Saturday, May 27, 2017

Happy Days Are Here Again.......

I guess I should say, HAPPIER days are coming around again....

Thanks again to all of you for your outpouring of love during my time of sorrow.

I will forever miss my Gracie Lu, but, I know life has to go on.

I haven't felt like I have lived the past few months, much less been able to do "quilty" things.

May 25th was our final reveal for our 2017 Spring Scrap Club project,
and I would like to share with you all the WONDERFUL time we all had.
My old photography buddy, Mike, agreed to help take photos of the event.  And, my other friend Mike helped hold the quilts up for show and share.

Before I share the photos, allow me to tell you all how absolutely honored I am to share a forum such as Scrap Club with the many talented quilt artists that come to the meetings.  I am humbled by their love and friendship.  We have all grown in our quilt making together.  These quilters are some of the best friends a guy like me could ever have and I appreciate each and every single one of them!  And, you all KNOW how proud I am of each one of them!  And I have to felt so good to laugh and have fun again!

Our Spring project for Scrap Club hosted by Kevin the Quilter was "Rail Fence."  The choice of project was voted upon by the participants.  Wait until you see what they all came up with.  This was one of the largest reveals we have had yet!  HOORAY!


This is a HUMONGOUS post.  If you don't want to look at it, you don't have to, but, after everything I have been through the past few months, it did my heart good to make a great photo filled post like this.  And, I love chronicling my life through my blog.

Rail Fence Spring Session
Scrap Club Hosted by Kevin the Quilter
Cornerstone United Methodist Church
O'Fallon, Missouri

 Our evening began with a Cookie social.
Thanks to all of the quilters that made special cookies to bring!

 We all had so much fun visiting!

Signing in....
 I am a historian, and I like to keep track of who all attended.

 Special thanks to Sue and Clifdel.
Because of their efforts, we had a beautiful and spacious
sanctuary to hold our final reveal and reception in.
I made them each a little rail fence potholder.

 The beginning of our meeting.
Over 50 quilters and visitors attended!

 In appreciation for hosting our reveal, all of the quilters
joined their talents together to make this stunning
rail fence quilt to donate to
Cornerstone United Methodist Church.
We used the church's sanctuary colors as our color pallet.
The church will use or donate the quilt as they see fit.
Standing with me from left to right are:
Sue (piecer), Pastor Diane (received quilt for church), Me, Linda (piecer, and made binding),
Carolyn (donated batting, quilted quilt, and attached binding) and
Linda (made quilt label and attached it.)
These quilters helped out so much and I truly appreciate them
along with all of the quilters who donated blocks for the quilt.
(I also made them Rail Fence potholders, but, didn't get a pic! RATS!) 

 We had a small project swap for this session.
Rail Fence pillows were made.
The pillows were made entirely of scraps,
including the filling for each pillow!
We put the pillows on parade, complete with marching music!
Oh!!!!! This was so much fun!
These quilters can work it.....marching style!
It's ALL about having fun!!!!!!!

 This gal marched all the way from Seattle, Washington to be with us!
Her sister, Terry, in the background, invited her to stay and attend.
Thanks so much for coming and playing along!

 The winner by popular vote of the Pillow Parade 
was Clifdel!
Watch out....this gal can make an entrance!

And, here come the 
Small Rail Fence Projects.

(We used a loose interpretation of the Rail Fence
so therefore, not all quilts will be a traditional 
Rail Fence.)

These are small quilts, table toppers, and
wall hangings.
If the participant completed (complete meaning
quilted,bound, and labeled) their project
and brought it to the reveal, their name was
entered into a drawing for a $50 gift certificate to 
a local quilt shop provided by me.  And, this session,
another special prize was awarded by Darlyn of "Quilt My Quilt!"
Darlyn generously offered a $50 gift certificate for quilting
 to both the small and large projects!
Thank you SOOOOOOOO much Darlyn!



Linda was one of my leading ladies, and helped me throughout this session so much.
Thanks Linda for all you do to help make Scrap Club happen!
(She received a Rail Fence potholder photo though.)

(My friend Mike helping to hold the projects.)









 Barb was so inspired, she had 2 entries
and already had given a 3rd one away!






(She was unable to attend, but, sent her project.)

 And the winner of the drawing for small projects was Clifdel.
She won a $50 gift certificate to a local quilt shop donated by me
and a $50 gift certificate to "Quilt My Quilt" courtesy of Darlyn.
She certainly was thrilled!  Congrats Clifdel!
Here, Darlyn and I present Clifdel with her gift certificates.

Next are the
Large Rail Fence Projects.

These are quilts that measured at least 50" x 60".
Again, they had to be completed (quilted, bound, and labeled)
in order to be eligible for the prize drawing.

(BTW, this was Amy's very first quilt......EVER! WOWOWOWOW!)
Congrats Amy!





Dar is my other leading lady that has helped with Scrap Club so much.
I truly appreciate her friendship and willingness to help out where she is needed.
(She got a Rail Fence potholder too......DOH! NO PIC!)










