Wednesday, March 1, 2017

February......where did it go?????

Hey Everybody!

Am I lost?

Did we lose a month of the year this year?????

This can't be March already, right?

February.........I love it for so many reasons, and I also despise it for a multitude of reasons!

It is inevitable that I get swamped in February, and I owe you all a HUGE apology for not
keeping my blog running last month.  I had every good intention....however, intentions don't make up for being consumed with other duties.

What exactly have I been up to in February????

Let's take a looksie!

Most of my February was spent
I was usually in an airport, airplane, flight attendant lounge,
or car travelling to and from an airport!
The other free moments were spent behind a computer
doing flight attendant training modules that had to be accomplished
before I did an entire day of hands on flight attendant training.
This is a yearly thing and it has to happen during my hire month
which is February.

I have been flying for 16 years now!
How did that happen?

My Lil' Sugar Doll turned 19!!!!!
How did THAT happen?
As most of you know, February is full of 
birthdays for my family!
Family obligations will ALWAYS take precedence.

So I had flight attendant training......
I had family gatherings.......
I had.............

Some interesting new additions to the Quilt Cave!

Any guesses????

Are these little ducklings not the most adorable
creatures you have ever seen?
Or do you think baby chicks are?
I can't decide which is cuter?!?!?!
These Khaki Campbell ducklings will
be a welcomed addition here.
They will be added to help maintain my
vegetable garden this year!
Ducks are great at eating bugs in your garden,
and they don't scratch up the plants like a chicken will.
This, again, is an experiment, and we shall see how it goes?
I have 13 ducklings in all!
I drove 3 hours to get this particular breed
which are great egg layers as well!
Their pick up date was all built around their hatch date
as I picked them up at 1 day old.
I can't wait to keep you all up to date on these babies!

The 3 Amigos????

Oh, they are doing great!
Fully feathered, they have moved to a larger brooder in my detached garage.
I truly think these little ones are going to be roosters.
If this is true, they will still find their place here.
More chicken eggs will be incubated soon!

That must've hurt!
Look at the size of that egg!
I have a couple of ISA Brown hens that lay
these ginormous eggs from time to time.
The water on them is because I always wash my eggs.
Just like fabric pre-washing for's a choice,
and my choice is to always wash the eggs I consume.
Anyone want an omelet????

This is a WONDERFUL gift from Cheryl of 
When she visited me in early January she shared
that this was on it's way to me.
She and I share a love of vintage machines.
This is a 1/4" foot for one of my Featherweights!
Thank you SOOOOOOOOO much Cheryl!
How thoughtful of you!

This beautiful table runner was also in the package from Cheryl!
It is absolutely perfect for the Quilt Cave!

I LOVE the fabrics!
Look at those eggs and chickens!
She even shared that she used some scraps
in the making of it!

And before you all think I didn't get any sewing in....
I worked on these blocks during my overnights in my hotel room.
And, I was able to assemble the top half of the 
wedding quilt I am working on.
The bride's favorite color is green.....
the groom's is yellow.
This is Bonnie Hunter's
It is a free pattern on her blog.
I am making it in a barn raising setting.

So, are we gonna have Scrap Club on my blog?

Are we all gonna have to roll with the punches when it comes to my schedule?

I am in the process of finalizing everything for you all, and I apologize for that.
But, I want this to be great for all concerned parties!

So, the first thing............

How do you manage your scraps?
Do you organize them in a certain way?
By color?
By Size?
By intended project?
Do you store scraps and stash together?

Is the way you currently organize your
scraps and stash working for you?

If it is........GREAT!
But, I may have a few tips and tricks I do
for my scrap organization that may help you?

Take for instance..........

This organizational system would NEVER work for me!

But, this kind of organizing would!
Being able to VISUALLY SEE what you have
to work with helps greatly
for so many reasons!

Start thinking about being able to SEE
the potential in your scraps.
The colors!

That is what we will be exploring next time
on this blog edition of Scrap Club
hosted by your's truly!

Thanks for sticking with me!
Thanks for being a friend!
Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Keep on Quilting!
Kevin the Quilter


  1. I think your chicks are cute but the DUCKS??? OMG. They are precious. I will confess that when I was a youngster, we used to visit a duck pond in a very old town near us. I have always loved ducks and secretly felt that I would come back as a duck in a future life, or maybe I'd been one in the past. There's just something so amazing about them. And, of course, I refuse to EAT duck!!
    Your quilt cave compound is becoming quite the place!!! You'll be welcoming critters from everywhere!!

    Thanks for organizing us!! You ROCK.

