Saturday, October 27, 2018

Happy Fall Ya'll.........

Happy Fall Ya'll.....
And welcome to my blog!

I love this view on my front porch!
My sis couldn't have made something more
fitting for me last Christmas!
It goes with EVERY season! LOL

It has been a really busy Fall.
Flying has been brutal, as usual.
I had to deal with a passenger that placed
his dog in an overhead bin recently.
I can't even go there.........REALLY?????
Trust me, the passenger got my message to him!
But, thank God I have a job that pays
the bills!  I need to keep reminding myself of this!

You all knew I would cave and participate
in my friend Lori's 
It was a quick and easy sew along
with stunning results!

I love going through the smallest of scraps,
utilizing them in a work such as this.

Delicious....and ALL pieces are different!
I think it is so important in scrap quilts
to utilize what you have, and to make
each piece as varied as possible.

This was so much fun to make!
All different pieces used!

With the exceptions of the sashing and cornerstones,
ALL of the fabrics are different in this quilt which makes
me a really happy, scrappy quilter!
Still trying to determine the outer cornerstones for this one.

Visit the 
There are some amazing little quilts to be seen!
Thanks Lori for sharing your talents with us!

And, what have we here?????

Sophia Annabella helping me out with the 
"On Ringo Lake" mystery quilt!!!!!

Thanks to Sophia's help, I was able to get this top completed!
It is off to the quilter!
My friends Mike and Sherry spoke up for this one
before I even started making it last year!
I am happy to have friends that are interested
in my quilt making adventures and want to 
use the quilts I make!
I realize not every quilt maker is that fortunate.
Now, I feel better about starting this year's mystery!
The colors will be announced this week!

Hmmm.......I considered sending this 
antique mall find to 
as a house warming gift for
Quiltville Inn........
I ultimately decided against it!

Lilly Mae is always eager to greet me
when I get home from flying!
Sweet little girl!

October is Family Reunion month for my Mom's
side of the family.
This photo pretty much represents me and my family!
It's great being able to visit with family
while partaking of some GREAT food!
Sorry to interrupt your dinner Dad! LOLOL

Aren't these signs fun????? LOLOLOL
Cousin Phyllis came all the way from Kentucky!

I can't believe my niece, AKA Sugar Doll is
all grown up, in college, pursuing her dreams.
How does time pass by so quickly????
It seems like it was just yesterday we were playing
"Horsie Pageant!"

And, of course, you know I have some of the 
greatest parents on earth!
Momma is feeling a lot better now!
Her medication has been adjusted properly.
Dad is doing well too!
Thank God!

My friend Susan, in Washington/Nevada, reminded me
I haven't posted a chicken pic in a while.......
Remember Stormy that hatched in June?
Here he is,..... all grown up.......
and rather beautiful, don't you think?

I hope ya'll are enjoying your Fall!

Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Keep on Quilting!
Kevin the Quilter


  1. Great photos, Kevin! I can't imagine what you deal with on the planes. The dog guy sounds like he should not have a dog. I am glad you can keep perspective. Keep sewin' on!

  2. What a fun post! Isn't dealing with the public so much fun .... NOT! Glad you were able to put him in his place and still keep your paying job! Lol! Love the family pictures, including the pooches & rooster. He certainly is gorgeous!

  3. Your Sajou is just great, I love scrappy quilts too, those colors you used are just magic in my eyes!
    That eagle is outstanding - can't blame you for keeping him, or that gorgeous rooster!

  4. Your ORL quilt is gorgeous with that dark blue making the other colors shine. And that is a very welcoming porch with the flowers and the barn quilt.

  5. Love that "barn quilt" (or front porch quilt).
    Oh, my goodness, I would have been cheering you on, had I been on that flight where you had to "educate" the individual putting their dog in the overhead bin!
    You beautiful Sanjou quilt makes me thing of licorice--black and red. Love your rich colors. It is a beauty, Kevin!
    And I absolutely love the addition of the dark blue to your "On Ringo Lake". Very striking.
    LOL Bonnie will probably send YOU a thank you card for not sending HER that "creation".
    What a fun family--I love the signs. I may steal that idea for our next family reunion!
    Stormy is a most handsome fella.

