Sunday, April 3, 2016

Greetings from.........THE QUILT CAVE!!!!!

Greetings from.....................

Quilt Cave

Thanks to Sassi, who wrote:

"Quiltcave (like man cave lol), I'm sure the name will come to you when you stop thinking about it."


Thanks to ALL who had suggestions!  So many of you had clever ideas, like Linda A who suggested Kevin's Quilting Coop....I would be the only rooster in the hen house! LOLOLOLOL  And, there were several who suggested "Kasa Kevin."  Although that has a definite ring to it, my home isn't hacienda style, or southwestern.  I am going to try the Quilt Cave thing out.....because my studio IS my man cave!  

I would also like to thank everyone for their thoughts and concern over my family.  To say the least,it has been a very trying time, especially for Dottie and the children.  

And, while you are thinking of my extended family, please remember this beautiful little lady!
My Momma is having hip replacement surgery this coming week.  She had her other hip replaced in 2010, and
at that time the surgeon asked her which hip she would like replaced, because, one was just as bad as the other.
She chose the one at that time which hurt the most and recovered beautifully.
  Well, the pain has become unbearable for her, and
we finally convinced her it was time.  My mother LOVES to be active, and take long walks for exercise.
She simply can't do that anymore.  But, she will be able to again after she recovers with therapy.
Thank you all again and again for your concern!
I appreciate each and every one of you!

Now, what has been happening in the 


as of late??????

I finally completed the top for:
This is the mystery scrap quilt my friend Ann of 
Attic Threads & Quilts designed.  
I have loved seeing all of the versions different people have been making!
I made this one for my niece's high school graduation.
The colors are reversed, and they are in her school colors of black and gold.

Notice anything wrong with it?  Well I DID!
After I snapped this photo, I saw I had a block reversed at the bottom!


It is now fixed, and my friend Kim will be quilting this one for me.

This is one of the memory quilts I made in honor of my Uncle for my cousin, Donna.
Uncle Lee was a Baptist minister for over 50 years, so there were several shirts and
ties to choose from.  The grey blends into the design wall,and I apologize for that, but, there is definitely
grey cornerstones there!  My friend Dar of Dar's Patchwork Garden
is going to work her magic on this one.
I have one more quilt to make from the remaining shirts and ties for 
my other cousin.

Several students from the mystery scrap class at the shop which I hosted have been completing
their quilt tops for "Going Home!"
The pattern is coming soon, I PROMISE!

Sharon decided to use yardage for her quilt.
Wonderful job!  I love it!
This is going to be an anniversary gift for her daughter and son-in-law.

Here is another version in beautiful gem toned batiks.
I can't wait to be able to see all of the quilt tops completed by the students.
We have a show and tell slated for May 19th at the shop
so we can see all of the different versions together!
You KNOW I will be taking MANY photos at that time!

In other news.....

As I was sorting scraps while watching Quilt Cam with 
My Gracie Lu decided to photo bomb!!!!! LOLOLOL
Gracie hopped up in my lap and 
it looks like Bonnie and she are posing together!

And, I am not sure if I ever introduced you all to "Dixie?"
Dixie is my white featherweight, named after the quilting friend I purchased her from.
She has such a pretty stitch, and now all I need to complete my dream team is a putty
colored featherweight.  I have never even seen one of those in person!
So, I may be looking around for a while?!?!? LOL

Thank you all so much for being the best friends a guy that quilts could have!
Thanks for all of the encouragement!
See you next week at the Quilt Cave!
Kevin the Quilter



  1. I saw the mistake and my first thought was, "Dare I tell him?" So glad I read the next sentence! Your mystery quilt is quite striking. I used my Featherweight last week for the first time in a long time. Love the stitch.

  2. I'm sure the name will start to grow on you, Kevin, although it doesn't look like your darling house is anything cave-like in the least! Congrats again on your house and I am sending wondering healing thoughts for your mom's hip surgery!!! With a son like you who loves her as you do, she'll bounce back in no time!!

  3. I don't imagine your house resembles a cave, as I seem to remember a lot of good natural light, but you can name it whatever you like! LOVE the shirt/tie memory quilt, as well as the black and gold mystery quilt!

  4. I absolutely LOVE your reverse "Look, Kevin" quilt!!! Maybe I'll reverse the lights and darks in mine, too... since I never got a chance to begin.

  5. Happy Hip Replacement, Mom!! A friend had hers done not long ago. She is SEW much happier now that she is pain-free!

  6. I love your "Look Kevin ..scrappy quilt". Yours is the only one I've seen, so I didn't recognize that it was reversed. I will be thinking of your mom next week and saying a prayer that it will be quick and painless. She'll be back to her long walks real soon.

  7. Love the new pattern and the 'cave'. Will be thinking of your mom.

  8. Im honoured you liked my suggestion, love the scrappy quilt. Hugs to your mum ☺

  9. Gracie Lu & Bonnie, two of your favorite gals, LOL.
    The Quilt Cave is the perfect name for your house Kevin. :)
    I love the beautiful golden rendition of "LOOK KEVIN, I CAN DO SCRAPPY!!" It cracks me up that Ann named it that.
    Wonderful work and designing in using your uncle's shirts to make a memory quilt for your cousin Donna.
    Your student's Going Home quilts are beautiful!
    I'm saying a prayer right now for your Mom's hip surgery to work out perfectly!

  10. Hey Kevin !
    Your quilts are simply awesome ! your black and gold is incredible !
    I have the same idea with my son's shirts but he doesn't want a quilt onto his bed ...grrrrrrr ! It's not so bad...I will do it !
    Fingers crossed for your dear Mom ! I hope she will feel better soon....
    I'm sending to her big hugs...and for you too !

  11. Woohoo! Fabulous quilts! So happy to hear how much you love your new place. Prayers for your Mom and your family!

  12. The quilt cave is awesome!! And Gracie Lu - she was photobombed by Bonnie Bwahh haa haa!! Love it!! LOVE your Look Kevin I can do scraps quilt - that is quite stunning!!

  13. Hey Kevin! Love, love, love the quilt! Awesome colors! I think Quilt Cave is perfect! Looking forward to seeing lots of goodies come out of there! Wishing you the best in your new home! Enjoy!
    Oh, and hugs and prayers to your momma as she goes thru her surgery.

  14. Featherweights came in black and the white version. There are a few that have the krinkle finish (I've never seen one, but, have heard of them). No other colors, unless you repaint one (like my purple machine). Love your memory quilt. I really need to pull out daddy's shirts and ties and make one. Good luck to your mother.

  15. Kevin the Loki on Gracie Lu face. Says to me"How dare u let another woman come between us" U are such an inspiration and a son that any mom would be proud of. I know I have two sons myself. What would Gracie Lu have done if Sadie Jane had been in the picture? hum! Have a great and prosperous weekend.

  16. Both quilt tops turned out beautifully. I really like the black and gold one, very dramatic. I have 4 graduation quilts to make before May of next year. Looks like you've got yours done early enough that it will be ready for graduation season next month.

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