  2. Ducks and chicks? Must be a lot of quacking and yacking going on. Love the quilt you are working on. Hope you are all trained up and ready for another year- 16 years! You must have seen a lot of crazy people doing crazy things. I mostly use Bonnie Hunter's scrap saver system. I always use clear boxes to store the cut pieces in. Processing bags of scraps people give me are hard to figure. I bought an Accuquilt Studio to cut set sizes.

  3. Oh my gosh - I look forward to learning from yoU!!! But the duck - oh lawsy the ducks - you are going to spend all day laughing at them waddling around aren't you! They are the funniest!!! Tell us how they work for you!!! Glad your on the ground for a minute

  4. You really surprised me with "where did February go?" I had to look at my calendar! Didn't realize we are in March. Yikes! Where does the time go?
    I L O V E your little ducklings! What a great addition to your growing brood!
    Yea!!! I am so happy you will be doing the Scrap Club! Sounds like fun.

  5. Haven't been around baby ducks, like I have chicks, but they look awfully cute!
    Having had a Grandpa that was a chicken farmer, I can't imagine NOT washing the eggs! Are there really people that don't?
    Very appropriate runner for the Cave. So clever.
    Kevin, your version of Bonnie's pattern is stunning! I love how you have laid it out in Barn Raising fashion. It looks electric and alive!
    I will be interested to see what organizational skills you share for scraps. I think my system works for me, but I am open to new ideas.

  6. "Little ducky doddles went wading in a puddle, went wading in a puddle quite small....
    said he it doesn't matter how much I splash and splatter,
    I'm only a ducky after all" A song from my childhood your duckies reminded me adorable are they...
    Uhhh I hate to tell you but I have Four baskets full of UNSORTED scraps--strings and bits and bobs...
    I truly need to get in there and sort them....
    Love your BH's MM quilt--I have mine all cut out BUT (ahem) in a box for a year now--I keep getting mixed up when I try to sew them mountains are not majectic for sure...Love your blog...hugs, Julierose (a newbie follower)

  7. I am in the process of reorganizing my 'resource center', LOL!! It is just that time of year. Your ducks are adorable, I need one to eat the stinkbugs around my garden. Gotta go cover the irises, it is going to be 27 degrees overnight tonight!

  8. Scraps are run through my Accuquilt and then stored per the template design. Means I always have a scrap quilt somewhere to sew.

  9. Most of my scraps (half yards, fat quarters and smaller) are in a cabinet in my sewing room. Most are in plastic shoe boxes, so that I can pull them out and see what is in them easily. I also keep scraps with the matching yardage (folded inside), in case I need just a bit, for something. Glad you liked the table runner. Hope you enjoy the 1/4" foot. I love mine (I have several).

  10. Hard to decide, ducklings or chicks, until I see both in person ;) I'm leaning towards ducklings though ;-) Can't believe your niece is 19!! I have stings, strips and squares sorted by color but chucks I don't. I'm thinking I need to pick a size for chunks and start sorting them by color too.

  11. You commented on my recent post about the new labels on my organized resource boxes (less than 1/2 yard but more than a crumb) so I know you've seen mine (I have three tiers for sizes - yardage, resource boxes, crumb boxes - all of which are sorted by color. Been doing it that way for 3+ years and it has continued to work well. That said - I'll be watching your suggestions for even more cool ideas.

  12. Love the coop additions. I only have four ducks (one drake and three ducks.) Get ready for duck eggs! Mine are consistent layers. I get at least six duck eggs each week per lady. Once you make chocolate chip cookies with duck eggs you won't go back. I don't know how many roosters you currently have. Three roosters keep each other in check. It's totally doable.

    Love the scrap club. I keep my scraps in large bins by color. Scraps and stash (unless it is something special) -- all in the right colored bin. Safe travels!

  13. You got ducks?! You got ducks!! I am not insanely jealous! :D :D :D That is so cool

  14. I sort my scraps by size, strings, blocks and bigger pieces to be cut down. Quack quack.

  15. Yes, the ducklings are the most adorable, for sure! Your friend Cheryl knows you well to make such a sweet table runner. And I like your scrap sorting system. If a fabric is hidden I won't remember I have it! Ha. You have a wonderful assortment of scraps there.

  16. Your ducklings are precious! Do you have someone that takes care of your animals when you travel? They will be gathering eggs too!! Can't believe how grown up your chicks are! Already! And your niece! (You know what that means,..,,you are getting o l d.)
    Do your growing chicks follow you everywhere (imprinting)?? That would be too funny.
    I basically have my fabrics arranged by color. Yardage is folded on shelves, fat quarters are folded in baskets, and scraps are in ziplock bags.....all separated by color. If a fabric has lots of color in it (no dominant color), then it goes in the muliticolor bag. I also have lots of fabrics cut into strips a la Bonnie Hunter. Those are divided by sizes (2", 2 1/2", 1 1/2", 3"). If they are cut into strips, they are put into that strip size's corresponding plastic box and not separated by color anymore. I look forward to seeing how you organize the scraps. I am always trying to improve my system.

