Saturday, June 25, 2016

Goings on at the Quilt Cave......

20 days..........


I really don't know what to say folks.........

I can't believe how time flies!

Please allow me to share with you some of the things that have transpired at the Quilt Cave since my last check in with you all!



And these things...............

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this shot of me and the family.......
where were we?????

At the wedding of my beautiful cousin, Meredith!
Congrats to her and her groom Steven!
Their wedding and reception were gorgeous!

(As you can see, I am sporting a "Summer Haircut" as it is referred to by my
blogging friend P of The Way I Sew It.

The "Scrap Club" at O'Sewpersonal
is in full swing as we had our first meeting discussing the history
and making of a log cabin block.
Almost 50 quilters have joined in this time around, and I LOVE
hosting this very talented group of quilters!
Stay tuned for inspiration from the various works these quilters
are making!

I was invited to speak at the Pike-Lin Quilt Guild in Clarksville, Missouri.
I was able to award these 2 veterans their very own Quilt of Valor
thanks to you all who contributed blocks for the block drive.
I NEVER tire of doing this on behalf of you all that sent in blocks!

On another note, my calendar is filling up with speaking engagements this year.
If you or your guild would be interested in having me present some Quilts of Valor,
along with my scrappy trunk show and lecture, please let me know ASAP!
And, YES!  I DO travel! LOL
Just contact me via my email in the upper right corner of the blog.

I am in the middle of a particular project that I can't show right now,
but, was in need of some recycled shirts and plaids which are red in color.
I made a plea via Facebook, and look what happened.....
From left to right,
My friends Linda, Cherie of Quilted Jonquil, and Alycia of Alycia Quilts,
all bombarded their stashes and sent me these delicious
red plaids! 
Quilters are simply the best people!
Thanks to these ladies, I can now finish my project.......and hopefully share it with you all soon!

You all KNOW I spent Father's Day with.....
Father Huffman!
I can't brag on my parents enough.
I thank God every day for the parents He gave me.
Me and my sister (at the piano) were able to sing a song in church while my
dad played along with his bass guitar (front left) on Father's Day.
My dad had me and my sister singing from a very young age.
My earliest memories are of my sister playing the piano (yes she started young and was taught by our paternal Grandmother), my dad playing the guitar, and everyone singing along.  My sister, cousin, and I even traveled around singing gospel music at various churches.  And, although we don't get together as much as we would like to, it is always nice to be able to sing in harmony with my sister and dad.
There's a little known fact for you all! LOL

My blogging friend Julie of Quilt Diva Julie 
has had astounding success with her new book, Build-a-Barn.
I am eagerly awaiting a signed copy from her and can't wait to 
play with her technique......however, in the meantime......

I have built my OWN barn......well, umm, I suppose it is the 
Chicken's barn....but, you know what I mean!
A fresh coat of paint has done wonders for this little shed, ummmmm, BARN!

You can see the before photos IN THIS POST.

which quilt block shall I place on the side of it??????
HMMMMMMMMMMMMMM........decisions, decisions.....
Any suggestions from you all out there????
Hint! Hint!

And, Lil Bubs would LOVE to introduce you to some of the occupants of 
this new barn.......

My favorite hen, Sweetie Pie, loves to ride on your shoulder.
Sweetie Pie is a Light Brahma chicken.

And here is Lex, an Old English Blue Bantam rooster.
I LOVE his grey/blue coloring!

Next up, is Ricardo the Rooster.
This guy's name really suits him perfectly.
He is a White Faced, Black Spanish bantam rooster.
He is extremely rico, suave!

And last, but, not least is Little Bit.
He is a Red Crested Polish bantam rooster.
When his plumage comes in full force, he will be quite the spectacle!

I will share with you the other residents of the chicken barn as time goes by.
They certainly are pampered birds with their very own babysitter!
Little Sophia Annabella LOVEs watching her chickens!

Remember, give me some ideas for which quilt block to place on the side of my newly
renovated/ recycled barn!
Post a reply to this blog post.

Thanks for all of your encouragement!
Thanks for all of your input!
Thanks for flying...........ummmm....I am not even going there! LOL
Keep on Quilting!!!!!!
Kevin the Quilter


  1. How about Hen and Chickens/Hen and Chicks (Brackman 1206 and 1859) Or The Hen and Her Chicks (Brackman 2096)?

  2. ........and he sings too!! Your post are always full of fun and info!! Love it!
    The only block I keep coming up with is the Log Cabin to represent your home, done up in blues and beige, since the "barn" is red, to pay homage to all you do for Quilts of Valor. That's my 2 cents!
    Have a great weekend!

