Sunday, October 5, 2014

September.......and other things.....

I don't know what to say folks.......
I am in a blogging.......funk/situation??????

It is due to several reasons I suppose?  But, mainly, an ill functioning home computer!  I have always heard the fastest way to lose readers and viewership is to not post.........well, I hope that isn't true!  I feel I have been able to get to know a great many of you through my blogging endeavors, and please know I have been reading and keeping up with your blogs.  I hope you won't leave me, but, right now......blogging is next to impossible due to a computer that is going to have to be replaced.  I have tried blogging from my "smart" phone, but, that just hasn't worked either.  I am in the process of researching computers, and hopefully can purchase one soon.  As I am typing this blog post, I have had to restart the computer about 4 times already! GRRRR!!!!!!

I do want to fill you all in on what happened in September:

Sophia Annabella supports Quilts of Valor too!
(Rest assured, these quilts had not yet been washed before presenting them.)

 I was honored to be able to speak at the September meeting of the Thimble and Thread Quilt Guild of Greater St. Louis.  I was able to present 7 of our Quilts of Valor there to some deserving veterans!

 They love me!  They really love me! LOL  I love being able to put a smile on people's faces!

The 8 veterans after being presented their individual Quilt of Valor.
(Seven are quilts from the block drive and my friend, Mary Ellen of Mary, Mary Quite Contrary, generously presented a quilt she had made.)

If you look closely in the far right portion of this photo, the WWII veteran and Purple Heart Recipient is being saluted by the veteran in front of him.  Talk about a moving moment!  The presentations were well received and I hope that we were able to inspire some of the guild members to continue making quilts for our veterans.

I really had a wonderful time discussing the way I work, and hopefully encouraged the quilters present on ways they can incorporate items from their stashes into quilts they can give to others.  Here I am showing a way to get those "odds and ends" neutrals pieced into a backing.

Thanks for the invite Thimble and Thread Quilt Guild!!!!!!!
Again, if you are interested in me doing some Quilt of Valor Presentations at your local quilt guild, don't hesitate to contact me!

We almost have ALL of the tops finished from our block drive! HOORAY!
I cannot thank ALL of the quilters who have helped make these quilt tops enough for your support and participation!
130 quilt tops completed, 15 quilts finished, 12 quilts presented
I will be donating some of the quilt tops to a QOV group in Southwest Missouri that is covering 140 veterans returning from their tour of duty.  I am also donating some tops to the River Heritage Quilt Guild in Cape Girardeau to help them start up their own Quilt of Valor group!  And of course, many of the tops will be donated to Quilts of Valor, Eastern Missouri to be hand quilted for veterans.

September was my birthday month as well!

 It was my 40th birthday, and my server was working for a REALLY good tip!
She got one too!

I received an AMAZING gift from my BEAUTIFUL cousin Marcia for my milestone birthday!
My maternal grandmother's class 127 treadle made in 1923!
We believe that my grandmother was the first owner of her, and boy, did she ever give this machine a work out!  Sewing clothing and quilts for 12 children kept this treadle VERY busy!
I shall call her "Flossie" in honor of my grandma!

I cannot even put into words how honored and blessed I am to have received such a gift!
My mother was moved beyond was I, and yes, there were tears shed!
My mother remembers learning to sew on this machine which makes it extra special to me.

 Thank you so much Marcia!  I have a feeling there may be a quilt in the works for you!

I have been keeping REALLY busy with some other projects as well......
I just can't share all of them in this post.......GRRRRR!!!!
 Here are all of my RSC14 Soul Searching blocks together.  I kept them in the order the colors have been issued.  It is all assembled with the exception of the last row.  This is going to fit my king size bed beautifully!
Linking up with Scrap Happy Saturday.
Looking forward to working with browns in October!

And, how about some antique quilt inspiration?????

Signature blocks with no signatures.......hmmmmmm????
What is this quilt's story?  Did the maker just like the idea of the block?

 I just love scrappy 9 patches!  This quilt has been very loved!
Too pricey to save this tattered and faded quilt, but, just imagine it in it's heyday???

Interesting block?  Anyone have a name for this one???

Can't wait to get a new computer!

Who else can't wait for Bonnie to reveal the colors for this year's Quiltville

Thanks to all of you for all of the encouragement!
Thanks for sticking with me!
Kevin the Quilter


  1. I'm so glad it was just computer trouble and not some terrible life event preventing you from posting. You do wonder when you haven't heard from someone in a while. What a HUGE month!! And happy birthday. My friend likes to refer to her 40th as the 19th anniversary of her 21st birthday. LOL. What a treasured gift you received for your birthday. So special to have that link with your grandmother and your mum. I sympathise with you over the computer issues. We have just replaced ours for the same reason, VERY frustrating. Finally, I love the contrast of the black background on your Soul Searching quilt. Very striking.