  17. The chicks certainly grew up fast - roosters indeed. Love the baby ducks!! I have a modified Bonnie Hunter scrap system that works for me, but you are right - you have to SEE them. I have the Mts. quilt on my to-do list for this year - to use up my collection of black scraps.

  18. OH, you'll love those ducks. and they will quickly want to be where you are. Thanks for the sorting scrap hints. Your mountains look wonderful. I really enjoyed this blog today (first I've seen it)

  19. Your new babies are so adorable!! And their eggs are a bit larger then most hens...but that one egg, wowser! So, what is the next animal you are adding to the Quilt Cave ark?? Love your gifts from Cheryl...that table runner is PERFECT!!! Your Mountain Majesty is going to be gorgeous! I always seem to want to put them in a medallion, now I'll have to explore more options!

  20. loving the ducks when I was young! we had muscovy ducks started with one drake and 2 females and ended up with masses of them. Chicks have grown quickly sign of contentment and being well fed no doubt.
    Cheryl certainly got the right fabric for the table runner very appropiate.
    Good to read about the scrap club when unable to sleep at 3am this morning I was thinking time I used some of my narrow scraps maybe string blocks

  21. Thank. You for posting to your blog I really enjoy reading it.
    Ducks oh my I don't know anything about domestic ducks just wildish ducks at a park trying to watch where you step, so much fun having the grandchildren feeding them (duck food ,not people food, bought to feed the ducks)
    Your chicks have grown I can not believe you got 13 ducks seems like a lot to me but as long as you and your partner are willing to do what it takes to care for your animals I say ok go for it
    I have heard geese are the best "watch dogs" ever and some might even be pretty good at guarding
    I do know having animals is a full time job and a joy
    Thanks for sharing your gifts and the quilt you are working on

  22. Missed you! Life gets busy and can't be helped! Love your little ducks and the table runner! I try to sort my scraps by color and they are mostly!

  23. I know that job-thing has to be up there on your priority list, but FAMILY absolutely is #1! Good for you!! We're an understanding group and love that you love your family first. And I really love your duckies!

  24. OMG ! Your little ducks are so sweet !!
    Very fun post Kevin ! I organize my scraps by color and theme ! Your Quilt from B.Hunter is gorgeous ! I'm glad you find some time to quilt between 2 flights !

  25. Pretty good post for the year of the bird ... even if it is late in the US. The bird most often shown is the rooster but In Japan the word for the year means "bird" alone and could even be a canary or a duck.

  26. I agree with everyone else, the ducklings are adorable.
    My scraps are basically stored with the Bonnie Hunter method. If I have some yardage left, the scraps are stored with it, not cut into strips or squares. Everything is sorted by color except the smaller strips. This has worked for me for several years now, so I probably won't be making drastic changes. Although, I am starting to use the Accuquilt for cutting scraps, so much faster.

  27. Love your new babies! Your niece is growing up into a beautiful young lady! I have the larger hunks and chunks of my scraps sorted by color. I use a lot of dies and like to precut the sizes I need for a particular die. I The narrower pieces I cut up into Bonnie's scrap user sizes with a specially made die to cut 1.5", 2", 2.5", and 3.5" strips and sort those by sizes. Can't wait for scrap club!!!

  28. Those ducklings are just so stinkin' cute!!! Love the yellow & green quilt you're working on - it has a modern-ish vibe even though it's a traditional pattern.

  29. We understand that life gets in the way of our quilting. My scraps? They are in baskets and bags by color, in bins randomly, and drawers by size. Are you getting the impression that I just MIGHT have a scrap addiction???

  30. Oh Kevin, I love your blog. You made my day this morning because of the unexpected laugh that came out of me when I saw the chickens on your new table runner. Love it. Thanks for being you.

  31. Hmmm, somehow I knew that you would organize your scraps that way. I used to honestly! But, after 50 plus years of quilting, my scraps overfloweth. So, I organize my scraps by size. One basket for big pieces (10” or more), one for medium pieces (under 10”) and one for “scrids”. Scrids are anything from 1” to 4” wide and are ultimately used for hand applique. When the baskets start to spill over I bag up a bunch and take them to my quilt group. All except the scrid basket. They go into boxes at the end of the year and end up in the closet. I have “scrid” boxes dating back to 1980. Someday when I am old and gray”er”, I will have fun going through my old scraps and remembering all the quilts I made with them.

    And those ducklings are too stinking cute!!! So is your beautiful niece. Happy Birthday to her.

