Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Ahhhhhh September.........

30 Days has September...........and they are almost gone!

Come see how this month got away from me so quickly!

September is my birthday month!
It was the 14th anniversary of my
29th birthday, thank you for asking......LOL!
That means spending time with my amazing family!

My Dad........whatta ham!
He HATED peeling potatoes in the National Guard,
but, doesn't mind helping out Mom in the kitchen when needed.

And you all KNOW my Momma was going to 
cook my favorite meal of Stuffed Peppers
with some Fried Potatoes on the side!
I had a wonderful time celebrating with my family.
And, in case you were wondering....she made me 
a sugar free birthday cake as well!

My sis and her family made me this pallet flag!
I can't wait to hang it and decorate for Fall around it!


Although Wendy of The Constant Quilter
didn't know it was my birthday month....
she "passed along" these DELICIOUS
Civil War Repro fabrics to me!
Thanks so much Wendy!
I actually remembered to take a photo!
I am still apologizing to Mari of 
for not taking a photo of the scraps
she sent to me!  SORRY!!!!

These Civil War Repro scraps fit right into
sew along.
Above is Part ONE.......

and here is Part TWO.

I have had a few more workshops in my studio.
This one is "Sorta, Kinda Amish."

These quilters worked so hard getting their string sets made.

Then played with their placements on the design wall......

and the design table! LOL

It's a really fun workshop using a different
technique to use up those strings.

I was also able to have my good quilting friends
Ree and Linda over for a Quilts of Valor sew day
in the studio.

Wait a minute....where did everybody go?????

You know there is always going to be good food
around if there are quilters working in
The Quilt Cave!

We were able to get this quilt top done.
Sorry for the waviness at the bottom.....
the fan was on! LOL
Super easy 2.5" squares surrounding 
a 6.5" larger square.
Our suggestion to you......
piece each block individually rather than
trying to strip piece it!
Trust us on this!!!!! LOLOLOL
And, yes, there is a mistake in this quilt top
that shall add to it's provenance!

What a great time we all had!
And, yes, Little Miss Hollywood,
AKA, Dar, joined us for the day!

Amidst flying very rude passengers on the plane,
 taking care of the birds here at The Quilt Cave,
and all of these activities, I have kept myself very busy!
No wonder September has gone by so quickly!

Oh......and guess what is happening this Thursday,
the 28th?????

Another clue for Sapphire Stars!!!!!

is your PDF for the last SURPRISE CLUE.

We are ALMOST finished!!!!!
See you then!

Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Keep on quilting!


  1. Well, bust my buttons! Happy Birthday to you! I love the palette flag! What a great idea. And, I can't believe you have already made little 4-patches with those scraps. You must not sleep! While some people "have fun in the sun" you all have "fun in the cave"! Happy Quilting! And I look forward to another clue because quite frankly I am stumped!

  2. Happy birthday Kevin, lovely celebrating with family. Do you think your lovely mum would share your sugar free birthday cake? Xx

  3. Happy Birthday! I celebrate the whole month of my birthday. I'll get to celebrate my first grandbaby during my next birthday month. What a celebration that will be.

  4. Happy Birthday!!! Looks like you celebrated in fine style!

  5. Happy September Birthday Kevin Dear. Keep celebrating every day of your entire year!! Family and quality time is Priceless. Love your Quilt Cave gatherings and sew-a-longs. Quilts of Valor is so very important. Happy Birthday to YOU...<3

  6. Happy Birthday , Kevin! Maybe your mom would share her stuffed peppers recipe? All your projects look so fun. I love your enthusiasm! Oh and that flag is very cool. I have a similar flag, , removed from the side of my parents' home in Cape Cod. A treasure to me, so I keep mine inside.

    lizzy at gone to the beach

  7. Happy 29th birthday, Kevin...again!!
    I am totally awe struck with your design wall... YOWZERS... that thing looks immense!!!
    Looks like you had a fabulous birthday celebration. Love your dad's MUG SHOT!!
    And I want to know HOW you managed to wangle some of Wendy's scraps??? LUCKY you!! Those are cherished pieces of fabric!!
    Love the flag!!

  8. Happy happy birthday Kevin! We call your age "29 and holding"!
    Can't wait for Thursday!

  9. Happy Birthday, Kevin!!! Love sharing my birthday month with you!! You lead a very busy life, with your family, job and passion! No wonder the months disappear so quickly. Love your quilt cave and how you share it with others.

  10. HB Kevin. Your posts are so full of happiness and joy. Too bad you are so far away...

  11. Happy birthday, Kevin! Your posts always make me smile, they are so full of fun and laughter :)

  12. Happy Birthday dear Kevin ! Your family is so fun and fantastic !
    Happy quilting with your friends in the Quilt Cave !! I'm just finishing the third part of the Palmateer...Love your orange choice of fabric ! ;)

  13. Happy Belated Birthday...and thank you for the "take" on how old you are! I can hardly wait until my birthday in December...I'll ask for only 29 candles and say it's the 26th anniversary of my 29th birthday! lol....You have a beautiful family...their wonderful smiles tell me all I need to know. Love the flag pallet..Love those fried potatoes....and those great photos from the Quilt Cave make me wish I could join you guys there sometime (and the pics of the food didn't hurt either!). I so enjoy your posts... my Garnet Stars is coming along quite well.

  14. Happy Birthday!! The Quilt Cave quilters look like they are really enjoying themselves!

  15. Happy belated birthday! Looks the usual FUN that you and your family like to have. I love that you are close to them.
    What great sewing going on in the cave!!

  16. Happy birthday! Mine was Saturday, so extra happiness to you! And relax-- you can take two pictures next time! Not a big deal! Looks like you had lots of fun in the workshop and with your family. The best kinds of fun!

  17. Kevin, I like that your Cave is on the main level. My whole main level is... ok not really, just the big morning room off of the cooking room. It is nice to have your favorite room next to your other favorite room.
    Happy Birthday, It is good to have them with all of your family and friends. I am very happy for you. I think your job as an air line steward must be very funny and annoying. I used to be an RN in a hospital and that was like a nut house. Then I went to work for a private ortho practice and that was a lot more sane, but there were some gems

  18. Happy Birthday 29 times over. Great quilting space is always more special when shared.

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. Happy Belated Birthday!!! I'm way behind on my blog reading and did some catching up today, so just found out you had a birthday.
    Would you mind sharing info about "Sorta, Kinda Amish"? I think that would be a great way to use up some scraps!

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