perfect for it - love that thread!

    Hope you have lots of fun quilting time this weekend - I'm doing the same thing :*) LOVE the cross-stitch your cousin made - so cute! I'm framing a cross-stitch this weekend that my daughter worked up for me last year. Is there anything more special than being gifted with something made with such love and personal thought? Nope - can't think of a thing!!!

  5. Happy 4th! How great that your quilt 'touched' Chris in such a way. It makes it all worthwhile! Love the cross stitch from Phyllis. Sew cute! Have fun stitching this weekend. I'll be headed up to sew soon.

  6. Your Soul Searching quilt is beautiful. I can see why Chris chose it. I really like it with the dark "background" fabrics.

  7. I think you will be making another one soon for his son! Great job!

  8. What a great written and illustrated post! Hope you had a happy time in your sewing room- but don't forget family is not always around. I miss my in laws and grandmother so much at holidays. I remember all the picnics we had.
    Thanks for sharing your story!

  9. Love the smiles on the guys holding you quilt - definitely happy to have such a beauty!! I looked up Quilt Patch Day Lily - what a beauty!!! That wall hanging your cousin made you is amazing! Please take a close up of the words...they look so cool! Oh, that picture of have lost weight!! How has the diet been going?? Looks like it is working :) Yea you!!!

  10. Thanks for sharing your family traditions, it's a great way for me to learn more about your country culture! Congrats on the sucess of your quilt, new owners look really pleased holding it, it is a beautiful one! Also love your cousin work!

  11. Love your scrappy quilt and the pieced backing. I love to piece backings, too. I think it adds interest to the back, however, sometimes I'm on a time crunch and don't have to time to piece one...then I use a boring, one-piece back. I have that quilt/tutorial "pinned" as one I want to do sometime.

  12. How awesome to sell a quilt! And a fabulous quilt it is. A scrappy delight! Love the back.

  13. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful soul searching quilt again. The new owners look so happy to have it! Glad you were able to enjoy some time with your family, but also that you get a day to quilt till you drop. Enjoy every minute.

  14. Great post Kevin. Chris and son really do look very pleased with the quilt. Glad I could help too. Love Phyllis' cross-stitch for your studio. She does beautiful work.

  15. Chris's quilt is fabulous - LOVE their smiles! I also spent the 4th in my quilting cubby. I got burned in San Diego last month and didn't want my skin to take any more sun damage after fighting lymphoma early this year! It was really nice getting that batch of free motion work finished, so I enjoyed my holiday. :)

  16. Well done on selling your first quilt - you can rest easy knowing it's going to somebody you know and will be appreciated and looked after. Lots of photos to look at with your stories - I like looking at photos :)

  17. Congrats!!! What a fun quilt that RSC turned out to be!!! Glad you enjoyed your 4th and got some stitching in!!!

  18. Kevin, I love seeing all your quilts. They are all so very different. You seem to gravitate to strong graphical designs. I'm curious....How do you choose the patterns? What aspects do you search for or avoid?

  19. Congratulations on your first sale! Your friend is lucky to own a Kevin original! Love the cross stitch hanging. Summs up my life for sure. Enjoy the summer!

  20. Chris gave you the grandest compliment by purchasing your wonderful Rainbow Scrappy quilt Kevin! He and his son do look totally delighted and we can sure see why.
    Love that wall hanging Phyllis made for you! And how fun that there is a daylily named Quilt Patch. We have a large bed of mixed daylilies that are just starting to come into bloom now.
    Times sure have changed. i wish all families took part in Decoration Day and reminiscences.

  21. Hope you got lots done during your 4th of July solo quilt retreat. Soul Searching turned out beautifully. It's always a nice feeling when you know someone loves one of your quilts. Looks like it when to a good home.

    Safe travels. I thought of you when I heard about the flight that lost the engine. Hope it wasn't one of your routes.

  22. what a fun filled post! loved your family photos and flowers and the cross stitch is so AMAZING - OMG you must have flipped out!! what a sweetie! Was she at the museum with you?
    How exciting to sell a quilt to a friend who you know will treasure it. Good for you and him too!
    happy fourth - thanks for the busy fun post

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