Friday, July 6, 2018

A very busy life......

Hey Quilting Friends!

As you all know......

We all have busy lives! 
I truly feel I cannot get things done I was able to get done a few years ago!
Surely, getting older has NOTHING to do with this????
Flying is really taking it's toll on me as of late.  It's depressing.

The recent blogger woes of not being able to correspond with those who are directly
responsible for me being where I am today in the quilting world is really......well.....
aggravating!  I am trying to fix the problem as prescribed by other bloggers.  Please be patient with me as I enjoy communicating with you all.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018 7PM
Lecture / Trunk Show
Pieceable Friends Quilt Guild
Evans Recreation Center
1100 37th Street
Evans, CO  80620

Wednesday, July 18, 2018 
String Star Workshop
Pieceable Friends Quilt Guild
Eaton Recreation Center
1675 3rd Street
Eaton, CO  80615

SO, what HAS been going on besides being on an airplane way too much as of late?

2018 Summer Session of 
Scrap Club hosted by Kevin the Quilter

We are having a scrap block lotto each month
making a simple block that goes with that month's
birthstone color along with neutrals.
Above is a sampling of the double four patch blocks 
quilters brought in for June.

This session of Scrap Club is focusing on the Lonestar Quilt.
 It is time for me to play with some Kaffe Fassett
scraps and stash.  Above and below
are some of my strips for making some
smaller Jelly Roll Lonestars.

We are using the free tutorials
from Jordan Fabrics as our inspiration.

The Jelly Roll Lonestar tutorial can be found

The regular Lonestar tutorial can be found

Father's Day with my Dad!
The entire Hee Haw gang came to the
Quilt Cave to celebrate Father's Day this year.
I made dinner for everyone, and we all had
a really nice visit.  My niece is moving in order to
attend college, so a lot of shopping was dedicated to
buying her furnishings for her apartment.

A String Star Workshop with the Stitch'N'Time Quilt Guild
in Warrenton, Missouri.
These quilters worked really hard during this workshop.

It was a lot of fun getting to know them!
Thanks for hosting me!

I was also able to share my lecture/trunk show with the
Piecemaker's Quilt Club in St. Clair, Missouri.
What a crowd!

My friends Roxann and Mary Lee served as
Huffman's Hotties.
Thanks gals!

I have to share this photo with you all.
During my lecture, I ask those quilters who
don't like or care to make scrap quilts, and this
quilter was adamant about that remark.
After I was finished speaking, she came up to me
and told me she couldn't wait to go home and make 
a scrap quilt!  Another convert! LOLOLOL

My friend, Priscilla in Connecticut has sent me many
friendship stars using chicken fabric!
Thanks Priscilla!
Now, how shall I incorporate them into something?

I was able to visit briefly with my friend
as she visited the Kansas City area in June.
It is ALWAYS inspiring to see her work in person.
Talk about a busy person......I haven't a clue how she 
gets done what she gets done! 

Isn't this a lovely mess?
Sewing with abandon in the neutral strings.... I wish I could just do this all day long

Scrap enhancements have come in from my friends
Linda and Cindy!
Lilly Mae and I thank you very much!

Lilly Mae was able to finish her first marathon with
my friend Mike.  This was really special for him and her!
(For those of you who would actually think Lilly Mae
ran the entire marathon in the heat.....please understand she 
only ran the last 50 yards across the finish line. LOL)

Mr. Valentino gave me the scare of my life recently.
As you may know, Valentino is at least 16 years old
and is diabetic.
His blood sugar is checked regularly.
However, the best made efforts for treatment don't always
ensure a crisis may not occur.
I had to rush him to the vet due to a
hypoglycemic seizure.
I can't thank my vet enough for taking
this situation under control, and helping
Valentino out so quickly.
Diabetes is so unpredictable at times.....especially in animals.
More monitored feedings and a different type of
insulin has made a wonderful difference for
my handsome boy.

My garden is doing well!
My tomato plants are almost as tall as me!
I am 6'1"!
I will be harvesting beans soon.
I have already been getting zucchini, squash,
and cucumbers.

These 2 beauties were pleasant surprises the other day
as I was tending to the garden.
I love Cherokee Purple tomatoes (on the left).
If you have never tried this variety, I encourage you to
do so.  They have such a wonderful flavor, and the deep
purple color is enchanting!

Some new arrivals here at the Quilt Cave!
This little chick is so cute!
It stormed the day he/she hatched, so thus
it's name is Stormy.  I hope it is a hen!
He/she has 5 brothers/sisters.

And here is the Chicken Pic for this post.....
Meet Lucky!
Lucky is an Americauna mix rooster.
Look at his jaunty comb flounced over his head.
He sure is handsome, and is very......well.....Lucky!
He escaped the coop, and was gone for a few days.
I figured the worst......but, he reappeared!
It was quite a site recapturing him, but, all is well now.
He is very popular with the hens.
So now you know how he got his name!

