Monday, April 22, 2019

Easter Blessings!

Easter Blessings to you all!
A day late, and a dollar short from usual!
Allow me to catch you all up to speed with the many blessings I have
experienced as of late!

"Then Came the Morning"
Here is what I did with my color wash cross
I was working on.
Thanks to Wanda of Exuberant Color
for constantly inspiring me with her color wash work.
I will be seeing you soon Wanda!

I completed this top just in time to spend Easter with...

my wonderful family!
No, you aren't seeing things......
I shaved my beard off for my Momma and Sister!
It was their Easter blessing! LOL
The beard is COMING BACK!

Meet Abigail Rose!
"Abby" is the newest blessing here at the Quilt Cave!
She is a Goldendoodle.
Look at that snout! LOLOL

"Ain't I cute???"

Bath time!

Play time!

Stuffed animal look alike time!

"Frog Dog" time.....after exhausting play time!

Sophia:  Dad, I don't think she understands coming down
the steps to your studio????

Just so you all know, Abigail is fitting right in.
Lilly Mae LOVES having her here to play with.
Sophia and Valentino are indifferent.

 Speaking of Lilly Mae,
she just celebrated her 2nd birthday!
I KNOW!!!! Can you believe this little
stinker is already 2 years old???

I love this pic!
Lilly was enjoying her puppy whip with Sophia
and Abigail is in the background!

I was finally able to share my cousin's memory quilt
with her mom, dad, and sister.
This was a hard one folks.
I was very close to my cousin Kim.
It was beautifully custom quilted by
my friend Doreen.

I KNOW how much this quilt is appreciated though.
It truly was a labor of love to make.

I was recently joined in my kitchen
and studio by master chef, and
quilter, my nephew,
Curtis the Quilter!

Curtis came up with the name himself...
and said....."that has a nice ring to it, don't you think
Uncle Kevin?"

I was finally able to visit with the
Friends In Stitches Quilt Guild in
Waterloo, Illinois.
This was rescheduled due to winter weather.
We met for my "String Star" workshop!

We had so much fun together we blew a few fuses!
Now, I know what my friend
feels like! LOLOLOL

Just look at what a nice time we had together!

Oh dear! LOLOLOL
This quilter was a hoot to have in class!

 My friends Mary Ellen (above)
and Sue (below)
surprised me and were a 
part of this workshop!
Thanks for coming quilters!

Thanks Waterloo!
I had a blast with you all!

Also, I recently had the pleasure of visiting
the Dixie Lee Quilters in my hometown of
Fredericktown, Missouri!

Truth be told, it was this sweet quilter that suggested my
invitation.  She heard from her sister in law from Northern
Illinois who had seen my lecture and trunk show in
Rockford earlier this year!
Isn't it a small world after all????

Being in my hometown had it's advantages.
Look at my cheering section full of family and friends!
Thanks for coming!!!!

And my Sis, and Sugar Doll posed as
Huffman's Hotties!
Being silly.......
eh, it runs in the family!

At this meeting, I ran into a gal I worked with at the local
Wal-Mart while I was
attending Junior College!
It was great seeing you Marilyn!

And, a trio of cousins along with me.
Peggy on the left is a quilter herself!
We are gonna have to get Connie in the middle
and Donna on the right to start quilting too!

Demo time!

Thanks for the great memories back home quilters!
I hope to visit you again soon with one of my

These fun quilters from
Scrap Club hosted by Kevin the Quilter
blessed me in my studio for my
"Goodnight, Darlene!" workshop!
I promise you all.....patterns are coming soon!!!!!

Amie loved playing in the strings!

I am blessed to have a studio large enough to 
host 5 quilters comfortably.

Wonderful work, and great colors quilters!

And, just in case you missed it......
I was blessed by my friend Tea!
She filmed my personal quilting studio
tour for her Youtube channel!
Just follow the link
Thanks for your friendship Tea!
I had a blast filming this with you!

I hope to meet YOU at one of these

May 16, 2019
7PM Lecture/Trunk Show
Zion Lutheran Church
11007 Book Road
Naperville, IL  60564

May 17, 2019
Crazy Crumb Stars Workshop
Zion Lutheran Church
11007 Book Road
Naperville, IL  60564

May 18, 2019
Wego Quiltin' Quilt Guild
String Star Workshop
Oswego Presbyterian Church
1976 IL 25
Oswego, IL  60543

Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Keep on Quilting!
Kevin the Quilter


  1. Oh my! For a minute I thought you had a twin that was in town for Easter. I'm glad you gave your mother and sister an Easter gift, but I must say I like your face with or without the beard! (I'm sure they do too!). And on that same note, I cannot believe how much your sister looks like your mother in this picture. Wow! Beautiful family! Your baby is beautiful and I am glad "the girls" have accepted her (o.k., maybe tolerate is a better word at this stage) into the family. Your Easter quilt is amazing!! Enjoy your upcoming quilty engagements!

