Saturday, February 22, 2014

The RSC14 color for February is...........


I have SO much fun making these scrappy maverick stars!

I just couldn't help myself though........

After seeing my friends Dar of Dar's Patchwork Garden, and Teresa of A Quilt and a Prayer making their "Soul Searching" blocks from Kathy Doughty's book "Making Quilts"  I HAD to join the band wagon!

 ANOTHER great way to use up some beautiful, colorful scraps!

So, here is my pink one!
I am using black as my neutral, and I think KNOW I am gonna love it!

Here's my blue one, so I am all caught up now!
 Linking up with So Scrappy.
I can't wait to see what next month's color will be!

In other news.........
Thank you to everyone who commented or sent in questions over the last few posts for my presentation! They all were great!

I have such an exciting event coming up in the next few days on my blog, I can hardly wait to share!  In fact, I almost spilled the beans on this post, but, I caught it before I published this! ;-) 
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come back in the next few days so you can check out what's going on here at Kevin the Quilter land!  You WON'T want to miss out on........there I go again,.........about to spill it!

Here are few photos of some other things I have been working on........

Playing in some yellow scraps for a scrappy project in progress.

 Sewing with some really great friends! 
Thanks for a great day Vernie, and Bev!!!!
 Remember these?????
 They were incorporated into this!
"Conceived in Liberty"
Designed by Maria Umhey
McCall's Quilting May/June 2013
Not perfect, and minus borders, this will be a very special Quilt of Valor!

 I was honored to be asked by my friend Dar if I would be a "jewel of a friend" and participate in her
string quilt of sorts.  She is in the process of naming this project....go check it out and suggest a name!
Kevin the Quilter took a walk along the thawing Mississippi River.
Hi Connie!!!!!! (From my bend of the river!)

Again, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come back in a few days, you won't be sorry you did!
As always, thanks for all of the encouragement!
Kevin the Quilter


  1. Way to keep us all in suspense. Love the black background. Great contrast with the pinks. Another great QOV! Amazing.

  2. Hey!! LOL! You are such a tease. Love your scrappy pink stars - they're so alive. Can't wait to see what you're hinting about. . . ;D

  3. I come back every time a new post comes up, can't wait to see what is around the bend! Way to go on those pink blocks!

  4. I have the Material Obsession book and have that pattern marked as a "must do". Also the fractured something-or-other in the same book. All your projects are looking so fab. I' ll check back to see what the big surprise is.

  5. I love your Soul Searching blocks with the black backgrounds--beautiful!

  6. Admirable progress on the pinks. The pink and black make for a very dramatic statement. You've got us all wondering and waiting.

  7. I'm betting the next color will be green. Hey bring some money if you get to my quilt show. We're having a strip search table with strings. strips, charms, fq's, etc. Last time it was across from my machines. I hope it is again this time.

  8. Kevin, your QoV quilt is fabulous. What a good way to use those stars. It is going to be fabulous when it's finished. I love the black background for your Soul Searching blocks. Black always makes the bright colors pop so well. Thanks so much for being one of my special "jewel of a friend" and making a block for my friendship string quilt.

  9. Oh yeah!!!!!! You've joined the Soul Searching RSC group! Love your black neutral :) And those crumb maverick stars - yummmmmm!!!!! I still haven't found time to dig into my crumbs this year, and I'm bummed about it. They really need to come out and play :) Love your pick and can't wait to hear your good news........... I'm still waiting!!!! ................

  10. Once again, you amaze me with all that you accomplish. Right now I'm all work and no stitches &*^%^&$&%#4! Next week is spring break........hmmmmmmm

  11. Look at you go. Your wonky stars are great - are they crummy wonky stars now?

  12. Hurry up and spill, already, I'm on pins and needles! Well, where to start? Love that QOV with the stars and log cabin blocks. And your pink and blue Soul Searching blocks with the black "neutral" - fabulous! I have that book, so I will have to mark that one to try for sure.

  13. okay, that soul searching block is awesome for doing in lots of colorways and going back together later. I totes want to do it.
    Not Afraid of Color

  14. Love the range of black fabrics you've got in those Soul Searching blocks, very fun. Love the QOV, it's gorgeous!

  15. Using black as a neutral really makes those blocks shine. The combination of stars a log cabins works wonderfully and including green and yellow makes this a special QOV.

  16. that quilt top is just fab! You can see the values immediately

  17. Hi Kevin!! You always make me grin and I'm waving at you from my snow covered part of the Mississippi! You have some great scrappy blocks going on there and what a beautiful quilt!

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