Friday, November 18, 2016

Winner, Winner.........

Thank you ALL for your wonderful comments about
your favorite side dish for Thanksgiving!
WE LOVE TO EAT, don't we?????

I am so pleased there was such a great response to the 
Ideal Seam Guide giveaway, and
I would like to thank Steve Tippets
again for generously donating
these wonderful seam guides.

As you all know, Kevin the Quilter is nothing
if not high tech around here.......
so all of the names went into this bowl,
hand written I might add!

And the winners are..................

drum roll please....................

I'd love to win the guide to try it out. I guess my favorite side dish is Southern Comfort Glazed Carrots.


Fresh cranberries and apples sauted. YUM!

Congratulations to you both!
I hope that you find the seam guides helpful in your
piecing of patchwork.
The Ideal Seam Guide has definitely helped mine!
I have sent you both e-mails so I can
send these to you right away!

In other news..............

I am NOT moving out!
I love the Quilt Cave too much for that!
So, why is there a moving van in front of my home???

I finally am getting some furniture!
I found these 2 wooden tables, chairs, and hutch
on a buy/sell/trade near my location.
These were remnants from an estate sale.
I can't believe no one wanted them?
Well, I DO!

The lady selling the items was so nice, and shared with me
about her mother's furniture.  Her teenage son helped
post the items for her and was quite the entrepreneur.
She asked if I would send a photo of the furniture in
place at my home and on Thanksgiving.
I am more than happy to, and I know it will
help her knowing that her mother's furniture is in a good
place, and will be well cared for.

I will now be able to host
Thanksgiving Dinner for my family!
I am so excited to be able to entertain
and display some of my grandmother's glass!

Thanksgiving Day is coming!
Glasses are washed, as are the dishes!
Bring on the food!

Which means the following day will be the first clue to

I just can't believe it!
I am gonna be pumped all week
thinking about this!

I came home the other day to find 
a package on my doorstep.
sent me this lovely package of patriotic fabrics
and a nice little mini quilt pattern.
She shared with me that some of this was
from a dearly departed quilting friend's stash.
How special, and thanks Randy!
I will put these to good use!

I also received these fabrics from my friend
Carolyn this past week.
I have a feeling some of these may find their 
way into the upcoming mystery quilt!

I hope you all are ready to 
I know I am!
Enjoy your time with family and friends!
My parents arrive on Sunday, and my 
Sister and her family arrive mid week!
Safe travels to all!

Thanks for all of the Encouragement!
Kevin the Quilter


  1. What a great dining room set. You are so lucky to have family close, to share the holidays with. Our closest family is 1200 miles away. It's not fun cooking for Thanksgiving for only 3 of us (and one is picky). Christmas will be the same way. At least I get to see family again early in January. When I have some dates, I'll see if you will be available.

  2. Wonderful! Now I can picture you and your loving family eating dinner on your beautiful new furniture. It surely beats the floor! Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. What a beautiful dining set!! I am volunteering at our local church for the Community Dinner - think I am the official potato pealer.

  4. That's a fabulous dining set, I'm so jealous.
    That's to be thankful for!
    Glad you're family is coming for Thanksgiving!!!

  5. Congratulations on finding a Dining room set.

  6. Happy Thanksgiving Kevin and you are just the right person to have this beautiful dining furniture for your home. Blessings on a very Happy Thanksgiving with Family. Congratulations to your lucky seam guide winners.

  7. Holy cow- the furniture looks like it belongs there! Looks like a cozy home for Thanksgiving. I know you will put the fabric to great use.

  8. I'm right there with you on the technology, Kevin. My EQ is version 1--pencil and grid paper.
    What a beautiful dining room set. So glad they found a home where they will be loved and appreciated.
    You have been the recipient of some great fabrics for QOV quilts you do so well.

  9. I think the dining room suite was just waiting for you, couldn't find a more perfect fit :) Your Thanks Giving will be just spot on, and I did enjoy reading everyone's side dishes, some sounded really yummy. What great fabrics as well, funny isn't it when we give, we tend to receive exactly what we need and a bit more back ;)

  10. Wow, Kevin, that dining room set is gorgeous. Great find! Perfect for hosting your first Thanksgiving gathering.

  11. Your dining room looks great! Be sure to share a pic of your table after setting with all that beautiful glassware.

  12. Congratulations to the winners of the seam guides. Congratulations to you on finding such a beautiful dining room set. It looks really nice in your dining area. Your grandmother's glass ware is beautiful. So nice to have such a great family heritage. Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

  13. Kevin, my heart is swelling with love of beautiful things found and shared this morning. You have found a beautiful loving home for someone's treasured dining room suite. You fill fill it with love with every family and friends gathering that you host there. Have a blessed thanksgiving my friend.

  14. I just love that you got furniture from a woman who wanted to be sure it all went to another family! Honestly, I think there's nothing like having family together on Thanksgiving. I think it's my favorite holiday. So great that you are able to have your family in your new wonderful home! What a great way to spend the holiday. And I didn't realize the glasses you were washing were your grandmother's. That's just so beautiful!! Enjoy all the fabrics!! I know you'll put them to good use! So glad that I now have your ADDRESS!! HEHEHE!!

  15. great furniture just in time for the big day. What nice fabrics from blog buddies.
    enjoy your day with family.
    gobble gobble

  16. Oh, the dining room set looks perfect in your dining room!!! What a great find for you!!! Love the package you received as well - maybe I should put you in my Will for all my fabric and thread :D Have a joyous Thanksgiving with your family in your new home!!!

  17. What a marvelous collection of Sandwich glass! How special that it is handed down to the next generation. Love the furniture too, I do like antiques and older pieces, so much better quality that most today. Have a fabulous holiday!

  18. Congrats to the winners. And congrats on the new dining room decor. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.