  2. Sorry, Kevin, I like your look much better sans beard. Doesn't mean I like you any less otherwise, though.

  3. I love how some of the ladies made their 'diamond' strings go different directions. What fun! I had to watch the whole video (something I seldom do). Of course I had to check out all the machines (she missed the one behind your TV chair). My 301's are just boring mocha, not lovely 2 toned. Looking forward to seeing you soon! PS: Will you be growing your beard back by then????

  4. Then Came Morning is gorgeous!! I enjoyed seeing all of the class quilts and am looking forward to your pattern release for Goodnight, Darlene. Welcome to the Quilt Cave, Abby! (Here's hoping Daddy doesn't go overboard with the beard regrowth.)

  5. I have to say, in the Easter photo you look like your dad.
    There is a whole lot going on in this post and I'm glad we chat somewhat regularly so I can keep up.
    The quilt you made for your cousin is gorgeous and I know the family loves it as well. Those kind of quilts are hard to make, but therapeutic too.

  6. I agree with Lori, you look like your Dad in that photo! Your Then Came Morning is really nice; I haven't done a watercolor quilt, but I sure like the look of them! Happy Easter, Kevin, to you, your family and your fur babies!

  7. You had a beautiful Easter with your family! Love Then Came did a great job on it! Love the pictures of your babies...who takes care of them when you are off flying all over the place? I know that if my hubby would allow it, I would have as many dogs as possible!! You always have so much fun when you do your classes and trunk shows with quilters. I wish you would have a class/show in Reno!! Don't you ever fly through here??

  8. Kevin, thanks for the update and great photos of your family, friends and fur babies. Love hearing from you. (I like you much better without the beard -- just like your momma.)

  9. I just finished watching the video of you and Tea - it was great to look around your home to see where you create and have fun and also to hear you speaking. Great photo show today of your family and friends and fur babies :)

  10. LOL, I didn't think you were in your family picture until I read that you had shaved! Abigail Rose is a precious darling, what fun it will be to watch her grow. Beautiful quilts as usual. One of these days I hope I can see you speak!

  11. Seeing Curtis the Quilter made me smile so wide!! I love seeing the younger generations getting interested, and for it to be your nephew is just frosting on the cake :)

  12. Now I want another dog!!! I have 3 already lol. A Labradoodle names Bear, a Boxer named Neveah and a Blue Heeler named Ro...ya, I am crazy.
    I thing a Goldendoodle would just add to the fun!

  13. Dear Kevin, I really enjoyed reading this. You are always having fun with superb people and having terrifically creative, exciting parties. we do not do that here in Virginia. Everyone is always grumpy here.
    Your new baby Abigail Rose (wonderful name) is a doll. Those doggies are so happy. I have many as neighbor doggies. We have a lot of dogs in my neighborhood and they have barking parties all the time, it is hilarious.
    Curtis is incredible. Well done, fella. I bet he would be a great engineer one day (maybe?) with those skills.
    Gosh, I really loved all of your pictures and all of your projects.
    Big hugs to you and the pups

  14. I'm with a lot of the others - I prefer no beard. But it is YOUR face so be happy and well. Will come back to watch the studio tour when I'm not about to fall asleep (it is past bedtime). Hooray for all the blessings in your life and may there be more to come. (what a CUTE puppy Abby is)

  15. Probably too many ladies pinch those baby cheeks when the beard is off. (I like a beard) Kuddos for Curtis - lots of skills at such a young age. Three pups in the house now!

  16. Then Came Morning really glows! Nice job.
    For me your most distinguished look is the one you sport in your profile pic. Facial hair, but scaled way back. But you look good no matter what, because you are always smiling! :)
    Ohhh, Abigail Rose is ADORABLE. Her frog dog pose is a hoot!
    Curtis the Quilter has a great mentor.
    Always a good time when Kevin is in the house!!

  17. I have to chime in as a fan of the "No Beard Kevin". Gorgeous Then Came Morning quilt - just stunning. Enjoy having a puppy in the house as she's adorable! I'm very jealous of the size of your studio. I'd love to have friends come quilt with me.

  18. Looks like you are having way too much fun! Congrats on the new addition to the family. Safe travels in all the spring weather. Oh and hope you are working in lots of stitching time too.

  19. Oh that new baby is too sweet. I am partial to Golden Retrievers. She is beautiful. Blessings.

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