Friday, November 15, 2013

November in photos.....

The further we delve into the year, the faster it seems to be going! So, here are some photos of what has been going on lately.


Some playing in the park!
Sophia's favorite is to play Frisbee!

Gracie Lu loves to play with her tennis ball!

Bonnie Hunter's mystery, Celtic Solstice is coming up!
I had to get the Tri-Recs rulers so I will be ready!

I was able to take a little road trip with some great gals to the 
Missouri Star Quilt Company in Hamilton, Missouri!
Their new building is much larger than their first one.
We were also able to visit Crossroads Quilting in Cameron, Missouri.
If you are going to one shop, you should go to the other.  They are both wonderful shops!

 Some stash enhancements were purchased!
Here are some silver fat quarters I got while in Houston for Celtic Solstice.

 The St. Louis Modern Quilt Guild is participating in the Riley Blake Challenge and these are the challenge fabrics.  Below are the fabrics I am adding into the mix!  Stay tuned for that one!

 I have gone "Crumb Crazy" lately!
Most of these pieces are around 1.5" or less!

And...............did you hear angels breaking into the "Hallelujah Chorus" this past week?
I FINALLY got this project done!
Curious as to what it is??????
Stay tuned!

I have a lot of my projects wrapped up so I can enjoy Bonnie Hunter's mystery!
Hope you all are stitching along!
Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Kevin the Quilter


  1. So, you're right....I AM jealous of your trip to MSQC! Sounds like you had a great trip. I can't wait to see those project finishes and I love the crumbs, too. It's hard to believe that it will soon by mystery quilt time again!

  2. I can only dream of ever visity MSQC. Lucky you! The silver fabric is going to make your mystery quilt just beyond amazing.
    Loving your crumbs.

  3. Sounds like you've been having a lot of fun. Love the pictures of the furry ones. They look like they're having a 'ball'! Also enjoy hearing about your quilting travels as I don't get around much myself and it's unlikely I'll visit these places myself. Nice stash enhancements!

  4. I love love love your little Sophia! I may inherit a Boston terrier someday soon. Got the tri-recs last week at JoAnns for a steal. 60% off and then another 20% off. SCORE! I've heard so much about the Missouri Star Quilt Company. I have added them to my bucket list. We have a great store here in Ohio that is closing at the end of the year. Retirement and health reasons. Really sad. Love your stash enhancements and can't wait to view the finished projects. You're one busy dude. Classes are winding down and I spent 16 hours yesterday writing three papers due by 12/12. I want everything wrapped up early in order to start Bonnie's mystery!

  5. Wow have you been busy Kevin and those are some great fabrics!! I got to visit both of those stores last year and sure enjoyed them!!

  6. Looks like a lot of fun has been had in your neck of the woods my friend!!! All those cute little colored squares - what could it be? Yes, I'm anxious to know!!!!

  7. Hi Kevin, lucky you to go on a road trip. You will like the rulers. You can do wonderful things with them.

  8. So curious to see what your little crumb blocks turn into - maybe it's a QOV? I'm all set with the rulers too, but haven't pulled any fabric yet. Love seeing your girls having fun. You are such a good daddy to take them to the park and play their favorite games with them.

  9. Lots of fun new additions to the stash. I agree November is going fast, how is that the 15th has already come and gone!

  10. Holy Cow - I LOVE all of those fabrics!!! But Sophie - thats the best - what a character you have there!!! and long do I need to wait to see what you did with all of the colorful squares????

  11. OMG, Sophie and Gracie Lu are just TOO ADORABLE! I just want to give them great big hugs!

    Beware...crumbs are addicting! And no matter how many blocks you make, they just keep reproducing! (I think they do that at night when no one is looking! LOL)

  12. Wow! You have a lot of projects going and on the horizon! I was going through my scraps this past weekend and realize I have more crumbs. I will be interested to see what you do with yours! I need some inspiration. I have wanted to participate in one of Bonnie Hunter's Mystery Quilts. The fabrics you have chosen for it are quite yummy!

  13. Awesome you have some more fabric to get to your projects! I am counting down to Bonnie! Wish you lived closer so you could join our Sew-off party!

  14. I am counting down to Bonnie's Mystery too! I am just finishing Easy Street this week (hopefully). Have you joined up with the mystery quilt facebook page for this new one? You can show pictures of each step, what fabrics you are choosing, etc. I am curious what you plan to share with u from these pictures!

  15. I love the silver fabrics together!

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