Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Busy times..........

(Remember the opening to "The Electric Company?"  circa: The 70's)

Busy times here in Kevin the Quilterland!

I am LOVING the responses I am getting from the questions I have posed to you all!  Have you all read them?  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!

I will just put this out here first...........

Which questions would you have for a guy that quilts?  Which questions do you have about Quilts of Valor?

Think about it and throw them at me!  I want to know what you would like to know?

In other news, if you are a regular reader, you know February is a BIG BIRTHDAY month around here!

My mother and nephew share the same birthday!
How cool is that for them?
They also share it with my mom's twin brother (funny how that works), a cousin, and news to me this year, another cousin!  Happy Birthday to all!

And, let's face the facts.  If a 10 year old boy has to wait a little while on his uncle to open his birthday presents, chances are, this could cause said boy a little frustration!

It was worth the wait though!

In order for me to be able to attend the birthday party though, I had to skip out on the St. Louis Modern Quilt Guild Riley Blake Challenge reveal.  Unfortunately a friend who was going to take my quilt to be shown fell ill, and was unable to attend.  So, I am going to share my little quilt here with you all!

"Lines, Lines, Lines"
Made by Kevin the Quilter
February 2014
(Guess who forgot to measure it after it was completed? Whoopskies!!!)

I really love the way the quilting became wonky organic!
Actually, I do like the folk art feel to it?  It feels and looks modern to me?  Your thoughts?
Quilting this quilt only vaulted the idea that I want a long arm quilting machine that much more!

I added the scrappy binding, and love the effect of it!
This quilt will be added to my repertoire!

While visiting my family for Birthdaypalooza........
more Kaffe fabrics were added to my growing collection courtesy of a gift certificate I received from Santa!

After visiting The Golden Needle I was also able to visit my friend Donna!  We had a "working" lunch concerning my upcoming presentation this summer after we stimulated the economy at The Golden Needle!  My momma was able to join us as well!  We had such a nice visit!
(Donna on left, Momma on right)

When I do something like this upcoming presentation, I want to do it right, and I certainly don't want to embarrass myself.  I gained some valuable information from Donna, and we tossed ideas around concerning the speaking engagement.  I am more excited than ever, and have some events coming up on my blog that I hope you all will participate in?

This quilt idea was tested and turned out better than I ever expected!  I can't WAIT to share the tutorial of this one with you all thanks to the help of my friend Bev!

Bev and I are also in the middle of a collaborative effort.  I got these 20 stars finished as my part!

And thanks to my friends Vernie and Jackie for these DELICIOUS scraps!

Thanks again for all of your enthusiasm and encouragement!
Check back next week for............ ;-)
(Can't let the cat outta the bag just yet!)
Kevin the Quilter



  1. Love the Lines quilt...the quilting looks great, and the stars are fabulous! Lots of birthday happiness over there and some gorgeous Kaffe fabrics?

  2. Questions for a guy who quilts: Do you share your enthusiasm for quilting with your guy friends, or are you selective about who you share your passion with (okay, that didn't come out right, but I'm leaving it for the chuckle it might give you...passion FOR QUILTING, duh!).

    And now I must know the name of that yellow fabric on top of the Kaffe stack. Do tell!

    I like the quilting you did on Lines, Lines, Lines. That's a big one to feed through your machine, but you did a great job!

    1. I can answer that. The fabric is Aboriginal Dot. The color is "ochre" I think. Aboriginal Dots comes in many colors and I consider it as close to a blender as Kaffe is ever gonna get.

  3. I love all those stars! Questions for male quilters, same as for females, how did you get into quilting??? As for Quilts of Valor, since I am in a VERY active QoV group, all my questions were answered years ago. I'm usually telling others about QoV.

  4. Kevin, you have a beautiful mom!!! And it's wonderful to hear you talk of the warmth of your family :) Your quilt is wonderful! Very free and, as you say, modern and organic! I love it! Looking forward to seeing all the cool plans you have up your sleeve :*)

  5. Happy Birthday to your family. Sounds like they were all well celebrated.

    The Line Quilt turned out beautifully. I love the stars. Looking forward to seeing where those go.

    Questions for a guy who quilts? I'd be curious about how other men respond when you talk about quilting. Does it change depending upon where you are having the discussion?

    Since I've been following Alycia for a while, she's done a pretty good job of educating her readers about QOV's, so I don't have any questions on that subject.

  6. OVERACHIEVER!!!! ;O Great work. As always, my inquiring mind wants to know where the picture of you with Donna & your mom was taken? It looks like there are some yummy things in the case behind you. Happy birthday to everyone. Questions: sorry, I don't have any right now. Too brain dead from all the exams this week. Maybe later.

  7. Your quilt looks great Kevin! Your stars will be a wonderful addition to something? Happy stitching

  8. Your quilting looks great on Lines, lines, lines. Actually using your DSM was probably easier than a LA would have been since there are so many diagonal lines in different directions, but I know it won't be long before you will have one. Love your stars. Looking forward to your surprise. No questions today.

  9. It's a big birthday month around my family too, Mother's 7th, mine 2th, brother 72, daughter 44, uncle 28, niece 28, sister 24th, and papa 5th not a question today, but just to talk about birthday's....YEAH!!!

  10. That was sure a lot of birthdays all around the same time!! You are always so busy, beautiful stars and what is your speaking engagement about? That sounds like something you will really enjoy doing! Your Lines quilt looks perfect!

  11. Hi Kevin! Thanks for stopping by Layers of Hope - Quilting 911 and reading Julianne's interview. Love meeting men who quilt, you are always amazing!

  12. The only unique question I have is, "Have you found any bias for/against men in the quilting world?" The rest of them apply to quilters in general which, "How how did you get into quilting?", "Do you have other hobbies?", "What do you find most rewarding in quilting?", etc. Good luck on your venture :)

  13. Awesome quilting on that~!!! I *love* the sections of opposing directions - very modern, and the organic feel of the lines is nice. If they were all perfectly straight or even it would have a stilted feel and not be nearly as interesting and inviting. And the scrappy binding is perfect. Questions for male quilters - I think mine would be: What would you say to a young adult male who is interested in quilting, but fears that pursuing that will mark him as a wuss.

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