Sorry again for the long time in between posts.....
Thanks for understanding......and...
Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Keep on Quilting!
Kevin the Quilter


  1. You have been busy Kevin! Lots of great scraps from friends; well attended classes and trunk show too! My Duchess had seizures; so scary! I'm glad Mr. Valentino is doing better! Lily Mae and Mike sure look good for just completing a marathon! Love your rooster! He sure looks like he is full of himself!! Glad your back! I sure enjoy your blog!

  2. I always know I am in for quite a ride when I see a new post from you! With all you have happening on the ground, how do ever have time this fly??
    I am glad Mr. Valentino is doing well now. BTW, is his first name Rudolph??

  3. Oh, that was supposed to say “time to fly”.

  4. Thanks for the Lone Star links, but what I really LOVE is the shot of those lovely Double Four Patch blocks!!! That's on of the quilts on my SOMEDAY list. Sorry to hear that flying is getting to you. Take care of yourself, Kevin!

  5. Another super great post, Kevin!! Thanks for an enjoyable read!!

  6. You are a busy, busy guy! Wish I could snatch those tomatoes right off the screen to eat. It will be a couple more weeks around here before we see tomatoes appearing in the farm stands. Take care!!

  7. I hope that flying will stop taking such a toll on least until you can retire and make quilting, gardening and chickens your full-time occupation! I think your heart has moved from flying to quilting (gardening, chickens, dogs and cats) and that makes it more difficult. Praying for strength for you, dear friend! I love seeing mentions of you on Bonnie's blog! Glad your family (human and otherwise) are doing well and increasing. I think of you every time I see a plane fly over :o)

  8. I recently flew to NJ & back. Looked for you but nope! Would have loved to have said hello again. So glad that Valentino is back to himself. He is quite the handsome fella.

  9. Glad to see you check in! You have been busy, but hopefully most of it was fun. I cannot imagine the toll flying for a living must take, it exhausts me.

  10. Kevin, it is always a pleasure to read your blog. You are a busy guy too. I know how you feel
    We are doing "mostly" all of the things we love. Yes, working, I know there is a tiny element to the job that you love as well.
    I feel like I am spread so thin and everything moves along at a very slow pace.
    I mean, if I get a few lines of sewing done in one day, I have to tell my self to be satisfied with that. Hubbs and I are still in the big house and I have to admit there are days I feel like I cannot keep up, but I am not moving out of here until we have a firm plan. I take care of my daddy just 4 miles away, every day He needs me now that mom went to be with God.
    I hopeyou have a joyous week-end and continue to just keep your head above the water haha
    Love you dear friend

  11. We used to plant several varieties of tomatoes, but finally realized that Cherokee Purples were all we wanted! :)

    Take care.

  12. I want to run marathons like Lily! Can I get a medal for 50 yards???? ha ha - glad to see you are doing lots of fun stuff!! can't wait for you to be here!!

  13. Love seeing your posts whenever they come. Sometimes life gets busy, but we carry on! Those tomatoes look delicious!!

  14. I love reading your posts
    Hearing about your family
    Hearing about your animals
    Hearing about quilting stuff
    I am so sorry you get to work a real life job with strangers making a living just gets in the way of so much even if the benefits are nice.
    Yes I said get to work
    It's my way of feeling positive about "working"
    So instead of I have to work what ever day I just change it to I get to work and it changes my attitude
    Any way I do want you to know I do enjoy your blog and the things you say and I don't comment on each blog a read so

  15. Always fun to see what you are up to
    love that baby chick

  16. So glad Valentino is on the mend. Enjoy your blog. Blessings.

  17. Holy smokes! What a fun filled blog post! My blog comments to email are now working, what about yours? I hope we can bunny chat on Friday!

  18. That purple double 4-patch quilt is going to be gorgeous! I would love a purple quilt but am having a hard time finding enough good purples anywhere. Bonnie Hunter made a beautiful purple quilt recently and I am so jealous. My last cat was diabetic the last few years of her life. She was not put on insulin but on a special diet instead. I had to have her put down when she was 18 years old. It was heartbreaking to watch her deteriorate. Hope yours has many more good years.

  19. Lots of fun stuff in with all the flying. How you keep up is beyond me. Stay cool and happy stitching.

  20. I love Mr. Lucky! I think he will be the inspiration colors for another bird. We had a wonderful time with Julie in the Liberated Birds workshop yesterday. I was able to complete four! Once the house is comfortable again (A/C is out and we are waiting on a replacement), I will start on Mr. Lucky. It was good to see you Friday, however briefly. And, of course, your blog posts are the highlight of my daily blog reading.

  21. So glad Valentino is on the mend. Enjoy your blog. Blessings.


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