  32. My scraps are tossed into a storage bin - that's it - that is my storage method. No rhyme, no reason, no organization by color, size, or decade - nothing. That is how I roll! LOL!!

    If ducks would chase deer out of my flower beds I might consider getting a few. They sure are cute!

  33. Cute ducklings! My scraps are kept in shoe boxes by size. I cut the leftover pieces from my projects into squares that measure 1 1/2", 2", 2 1/2", 3 1/2", and 5". I have separate shoe boxes for long WOF strips that measure 1 1/2" wide, 2" wide, and 2 1/2" wide. I am looking forward to learning what other quilters do with their scraps. Thank you for taking the time to help us tame and use our ever growing scrap piles.

  34. Those little duckies are so sweet!Bet you will have fun with them. Lovin' your Scrappy Mountain. That has been on my list for a while. I keep my scraps in bins by colour but I am afraid the bins are a mess. I have to spend a lot of time whenever I need something from a bin. I have always wanted to spend time and cut them into usable sizes ala Bonnie Hunter,but never seem to get around to it.

  35. How you gonna keep those duckies down on the farm? As in, not fly away? How do I manage my scraps? Not well, I'm afraid. Well, I should say not perfectly. They are contained in bins, some by colors, some...not. So I am curious to see your system/ideas. Hey, did you see that video going around FB of the Southwest attendant who does his schpiel in Loony Toons character voices? I saw it this week and thought of you, that maybe you know him? Lastly, I LOVE your Scrappy Mountain Majesties quilt in progress! John Deere colors! Or dandelions in May! Whatevs, it's beautiful and I really like that layout.

  36. Those ducklings are really little bundles of cuteness. Love your new table runner too. What a nice gift to receive. Your scrappy mountain quilt is going to be a real beauty. I keep my scraps organized by size more then colour. Organizing tips are always so appreciated. Hope your March will be calmer. Have a great day, Kevin.

  37. Cute little ducklings Kevin, it is going to be fun to watch them grow up! Sounds like you have really had a busy month at work and yet you still had time to do some quilting! Great job!

  38. Ok, Mr. Chick Daddy. Now you need a new name. Mr. Quackers? Question: how do you keep the ducks from flying away?

  39. Love your BH Mountain Majesty quilt in the John Deere colors. Can't let my daughter see it as she will be begging me to make her one! I have used that 1/4 inch foot on my featherweight for a couple of years but have recently gone back to BH's idea with a strip of a plastic card taped to the machine. Find it more accurate. Love your tips and am geared up for scrap club.

  40. So glad you are busy with all good things :)
    Loved reading about your latest adventures!

  41. those duckies are adorbs!
    I cut 2 1/2 squares, 1 1/2 strips and then leave big chunks.

  42. Your ducklings are adorable and I am jealous! What airline do you fly for, if I might ask?
    I mostly follow Bonnie Hunter's scrap users system for my scraps, although I'm not as persistent at it as I should be.

  43. February seemed to just evaporate. Hopefully your March won't be quite so hectic. Your wedding quilt is looking great. The ducks are just too fun. Looking forward to hearing about their antics. I have a system for my scraps, it's a hodge podge of different scrappy quilter's processes. At the moment the system is just pile them up. Till the graduation quilts are done, not much else will get done. Happy stitching and safe travels this month.

  44. Awww Farmer Kevin! You're going to be so busy chasing those babies around! LOL

    As to scraps: Mine are organized in different ways, depending on what project I want them for.

    I have 4 cloth baskets.
    One holds 1800s Repro fabrics that I'm using in my Farmers Wife quilt since I'm determined to just use scraps if I can.
    One basket holds really small bits that I think might be perfect for my Bonnie Hunter Wild & Goosey quilt. It will take me forever to finish it and I'm okay with that.
    The other 2 hold scraps of all sizes that I've been slowly going thru and organizing. I just remembered I also have a cardboard box full from a friend. Anyway, I iron and cut it down and then store what I've cut in a similar method as Bonnie Hunter. 1 1/2", 2", and 2 1/2" squares, bricks, and strips. Right now I store in ziplocks by size, but I will start separating by light/dark when I get there. Eventually, I'll even sort by color.

    I do have a stash cabinet that has f8ths and up. Once it's smaller than a F8, it's cut completely down.

  45. Kevin I am amazed at all you did get accomplished in the short month of February. Ducklings for the garden are uber cute. How do you find extra time for home, garden, chickies, duckies and sewing your very organized scraps?!! May March be Marvelous for you and all of your pursuits. Serene Sunday Dear...<3

  46. Wah, I wish I lived closer so I could enjoy the fun of the Quilt Cavers! What fun to see your chicks hatch. Love that snake trail quilt in the works!


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