Sunday, November 3, 2013

International Quilt Festival in Houston......and more......

Another busy week has passed, but, it was a fun week as well!

I had the opportunity to escort my friends Ann and Dar to the International Quilt Festival in Houston!  Being a flight attendant does have it's perks at times! ;-)

Ann's quilt, "All My Rowdy Friends" was a finalist in the show!  


It was really wonderful being able to see her work hang there.  I hope to have my work be there with yours one day Ann!

The following are some photo highlights of the trip! 

Ann with her beautiful work of art, "All My Rowdy Friends."

And now, some eye candy for your pleasure!
(I did not have the time to write down the names of every quilt and quilt maker because time was of the essence in order to be able to see everything I wanted ONE day!)

"Double Edged Love" Best in Show at QuiltCon by Victoria Findlay Wolfe and Lisa Sipes.

 This quilt was part of a celebration of the works of Libby Lehman.

And, here are some of the people I was able to meet down in Houston!

 My friend Alycia working at the Modern Quilts Unlimited booth.

See, I AM taller than you Alycia!

And, my quilting star crush...., Eleanor Burns of Quilt In A Day fame!

It was a WONDERFUL trip no matter how short it was!  I was so grateful to be able to go!

In other news........

I received these!
No, it wasn't Monday's garbage!!!!! LOL

 It turned out to be these!

 And these!

Which were then sorted into these!!!!
There is tons of variety in these scraps!

Thank you SO MUCH to Vernie!!!!!!!  Vernie is my friend Bev's friend, and now, is my friend too!

And finally........

Drumroll please.........

I have finalized my color scheme for Bonnie Hunter's upcoming mystery Celtic Solstice
(At least I think I have! LOL)

For the Neutrals I have chosen:
 very light neutrals.

For the yellow I have chosen:
 silver-ish grays.

For the blues I have chosen:
 dark blues and Navy.
  ( I know they look purple in the photo, but, trust me, it's navy!)

For the orange I have chosen:
 bright reds.

And, for the green I have chosen:
bright yellows and golds.

All in all, I think I will be very happy with this color scheme.  I kept my colors for Easy Street very clean and straight forward.  Each color used could be seen in each unit, and I think I will be able to do the same with this color scheme.  And, just like last year, this quilt will be a donation to Alycia's efforts with Quilts of Valor.

I hope you all are enjoying this year that is passing by very swiftly!
Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Kevin the Quilter


  1. Love your selection for the mystery.

  2. Glad to see someone else doing their own thing for Celtic Soltice - I was feeling a bit weird about my change. Instead of the oranges, I went for poppy colors (orange reds, etc). I think mine will be more "Gaul"ic (french!) Soltice! Your choices are awesome!

  3. How great that you were able to go to the show in Houston this year! That's on my bucket list, but I don't know when I'll get there. I see a lot of people are starting to pull there fabrics for the new Bonnie Hunter mystery. It'll be interesting to see how they turn out. I like the colors you've chosen.

  4. Thanks for the great pics from Houston! I've saved some to my inspiration file. Great choices for the Mystery QAL

  5. What a great trip! Thanks for sharing all the photos. Your mystery colors are great - love the grays and reds.

  6. What great photos from the quilt show in Houston - and look at you hobnobbing with all pretty, famous people! Sounds like a great time. A big bag of scraps - it's like Christmas!

  7. Hi Kev! Thanks for sharing so many cool photos! And how fun to get to meet all of those people. Congrats to Ann, too. WOW, her quilt is gorgeous! I can't wait to see your quilt come together. :D Did you stay dry down in HOU that day? I heard the crowds were lighter b/c of the rain and holiday. So fun that you could make it down!

  8. Thank you so much for sharing the photographs. I am always amazed at how clever some quilters are with solid colours.

  9. I'm turning green with envy here. Thanks for sharing your Houston experience. Can't wait to see your Celtic Solstice all stitched up!

  10. Love your colors for the mystery! And the pictures are great. You look like you were having a terrific time. That one patriotic quilt has such incredible dimension, even in a photo!

  11. Thanks for sharing the Houston Show! Awesome you got to pose with some quilting stars! Love your colors for Celtic Solstice..seriously impressed you donate these. My rule is one must be blood related to get a Bonnie quilt from me--or at least a mystery (though I do not keep to that rule!). I know our soldiers deserve these amazing quilts, but what an investment of time and stash! My hat is off to you as always!

  12. Great to see you have switched the colours for Celtic Solstice - I have too. Considered grey as my neutral, but sticking with cream. Look forward to seeing it at the Linkup.

  13. Have just popped over to Bonny's blog to check out Celtic Solstice. Sounds interesting. You look very organised for your new quilting challenge. AND I am very envious, the visit to Houston looks awesome. So many amazing quilts!

  14. Looks like you had a great visit to Houston! That's one quilt show I hope to visit someday. I love your mystery colors! Can't wait to see it all come together.

  15. Wow have you been busy Kevin and how neat that you when to the quilt show!! Seeing Eleanor Burns and the others......awesome! Love of the scraps of course you already know that and great color for Bonnie's mystery quilt!

  16. Great pictures of the quilts at Houston and there were some even I missed! I think your mystery quilt will be very dramatic and classy with the colors you've chosen. Can't wait to see it. Again, thank you so much for taking me along to the Houston show to experience all the fun and meet so many celebrities. It was a short but terrific trip..

  17. You lucky guy!!! I would love to go to the Houston Show one day - I've got it on my bucket list :*) Thanks for sharing all the eye candy - such inspiration!!! And congrats to your friend Ann - such a great quilt, I can easily see why it was a finalist! I'll be watching to see how your colors work out in the Mystery - I love your choices, especially that addition of silver! I haven't decided yet if I will have time to play along, but I'm sure hoping to!

  18. What a great trip!
    Love your mystery colour selections!
    I am still debating and likely won't make the final decision until the very last minute!

  19. It's been awhile since my one and only trip to the International Quilt festival, but it seems that the flavor of the entries has changed entirely. You've got a fun palette picked for Bonnie's mystery. I'm looking forward to seeing what she does this year.

  20. Looks like the Quilt Festival was well worth the visit. Lucky you getting the bags of scraps it must have been exciting to sort them all. Great colours for the mystery quilt.
    Cheers Pauline

  21. Nice color choices for Celtic Solstice, I look forward to seeing your progress. I have really enjoyed strolling through your blog.

  22. WOW! What a loaded post. So much to comment on :)
    The pictures of you with Alycia are so fun -- Oh, Kevin; what an amazing trip you had.

    And .... ohh ohhhh......your colors for Celtic Solstice - Perfect! Can't wait to see those silvers in action.

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