Saturday, November 17, 2018


My! My! My!
How time does fly!
You all know this is one of the busiest times of the year for air travel......
Soooooooooooo, Ole' Uncle Kevin the Quilter is staying as far away from
an airport or airplane as possible! LOL  I am currently on vacation for the rest of the year!
HOOOOORAY for seniority, and strategic bidding!

So, there is lots'o'stuff to share!

First things first.....

Here is my original design,
 "Goodnight, Darlene!" 
All completed!
Beautifully custom quilted by 
Darlene herself!
She did a fabulous job.

This quilt's first appearance is at
in St. Louis, Missouri.
I have been asked to teach for the shop,
and I will be teaching this quilt.
Please go
to sign up for this class!

And, here is a view of the back.
Look at that delicious quilting!

The long awaited Mystery Quilt Info was 
released by Bonnie!
The Mystery Quilt is named
"Good Fortune" and is inspired by
her trip to China last year.
You can find all of the info

These are the colors I have chosen.....
Red for Red
Orange for Orange
Chartreuse for Green
Purple for Blue
Black for Neutral
I know, I know, I know......
you all are thinking........HALLOWEEN!
Well, yeah, kind of! LOL
I am eager to work on this mystery because,
for the first time, I am working along with 2 of 
my quilting friends, Sue, and Heather.
Who else is going to play along with Bonnie's mystery this year?

Julie called for some of these blocks 
for the "70273 Project."
I felt it was important for me to participate.
Let me know when you receive these Julie!

What is your "Oldest Living UFO?"

This is mine, and it was just some very
ill constructed blocks a week or so ago.....
I started this when I had re-introduced myself to 
quilting....circa 2011/2012.
It is called "Scrap Sensation"
and is in the September/October 2011
issue of McCall's Quilting magazine.

One more border to go, and I can call
this one done!
I love the movement in it......and trust me
the piecing is WAY OFF in places......
rather humble, right Lori? LOLOLOL
I am glad that it is being completed though,
and gives me hope that more UFOs will
be completed soon.

I was thrilled to congratulate these two amazing
quilters at the Loose Threads Quilt Show held
at St. Charles Community College.
Cindy and her mother Clifdel  
participate in Scrap Club
and are prolific quilters.
How special for them to be able to share this honor!

While at the show, look what I spotted!
Two beautiful and different versions of 
"Sapphire Stars!"

I was able to take a road trip with 
my friends Linda and Annalee
quilt shop in Havanna, IL.
I HIGHLY recommend you visit this quilt shop!
It is full of gloriously beautiful things!

My Aunt Doris shared with me this quilt she made
when she was 14 years old.....that was a few years back! LOL
She drafted the template herself, and hand appliqued the star.
I think it is really super cool!
I am glad she was able to tell me about her quilt!

I visited with the
Scraps and Patches Quilter's Guild
in Festus, Missouri.
Thanks to the guild and to Sandi on the right for being so
warm and welcoming.  I'd also like to thank
Huffman's Hotties for making an appearance!

I have played auctioneer for 2 area quilt guilds in the 
past week!
These 2 auctions were so much fun!

I was so busy at the
I didn't even take a photo!

O'Fallon, Illinois.

My friend Lesley from across the pond
sent me this lovely postcard and magnet!
She knows me so well!
Thanks Lesley!


Meet Sterling!
Sterling is one of Stormy's hatching mates.
He is a favorite around the Quilt Cave.
He is a barnyard mix rooster.
Therefore, I have no idea which breeds made him.
But, look at his beautiful coloration!

Such a handsome boy!

And, I leave you with the beautiful views
of the snow received this past week
here at the Quilt Cave.
Most people hate seeing this........
for me, I! LOVE! IT!

5 inches!

I would like to wish everyone
far and wide a very
If we think about it, 
there is so much to be thankful for!
I am so thankful for all of you!

Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Thanks for being a friend!
Keep on Quilting!
Kevin the Quilter


  1. Enjoy your well-earned vacation! I expect to see a finished mystery by Jan 2.

  2. Not only is the quilting on Goodnight Darlene delicious--so is all the purpleness!
    I just sent off some X blocks last month. Want to make more, but I actually had to buy more solid red. The five blocks I made took the only piece in my stash.
    Scrap Sensation is fantastic. Looks great to me from out here in Utah. Can't tell there are any problems in the piecing. :)
    That is a very handsome bird.
    And that is way too much snow for pre-Thanksgiving!

  3. I flew to Houston, the Quilt Festival, last week- 4 flights all at capacity, shoe-horned in. The airports were nuts. I have some photos you would enjoy- especially a red and white one made of tiny HSTs. Great photos. I love the rooster photo. Do you have one that is the complete rooster? It would be a great applique quilt. Make sure you get some rest.

  4. Another fun, wonderful post, Kevin!! And I do plan to make Bonnie's Mystery Quilt this time around!! And your snow is WONDERFUL!! Living here at the beach now, I so miss the snow!!

  5. I also have the rest of the year off. My vacation started last week. Part of that is due to a broken leg and part to seniority at work. But hey I’ll take a long vacation no matter how I get it. I love goodnight Darlene and truly enjoy all you post.

  6. Congrats on your gig at the Quilted Fox! That quilt is so cool!!
    Love the photo of you and the two sapphire quilts! Your oldie/humble quilt is gorgeous.
    I didn't realize you got snow already too. Kind of fun to have at Thanksgiving.