  3. I was going to suggest Hen and Chicks, too - so appropriate! You look slim and handsome in the new summer do! I just know there is going to be a time when all say 'and we knew him when' - you are going to go far.

  4. How about a Feathered Star?! I think the chickens would cluck approval...or they'd cluck, anyway. Love that picture at the top of you and the fam. And gosh, Kevin, is there anything you can't do? He quilts, he flies, he SINGS!

  5. Wow that is a "Hilton" of a henhouse. Really classy! How about the Flying Dutchman quilt block with a old warplane in orange/blue underneath it

  6. Thats one good looking chook house :) our dog is the chook whisperer also, lots of family time is always great, we might loose lots of things but memories of meals and even a sing song with family can never be erased :)

  7. First visit here and the first quilt block that came to mind is: Gentleman's Fancy. Here is a link with one on a barn.

    My aunt and uncle's chickens never had it so good;-)
    blessings, jill

  8. No one will ever accuse you of needing to "find a life" my friend!!! You have so many good and rich things going on in your life right now :*). Love all the chickens (and roosters!), and I'm totally impressed with your "barn" - you got building skillz as well as quilting and flying skillz I see! And it's always a joy to see your lovely family - you are a very blessed young man!!!

  9. Loved your photo's today - what a beautiful family you have. It was also interesting to read all the other comments and realising you have such lovely people who believe in what you do in your life and the encouragement they give you. You are so blessed by so many people :)

    How about BIRDS NEST for your shed block -'s%20Nest%20389.gif

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. The red crested Polish chicken is inspiration for a winter 'do. LOL!!😎

  10. P.S. Any particular reason to have so many roosters? Or do you like the early morning crowing?

  11. With that "summer haircut", you look almost as handsome as your freshly painted "barn"!! I'll bet you are having some BIG FUN with all of those red plaids in your Quilt Cave. I'll be looking forward to seeing where you are headed with this mysterious quilt!

  12. I vote for a Hole in the Barn Door block or a scrappy string block in red/gold/blue. Thanks for being excited about BUILD A BARN (the book) -- can't wait to see what you create!

  13. Kevin, I think my favorite picture is of your family at the wedding of your cousin. What a great group of happy people, with the BEST smiles ever!! Are you planning to paint the barn quilt ?? I'd go with something not too terribly intricate, then... Flying geese??

  14. Lots of good suggestions already. But I was thinking of an appliqued rooster &/or hen.

  15. Life appears to be treating you well. The busy doesn't seem to go away does it? Hope you've found time for stitching in and among all the activities.

  16. You are such a busy guy! I love your hens and roosters and your nephew is so adorable holding them. Since I doubt you would want a "Hole in the Barn Door", how about "Hens & Chickens" for a quilt block. It is a fun one and would be a nice graphic block. Have fun deciding!

  17. I think you should paint a small version of your Pathways of Valor quilt on the side of the barn since QOV is something you care a lot about. Well now that you've built that great chicken coop and have construction experience, you could build a quilt retreat. Wouldn't we have fun coming there to sew and meet quilters from all over the country? If you build it..........

  18. So proud to see what quilting has done to your life. :-)

  19. I Loved meeting your chickens! what fun. It's one of my favorite things at the fair here in CT.
    How lovely that your family sang at church together.
    fun post - your barn looks amazing with the new paint!

  20. Look at you go!! I have been shopping for more plaid reds - and do you know? I can't find many - so glad your plea went answered!!

  21. I would have been happy to send you some red plaids. I haven't touched my de-boned shirts yet (too much fabric, not enough time). I think a Hens & Chicks quilt block would be great. You have lots of roosters. Hopefully you also have lots of hens. The friends we visited keep some golf balls where the hens lay eggs. They say it keeps the chickens from pecking the eggs (and also messes up any snakes that might get in there).

  22. So fun to see your catch-up post. :D LOVE the barn and chicks - I'm super jealous, as our HOA refuses to budge on people's requests to revisit the rules to allow approved set-ups for folks who want their own layers. What a pretty set of red plaids!

  23. Your life seems so busy, how do you have time for all of the goings on? You showed so may roosters that I was wondering if you had any hens, but just look again at the "barn yard" picture and there are a lot of chickens. Who takes care of them while you are working? Maybe you can come up with a new block about a cave. Any thing is possible.
    Best wishes to you and your family.

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