 Lee Etta




 And the winner of the Large Projects drawing for a
 $100 gift certificate to a local quilt shop donated by me
and a $50 gift certificate from Darlyn of "Quilt My Quilt"
was Chris!  Congrats Chris!
Here she is pictured with Darlyn and me.

"Gracie Lu's Rail Fence"
Obviously, I did not place myself in the drawings,
rather, tried to lead by example and finish my quilt.
Here is my Rail Fence Project.
I named it in honor of my beloved Gracie Lu.

We did our pillow swap
"7-Up" style!

 It was hilarious to see who snatched who's pillow.
The guessing part was equally funny!

At the end of the evening, we discussed our next Scrap Club project.
Any guesses as to what that might be?
I think I will keep you readers guessing until my next post!
You all will get to participate along with us in our 
next session of
Scrap Club hosted by Kevin the Quilter.

Thanks for sharing in our fun reveal here in the "Show-Me" state!

Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Thanks for reading to the end!
Happy Days Are Here Again!
Kevin the Quilter


  1. Just amazing what individual talent and creativity brought a simple block into such amazing quilts and projects! What a fabulous show and share and thank you for sharing it with us.

  2. Wow, Kevin, this looks like so much fun! I am not a member of any guilds, but have occasionally attended meetings as a guest of a friend (or to put on a trunk show). They each seem to have their own personality--some are warm, welcoming, and inclusive, while others have come across as stuffy, selective, and competitive. I know this is not a guild, but I love that it seems to have a real, down-to-earth, accepting feeling. You must attract that kind of person, because that is what you are.
    So fascinating to see the variety of interpretations of the rail fence. And you have me curious about the next one. Will it be stars, churn dash, chains, or some other traditional block? I look forward to the reveal.

  3. All I can say is "wow!" I'm impressed that you got this club going, and that it has turned out so successfully. Wish I were closer.

  4. I don't know how I missed your previous posts, Kevin, but somehow I did. I'm so sorry about Gracie Lu. It feels like having one's heart ripped out (at least in my experience) when a pet dies. The wonderful thing is that you know you'll be able to see her when you get to where she is. Those terriers -- whichever kind (we have an Airedale) -- are just the best, most fun dogs with a sense of humor that anyone can imagine!

    What a fun post this is with all the photos of wonderful quilts and their creators. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Oh My Stars!!! Kev!!! That is just the best - you made my heart happy too!!! Those quilts! Every single one of them just sang!!! Kudos to you my friend!!

  6. That was a great show of amazing and creative quilts within a theme. Loved it.

  7. Amazing interpretations of the rail fence block. What a fun show! I understand and can sympathize totally with you about the loss of your precious Gracie Lu. We lost our Olie a few months back, he was with us for 13 of his nearly 15 years, and we still miss him terribly.

  8. Your quilt is fantastic! The scrappiness is delectable! What a tremendous job all the quilter's did. I particularly love the large quilts. Everybody's individual work all shown together is so powerful. Thanks for sharing all the photos, Kevin!

  9. Omigosh - this post did MY heart good just to see all those gorgeous quilts and so many smiling happy faces. WOW!!!!!

  10. These are AMAZING! Thank you for sharing. Glad to hear life is getting better for you. Although it is never easy to say goodbye, I hope your wonderful memories of your sweet Gracie Lu are some comfort. Quilting helps heal the heart, doesn't it? Sending hugs your way.....

  11. what a fantastic evening it must have been so many quilters all making wonderful rail fence quilts etc. Impossible to pick a favourite will be back to have another look, amazing that one block can provide so many variations.

    Good to read you are feeling better though of course still missing Grace Lu

    So envious of your group how wonderful if we had one like this here in Leeds UK

  12. What beautiful quilts, and great array of colors and styles! You are all artists!
    A wonderful quilt show for us to enjoy!

  13. In all those amazing photos, one thing stands out,everyone is wearing a stunning smile :)

  14. I love rail fence quilts and it was fun to see the different layouts and designs. Dar's quilt looks like a version of my Patriotic Rail Fence - I've made that one 3 times with 3 different stars!

    1. Hi Mary, That was your pattern and I gave you credit and a link to your blog when I first posted the finished top to my blog.( ) I love the way it turned out too and it was easy. Didn't get rid of many of scraps though. I need to make another dozen to do that!

  15. Beautiful quilts created by such beautiful, happy quilters!!! Love your rail fence...a hug from Gracie Lu, forever! Love how differently the rail fence was me some wonderful ideas for quilts in my future!! Bless you, my friend, for all you do for quilters and veterans, everywhere!!!

  16. What an amazing group of quilters!!!! Looks like a very fun group too!!! Love your energy Kevin! Glad things are looking up for you!!!!

  17. So glad to see your smiling face return. What a fun evening of friends, showing and sharing beautiful quilts.I'm hoping to participate from home. I've got lots of scraps that need to play. Thanks for sharing.