  6. Oh, a mystery quilt! Your last one was so cool I may have to jump in on this one! The poor pup, being put in the overhead bin. Really?!? Glad you were there to set him straight, and rescue the pup. Your family photos are a hoot!

  7. what fun family photos! and hooray for a chicken picture!! your SAL is great as always Kevin

  8. Oh, mercy, didn't a dog die in an overhead bin? What was this guy thinking?!! You are certainly keeping busy, glad you can have some doggy love!

  9. I love - love - love your Sajou medallion quilt. Beautiful use of color and value! Glad you're having a great fall; hope we can get together soon.

  10. Beautiful barn quilt from your sister. Your Sajou quilt is very pretty and colorful.

  11. All that scrappy goodness in your Sajou. Love the contrast in the triangle border. It ties the quilt together.

  12. Hope you get a chance to slow down around the holidays, though I guess that's when travel picks up. Congrats on getting Ringo Lake to the finished flimsy stage, it looks great. Safe travels and happy stitching.

  13. Fun post as usual Kevin !
    First I'm glad your dear Mom is OK...
    Your quilt Sajou is just beautiful !! And the mystery of Bonnie ! terrific !!
    Congratulations for these finishes !

  14. Such a fun post - thanks for sharing. And Stormy is so gorgeous. I love the colors in your Sajou. I enjoy mystery quilt projects, and I have been a scrappy happy gal my whole life.

  15. Oh Kevin, I enjoy your posts. You have a good life.
    I am very certain your flying experiences are a lot like my old nursing career. -there are all sorts of people out there, we are just not on the same page. I am not sure what page they are on....

    I love that Eagle, only $9 what a bargain
    I love your scrap blocks, they are amazing
    Your blog and YOU are so inspiring

  16. Wow!! Stormy is GORGEOUS! You lucky person - I'm so jealous that you can have poultry. Your Ringo Lake is gorgeous, too.

  17. loved your post! Stormy is a handsome guy! Your Ringo Lake is gorgeous, I hope to be able to do the mystery quilt this year.

  18. I really think Bonnie would love that weird eagle! LOL LOL
    I am so glad you sewed a long! I love your version of Sajou!!
    Hip Hip Hooray for finishing the mystery and being ready for the next one!! Love the photos of your family get together.

  19. Kevin...your blog is always filled with energy and beauty. Thanks for sharing. Blessings.

  20. Another fun read with excellent pictures and great stories.

  21. What a hoot! I'm glad you share your quilting time with your pups. Wish I could get my grand dogs to finish some of mine! Your Sajou quilt is gorgeous! Happy quilting!

  22. Is it weird that I see a beautiful quilt made out of the Stormy's feather colors? Love the post.

  23. My family reunion is also in October. What a funny bird quilt(?) above. Funny. Be grateful for your job.

  24. What a fun post!! your quilts!!! LOVE them!! and your quilt block!! So cool.... our barn is sorta growing, so mine is in the barn for a moment re awaiting its *spot*

  25. Your On Ringo Lake turned out great. I really liked the color change you picked. Very nice. My goodness, Stormy is such a beautiful rooster. I guess the correct adjective should be "handsome" fellow.
    Great pictures of the family and your sewing pup. It's nice to have such good help on your projects.

  26. Oh. My. Goodness. I can't believe you passed on the house warming eagle! What a memory that would have made, lololololol!!

  27. This is amazing creative work. I appreciated your crafting ideas for DIY. I really love your blog. You always come up with new ideas.

    Thanks for sharing!
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  28. Your Ringo Lake is gorgeous! Congrats on finishing the top before the new mystery starts... I want to do the same thing!
    Love the housewarming gift... I think Bonnie would love it! LOL

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  31. Your quilts are beautiful! The barn quilt your sis gave you makes your place look so homey!

  32. nice article great post comment information thanks for sharing.

  33. So the pic of the stuffed eagle with patchwork "feathers"? I have the OWL version of it! My sweet mom-in-law made it for me many, many moons ago because I love owls. I still treasure it. Also, thank you for a great presentation for Quilts of Valor at Jefferson Star Quilt Guild, one of which my hubby received. You did a great job as MC and organizing the block drive. Kudos!