Thursday, June 29, 2017

Sapphire Stars Clue #1

By Kevin the Quilter

Here we go folks!  Ready or not!  Here is Clue #1 for Sapphire Stars! I will be showing you the way I made this particular unit. If you have a way you prefer to do things, by all means use it. I still don't know how to do a pdf file, so, feel free to copy and paste from this post into a reader friendly version. Also, if you are playing along, please share on your blog about this mystery and feel free to use the logo.  Alycia has given her permission, and of course you have mine.

Clue #1

Cut 48 3.5" x 3.5" squares from your brilliant royal blues (as many different as possible)

Cut 48 2"x2" squares from your light baby blues (as many different as possible)

Cut 48 2"x2" squares from your navy blues (as many different as possible)

Using a small ruler and marking tool (I used a mechanical pencil) on the wrong side of the fabric, mark a line diagonally down each light blue 2" square, AND each navy blue 2" square.

Placing right sides together, put one 2" light blue square on top corner of a 3.5" bright blue square. Sew on drawn line.

Repeat this step with navy 2" square on top of 3.5" bright blue square on opposite corner of the light blue 2" square just sewn.  Sew on drawn line.

Lightly finger press seams toward the corner ensuring the light and navy corners have been sewn correctly.  If light blue, and navy do not match the edge of the brilliant seam.

Cut 1/4" away from seam with rotary cutter or scissors.

Press 24 units with seams going toward corners, and press 24 units with seams going toward center.

Make 48 units measuring 3.5" unfinished.

If you are not comfortable making this unit, simply make 48 4 patch units from 2" squares of brilliant blue, light blue, and navy blue.
Make the 4 patches random with the various shades of blue color placement.

Please post progress on your blog or send me photos!
I would love to see your versions of this unit!

Until next time,
Keep on Quilting!

Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Kevin the Quilter


  1. Well. BEANS, Kevin. I had a bunch of gold strips so decided I'd do Amber Stars, but none are 3.5". Never fear, I've got plenty of gold in my stash. Can't wait to get started!

  2. Whee! And we're off the ground! Looking forward to this adventure. Thanks so much for doing this mystery Kevin. How's new Boston fatherhood going?

  3. I've been making this block for my family reunion quilt, only, I've been using white centers, and 1930's fabrics for the corners. I was thinking earlier this afternoon, that I needed to start pulling my fabrics for this mystery. PS: Is that your Featherweight I see peeking out, under the fabric? My purple Featherweight is getting used to these blocks, and would probably love to change colors.

  4. Thanks Kevin cant wait to get started,until next time. Have a wonderful month.

  5. This is already looking great--thanks so much for your efforts!
    How frequently are the clues going to come out, if you know??
    Have a great weekend.

  6. Already starting to look like a faceted jewel, with just clue number one. : )

  7. thanks Kevin have made instructions into a pdf and downloaded but I am struggling re fabric, will it work with lots of different fabrics as do not have a selection in any one colour. Must start buying more with a view to making rather than just liking a fabric! The featherweight will come out to make these blocks but maybe I would be better waiting to see what comes next as struggling with fabric

  8. Woohoo! On my way to my very first mystery quilt. I hope I find it elementary dear Watson!

  9. Ohhhhh I want to do this. I can't. But I will keep up with everyone's progress so I surely hope you can share all of creativity.
    Everyone, just make!!
    I have two active projects going already, and a baby shower in a week and a half. I am doing all of the food.... yeah, I am not even a fancy cook but it will be fun.
    I hope your baby Lilly is happy and of course she is madly in love with her daddy.
    I hope to be getting a kitten in August from Spirit Cat in Tennessee.
    Have a fun totally toasty hot week-end

  10. I find I have more success with these flip triangles if I sew next to the drawn line (toward the corner). If you sew right on the line, the thread and fold make the corner a little too short. Love your royal blues.

  11. I'm ready - really - well sort of.... but I am now!!! Yay!!!

  12. Blues selected and ready to cut. Thanks fora great activity for my Canada Day long weekend! Scratch that...I am is a continuous long weekend now!

  13. Blues selected and ready to cut. Thanks fora great activity for my Canada Day long weekend! Scratch that...I am is a continuous long weekend now!

  14. Aren't you the overachiever?! Thanks for offering TWO options for the piecing. I might just have to do TWO quilts so I can have one with each option!! :o))

  15. I'm thinking of joining, but I can't figure out how to do this in red--I have regular bright red and dark red, but what would light red look like? I don't want to go pink--maybe a red on white print? Suggestions, anyone?

  16. I shall enjoy following along...without sewing. Packed for our home to sell. Fingers Crossed! <3

  17. This is my first internet mystery quilt and I am making emerald stars for a Christmas quilt. I had just decided to make a Christmas quilt for each of my (yikes 8) grandchildren when I found this and it seemed like a perfect fit. Question- when can we expect the final clue?

  18. Omigosh, Kevin, this is looking very promising indeed! I think the sapphire is a great starting point. :D

  19. Looks like fun. I'm hoping I'll have time to join in before the end of the month.

  20. Hi Kevin! I will soon begin cutting for your Sapphire Stars. The name alone has caught my attention; I am a September baby and sapphire is my birthstone. And best part is this is your design. Thank you so much for encouraging this new blogger. Your blog is one I check almost every day. Here is my blogpost about your mystery quilt:

  21. Just heard about this sad I have no time to sew anymore. Teaching sucks all my time!

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