  18. What a fun time, and such great quilts! I finally got to see a picture of Dar (that camera shy lady). Great post!

  19. Loved the quilt show!! So many talented quilters in your area. They all deserve a ribbon!
    Have a great day.

  20. Spectacular quilt show, what fun you are having marching!! Loved the show. Gracie Lu's rail fence is in my favorite autumn palette. So glad to see you happy and enjoying an event.

  21. what a fun fun meeting and successful theme for your club.
    Thanks for sharing so many photos and congrats to all who won and participated!

  22. Simply amazing quilts. Imagine a crowd of 50 quilters all brought together by you, You go, Kevin!! Fun to see Dar and Lee Etta in there. Gracie Lu's Rail Fence looks awesome and since I know it didn't photograph as wonderful as it is in person, I know the finished quilt is spectacular...a perfect tribute to your little spectacular girl....can't wait to see it in person.

  23. Beautiful quilts and beautiful people, all of them. Thank you for sharing these projects and all of your friends and quilt pals are very inspiring. God Bless all of you

  24. OMG ! That's simply awesome ! All these quilts !
    Congratulations for this fun idea Kevin and thank you for all the pics !
    Congratulations to all the ladies who participated and to the winners ! Great job !

  25. just loved all the verity of fence rails, as you know bonnie hunter has been talking about the fence rail as her next leader enders challenge. that will be fun for anyone that missed out on your club. with so much inspiration shown here. love how you light up the room with your smile and happiness even when your heat is make others fell welcome to come in and join and bonnie are two of my favorets.

  26. What is 7up style?
    Glad to see you smiling. I enjoyed seeing all the quilts. Makes me wish I was closer to your group (across Missouri is a little far to drive for a meeting)

  27. Scrap club looks like so much fun - I wish I lived closer to participate! Your friends made some amazing quilts. Gracie Lu's Rail Fence quilt turned out beautiful. Thanks for showing us all your fun Scrap Club pics.

  28. So happy for you to have the Scrap Club to lift your spirits. Gracie Lu's quilt is lovely and I'm sure she is smiling over you!! I host a QOV group here in my town of Gaylord, Michigan. Your quilts gave me tons of ideas for our quilts. Thanks so much!!!

  29. What a wonderful evening you all must have had. I enjoyed my visit just watching. I have so many ideas now for rail fence quilts.

  30. How fun and inspiring. Love Gracie Lu's quilt.

  31. I was shocked at just how many Rail Fence variations were presented at Scrap Club... and ALL the quilts were fabulous!!!

  32. Wow! Thank you so much for sharing. The ladies did an awesome job and it was great to see the variations and creativity in these projects. And Kevin, you sure know how to stir up fun in the process. That's how it should be. Love the humongous post! Can't wait for the next session!

  33. WOW! I'd like that kind of quilt meeting! What high energy and so much fun!! The quilts turned out pretty amazing and I do love your Gracie Lu quilt. Great participation!!

  34. What a great variety of quilts and interpretations of the rail fence theme. And I think you did a fabulous job organizing everyone! Bravo to you, Kevin, who gives so much to others!

  35. So glad to hear that your broken heart is starting to mend... it takes a while to recover from such a loss.
    All of those amazing rail fence quilts probably helped your spirits!
    Gorgeous quilts!

  36. I have a whole new perspective on the rail fence block after your scrap show. There are some very talented quilters in your group. Looking forward to seeing what's next.

  37. Oh how i wish i wasnt on the other side of the world. Scrap club looks like a bunch of fun, beautiful quilts by beautiful people. I've just completed a rail fence quilt so I was sewing with you in spirit. Love Gracie Lu's quilt ❤

  38. My but you people have fun! It is so good to see you laugh after the time you have had. You have some very clever people too. I love Vi's solution to the rail fence! I really like them all, but I can honestly say I love your Gracie Lu's Rail Fence the best. I know there is a bit of her in every scrap.

  39. Kevin, What fun this looks like!!!
    I would really like to have info about the quilts by Pat and Glenna that use the micro rails! I love the look of both the bright and the muted! If you can find out the name of the pattern, I'll love you forever! LOL

  40. I think all the quilts displayed were fantastic. Looks like a great quilt club. Wish I was close enough to visit!!

  41. Kevin, I'm glad you're getting back to quilting and so very sorry to hear about Gracie Lu. Cancer sucks! Having lost my sweet Sam to it last December my heart hurts for you. You're in my prayers.

  42. Beautiful post Kevin! I love all the different takes on the rail fence quilts. Wow! You received a lot of challenge quilts, and, your pictures show how much fun you all had. I missed a great shindig!

  43. This is a great event. Everyone is so talented. Im enjoying your blog and its very informative also. Got some get thoughts for the quilt camp I attend. Wow gotta go sew, Lots of beautiful quilts and love the colors.

  44. You make me want to move to Missouri! What an incredible group of talented and fun folks! Your post...AND YOU...are so inspirational and creative! It looks like ya'll were just a hoot and spent the whole day making special memories.

  45. Wonderful pictures - thanks for the inspiration.

  46. That was so much fun to see all the projects, modern and traditional and mixed. Your commentary made it even better. Thanks for sharing!

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