  7. I love that rooster! Can you post a photo at some point of your heirloom turkeys? I know, I know, for a city girl born and bred, I have an undue interest in poultry. Blame Martha Stewart.
    I like the colors you have selected for this year's mystery quilt. If it turns out kind of Halloween-y, in my mind that's a good thing. I love Halloween quilts. As a kid it was my almost favorite (after Christmas) holiday. Candy, costumes, going out after dark - all fun things.
    Happy Thanksgiving, Kevin, it was so good to see you at the recent auctions!

  8. I LOVE your Good Night, Darlene quilt! And your (soon-to-be-not-a) FO looks great too! Pretty rooster. Happy Thanksgiving, Kevin!

  9. *UFO, that should've been. The U disappeared!

  10. What a lovely way for you to end the home or on the road instead of flying the crazy skies!!! Sterling's beautiful coloring would be great for planning the colors of a quilt! Love Goodnight Darlene and how fabulous that she was able to quilt it for you! Scrap Sensation is looking good...almost a finish! I'm glad I'm not the only one who takes my quilting rulers out to measure snow!!!

  11. So glad you've been able to opt out of the madness of flying during the holiday season. Your oldest UFO is pretty spectacular. Enjoy your stitching and family time. Happy Thanksgiving.

  12. I like to sit down with a coffee when I see your email come in, knowing I'm going to see a great photo show with lots of commentary - 21 shared today so not too bad haha. That's great you have the rest of the year off work, so more time for you to cause trouble and take lots more photo's. I'm so happy you got to enjoy your snow; hope it's stays away from us as I hate driving in it! Happy Thanksgiving to you and all your family, large or small :)

  13. Dear Kevin, I love your blog and I am so blessed and thrilled that I found you.
    Seniority is the best. You deserve the time off. You are correct, the airport is the last place you would want to be hanging out over the holidays, unless you were having a bake sale.

    I just so enjoyed reading this blog update today. I love the snow, I love Sterling and of course your adventures, your friends and your quilts, especially the one with the way off piecing. That is my specialty... some days.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family and to all of your readers too

  14. What fun to be snowed in, on vacation and have plenty of fabric and projects for days worth of sewing fun! I wish I could have been at your auctions!! Have fun during the holidays!! Happy Thanksgiving!!

  15. So, Sterling is a "scrappy" rooster (aka barnyard mix). Haha -- it only seems right! How fun to have the rest of the year off from those friendly skies. Enjoy! We have just a bit of snow here, maybe 1.5" -- but we know more will be coming soon. Looking forward to seeing what you create while you are snowed in! Happy Thanksgiving, Kevin!

  16. Goodnight Darlene is gorgeous! I saw the class announcement in the QF newsletter and bookmarked it to come back and sign up. Happy Thanksgiving! See you next week, and looking forward to it!

  17. Enjoy your vacation!

    I'm doing the BH mystery--I'm using her colors except I'm subbing yellow/gold for orange.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  18. How wonderful to have time off through the end of the year! Yah for you! Enjoy! I plan to join Bonnie's mystery, too. Her colors are a bit of a challenge for me, but we need that sometimes, don't we? Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for sharing your blog. I really enjoy it!

  19. many beauties! I plan on participating in Bonnie's Good Fortune. God Bless You and Your Family! Happy, Healthy, Safe Thanksgiving.

  20. Kevin,
    When I saw the pictures of Sterling, I couldn't help but think his beautiful colors could be inspiration for a quilt! What do you think?

  21. Your "goodnight darlene" is gorgeous, oh how I wish we lived closer id totally take a class with you i bet it would be a hoot 😃. Speaking of UFO's my sapphire stars just needs quilting, maybe I will get it out and contemplate that lol. Your rooster looks friendly, everyone we have had has been vicious so we just have the girls now. Ive never seen snow, alas maybe one day 😆

  22. Happy Thanksgiving Kevin! keep those chicken photos coming!
    I am planning to make some X blocks too.
    Looks like you have been having fun as usual!

  23. I am so far behind on my blog reading!! I adore your "Goodnight Darlene". She must be proud that you named such a special quilt after her! I am not surprised that you are your group's auctioneer. I'll bet you make them lots of money. I do it for my group and I love squeezing them out of their money - for a good cause you know! When I made my first 70273 quilt to honor my grandson, I sent it off with a sweet note to Jeanne silently thinking that she was crazy to think that she would ever get to her goal. I am so very happy that she (and thousands of wonderful people everywhere) have been able to prove me wrong! Good for you Uncle Kevin! And... I couldn't possibly tell you what my oldest UFO is, my memory isn't what it used to be. Happy Thanksgiving to you, your family and Sterling who is very pleased to be a rooster this week!

  24. Gorgeous quilt you designed! Purple is my favourite colour too. LOVE that pieced backing on it - well done all around.

  25. I'm glad you're planning to do Bonnie's mystery this year. I bet it's going to look really cool with black as the neutral color! Have you started your 4-patches yet? I look forward to seeing your progress.

  26. How awesome that you have some time off... hope you fill it with lots of quilting!
    Sterling is indeed a lovely creature :)
    Love your new quilt design and hope you post pictures of your class!

  27. I love your color choices. I might have gone with purple, but I couldn't find any in my collection. I used black as the background last year. Your colors are going to pop against the black.

  28. I Dar's quilt. We raced thru your area the Sunday after Thanksgiving, trying to beat the snow (got home 30 minutes before it started to snow, thank goodness). Sterling is one handsome dude!