  2. Hubby got me a new computer last month, but, he still hasn't set it up yet (grrr). Mine is not as bad as yours, but, will be soon. Happy belated Birthday!!!! Great present, the treadle. Now you need to learn how to use it.

  3. Happy belated birthday, you got an awesome present. Keep up the great work with QOV. I love your rainbow blocks. I will look great on your bed. You are not the only one who needs a new computer. Me too.

  4. Happy Milestone!!! What an awesome gift - can't wait to see you using it. Maybe for this year's Mystery? I am counting the days for color reveal. I have my husband on alert to head to Lowe's for paint chips the minute the colors are posted.

    I, too, had a 'Milestone' this year and my gift to myself was repainting my Featherweight to a gorgeous 'Wild Cherry'. I think vintage sewing machines are the BEST presents, ever! You are blessed with having a treadle with a family connection. How cool to be sitting stitching with your hands in the same place your Mom & Grandmother's hands stitched.

    Good Luck with the new computer.

  5. You've definitely been a busy guy. Your soul searching blocks are turning out beautifully.

    Hope you get the computer replaced soon.

  6. I just got a 1925 Singer 127 treadle! I am working on Bonnie's Carolina Chain and it is really helping me get the hang of this new machine. The hardest thing (and it really isn't THAT hard) is the stopping and starting (in the correct direction)! - oh, and winding the bobbin is a bit out there, too. But, after finishing 52 9"inch blocks - with tons more to go - I think I got this! Have fun...and you will be surprised to find that it takes NO LONGER to sew on a treadle than an electric machine!

  7. You have really been busy Kevin and I loved seeing all the smiles in the group photo when you were doing your presentation at the quilt guild. How neat that you now have your grandmother's treadle sewing machine too! My computer crashed last spring with no warning.....I lost a few things so I hope you are backing everything up until you can get a new computer. I can't wait for Bonnie's new mystery quilt!!!

  8. Hi, Kevin! I've been out of the loop for 2 or 3 months, too, due to thesis attention. I'm trying to get back into the social blog swing again. Nice to see you! I'm soooo jealous of your machine gift. You most certainly deserve it, though. The Quilts of Valor work alone sets you apart. Sophia Annabelle is adorable. Glad you're doing well - been thinking about you this past week while I've been diving back in!

  9. Happy Belated Birthday!! Great month to be born in...what day is your birthday?? Love the gift you received - tear-worthy!! Also tear-worthy is presenting all those quilts to the veterans!!! Don't worry about us leaving you...we'll be here whenever you post something! I would much rather read meaningful posts then have you talk about scrubbing your kitchen floor!! No worries :)

  10. Thanks for a great post, Kevin! My heart stopped when I recognized the gold with cream stars block in the very first picture right under Miss Sophia's paw, that was mine! I'm so glad to have been able to participate even from far away!

  11. I'm fairly new to your blog . . . good luck with the computer issues!! September is my birthday month, too (but there was no family sewing machine - a cousin sold it off long ago). Sigh.

  12. Sophia looks quite comfortable on those quilts. She has very good taste. I love the way your Soul Searching blocks are turning out. I may have to make another one using black backgrounds. As I told you at the QOV presentation in Kirkwood, you did a wonderful job of presenting quilts to the veterans. I really enjoyed your show and tell too!!!

  13. I don't think you need to worry about losing readers not posting. We really like you too! Great shot of the audience reacting with laughs and smiles to your presentation. Wow, 130 QOV tops completed from your block drive. Did you ever imagine in your wildest dreams? Love that you got your grannie's treadle. You'll show Flossie who's the new bossy, won't you? And belated happy birthday wishes! 40 (or 39, whatever) is quite the milestone. Looks like you had a fun day!

  14. Happy Belated Birthday Kevin! Well more tears were shed over your lovely birthday gift. I'm so happy your cousin gifted you this machine. You are a lovely person with a heart of gold. God Bless You.

  15. you are doing awesome! Good luck with the computer research!! I love your RSC14 - how are you caught up with all your schedule lol - I still have 2 more to do *sigh*

  16. Good luck with the computer situation. Not having a functional computer can be the pits. Your Quilt of Valor projects are amazing and I'm so glad you get to donate them directly to the veterans. Our local Quilt of Valor representative through the VA will not allow us to do that. We were a bit disappointed.

  17. 130 QOV tops! You rock! So happy your drive went well and what amazing quilts you are making with them.I got chills from the salute to the veteran. Happy belated birthday - My Mom is still celebrating her 39th birthday ... for the 36th time this year =) Enjoy your precious gift. I was lucky to get my Grammy's singer 301 machine that my Mom remembers learning to sew on. Reminds me of them both every day.

  18. Wow - that's a beautiful treadle - and a family heirloom too? You are so blessed with that Kevin!!!! I know you were an amazing and very inspirational speaker too - wish I could have been there to share in the fun :) Your Soul Searching is looking absolutely GORGEOUS!!!! There may have to be a black one in my future too :*)

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