Sunday, October 12, 2014

Two Quilt Shows.........Two Weeks

Can you all believe I am here again this week?


I had a friend look at my computer, and after much research, said friend, found a solution to my computer woes!  I did lose ALL of my photos..........however, I have them all on disks.  So, aside from some minor tweaking.........should I say this?????  I don't wanna jinx myself..........I may be back in blogging business????

But, don't hold your breath.......just like the St. Louis Cardinals when they make it to post season......
I digress.........

I have been able to attend 2 different quilt shows in 2 different cities, the past 2 weeks!

First, the River Heritage Quilt Guild in Cape Girardeau, Missouri held their bi-annual show last weekend.  My friend Dar of  Dar's Patchwork Garden asked if I would like to go?  YES!  Of course this guild is very special to me as it has many members that are near and dear to me.  And, it was the first guild I was able to speak to about Quilts of Valor and make some presentations too.

 This quilt absolutely took my breath away!  My eyes were dancing all over it!

 My friend Donna recruited this gentleman to enter his quilt, and it won first place in it's category!
I can certainly see why!  These 9 patches finish at 1.5 inches!
Shirtings anyone???? YES PLEASE!!!!!!

I just had to try it out!
Talk about addicting!  I am reconsidering which trimmings of fabric scraps I may toss out next time!

Then our beloved Bonnie at Quiltville surprised us all this week with the colors and yardage requirements for this year's mystery!  Drum roll please...........

This year's mystery is based upon Bonnie's visit to the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island, Michigan.
People are going crazy over this mystery on the Facebook group: Quiltville's Open Studio, and rightfully so!  It is such a beautiful color scheme.  However, you all know me...........

It's going to be a patriotic color scheme for me again this year!
I will have to tweak colors, probably adjust the lighter blues, and darken up the silvers....and I will have to modify the size of the quilt for QOV standards, but, that shouldn't be a problem.
I am SOOOOOOOO excited!
It is SOOOOOOOO generous of Bonnie to offer us fans a free pattern and mystery!
Please thank her if you haven't already?!?!?!

Speaking of Bonnie's are some photos on the progress of my cousin's special quilt!

  Can you all guess which pattern I decided to make for my cousin????

And, yesterday I attended the Loose Threads Quilt Guild of St. Charles County quilt show with my friend Bev.  We enjoyed wandering through the vendors, and seeing all of the beautiful quilts.  Here are few for your enjoyment.

 Stunning Civil War Love Letters

 If I remember correctly, this quilter worked on this since 1990!

 Bucket list quilt for me!
Love all of the reproductions in this one!

This quilt was from the 30s!  Very well preserved and quite striking with all of the marbles!

As I walked through the quilts all of a sudden I heard...."Hey!  Kevin the Quilter!"  This nice quilter called me over to see her beautiful antique quilt that was being inspected by an appraiser.  She recognized me from my presentations in Cape Girardeau.  She is downsizing and is donating some of her heirloom quilts to museums.  She told me none of her children or grandchildren wanted any of the quilts that have been in her family for years.  She even has the provenance!
I asked if I could be her honorary dice!

She showed me this quilt as the appraiser was working on it as well as two other quilts.
All hand work!  AMAZING!  She said she wants people to be able to appreciate these works of art and that is why they are going to a museum where they can be cared for properly and enjoyed by spectators.  What a thrill to be able to see this quilt up close!

So there you have it!  Two Quilt Shows in Two Weeks......not to mention, Two Blog Posts in Two Weeks!!!!!! OH YEAH! more thing..........

Halloween is just around the corner!
I saw this creepy display at an antique mall FREAKED ME OUT!
I will be at the International Quilt Festival on Halloween!
Stop me and make sure to say hello if you recognize me down there!

Thanks for all of the encouragement!
Keep on quiltin'!!!!
Kevin the Quilter


  1. I am so glad your computer is working again Kevin and hopefully it will last for a long time! 2 quilt and what beautiful quilts! I'll be doing Bonnie's mystery quilt too, they are so much fun. Now that is one creepy bunch of dolls......scary!

  2. Welcome back!!! Fabulous quilts - thanks for taking us with you to the shows :) I agree, those dolls are I'll have nightmares!!! Interesting that you use a carpet sample under your sewing machine - I use one too and love it! I also put a couple of rubber door stops under the front of my machine so it tilts so I can see the needle even better. Have fun at Market - I'll looking forward to all the pictures from you from there!!

  3. Whoa... I can't believe none of her family wants any of the quilts. What a loss to them! I have to say... that doll carriage would creep me out, too.

  4. The quilt with all the leaves in it from the Loose Threads Quilt Show won Best of Show. The quilter is Judy Brinker and she named it "Just 1473 Leaves". Those are great pictures from the shows. Thanks for sharing. Those dolls creep me out too!!

  5. Thanks for sharing. Your blog posts and humor were missed. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  6. I just LOVE me a nine patch quilt! Can't wait to see what your Blue Ridge Beauty quilt looks like once it is finished..

  7. Hi Kevin, good news on the computer and it's just great that you are blogging again. I'm a relative new reader and I really like your blog! It just blows me away that anyone would not want quilts made by or collected by family members. At least this quilter was wise enough to donate them before her death so they can be preserved and appreciated rather than being sold at a yard sale after her death! I live in rural area of Western Kentucky and every month or so at our Quilt Guild Show and Tell portion of the meeting, someone will show a quilt or another handwork piece they picked up at a yard sale for a song. Generally the spouse is conducting the sale and no one in family wanted the item. My family loves to own any thing I make or what someone else makes so I have no worries in that area.

    I have a request! When you are in Houston and if you see the quilts made from star blocks contributed by quilters at request of Astronaut Karen Nyberg. Would you make some pics and post on your blog them sometime so we can enjoy them? Thanks. Blog again soon, I'll be looking for you!

    Betty Woodlee
    b.j.day68 at gmail dot com

  8. Is that Blue Ridge Beauty? I haven't done that one but think it would look lovely in red!

  9. Computer problems are no fun, glad your friend was able to get you back in business. I try to do monthly back ups so I don't loose EQ stuff.

    Thanks for sharing all the gorgeous quilts.

  10. Yay! Glad to have you back up & blogging! Thanks for sharing the quilt show pics - love that Irish Chain variation. I haven't yet decided if I'm using Bonnie's colors for the mystery quilt or changing them out this year.

  11. I'm making some of those 1.5" 9 patch's. Mine are in 30's. Is that your Spartan in the picture? Did you know that you can get a 1/4" foot for it? I have at least 3 of the feet so that I don't have to keep stealing them from other machines.

  12. So glad to have you back blogging! Thanks for sharing pics of some stunning quilts.

  13. Okay - I just have to say, those dolls are CREEPY!!!! Glad to have that out of my system :)

    So glad you are back blogging!!! The Blogiverse needs you dear friend :) I love the fabrics you are planning to use for Bonnie's Mystery - I haven't decided on mine yet. I like all the color in hers, but I'm still not sure..... I may even just keep the clues so I can start the first of the year. Things are so busy around here right now! Looks like you have been having great fun gadding about at quilt shows with friends - keep on keeping on!!!! (And tell Dar Hi!)

  14. So many beautiful quilts. Watch out for those 1 inch strip nine patches. They really are addictive! Before you decide what pattern to make though, be sure to check out the Omigosh -- it uses the same subunits. Thanks for sharing the quilt show photos. Always so much fun to see fabulous eye candy. Great colors for the new mystery. Enjoy!

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